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  1. Were Back !

    Netkas is working on this again. Check his blog: http://netkas.freeflux.net/blog/archive/2007/11/05/w00t.html
  2. How to squeeze Leopard to a SL-DVD

    You need to uninstall all the language(s) files and try again. Don't forget to remove the languages under System Tools -> International. Clean up the list Search on google how to do that.
  3. How to squeeze Leopard to a SL-DVD

    I removed Xcode, Language files and all printer files. DVD size is still 5.2GB, not enough. Do I need to remove the *Additional*.pkg files from the Installation directory as well?
  4. Damn you're right.. It was posted 17 minutes ago... It's seems to be fake indeed... Damn damn damn
  5. It's on the green demon 1397426/775222/
  6. Were Back !

    There's also a drm chip on every Apple board so this is not going to work. Since some parts of code for all kind of drivers are moved to EFI you will also need to flash the rom of your video card for example. For example the driver for a very complicated onboard ide (raid)chip could be moved to EFI. The complicated onboard ide (raid)chip will talk to EFI and EFI will present the chip to the operating systeem like a standard ide chip. That's the way EFI works and that's the reason why we need a lot of drivers for all kind of chipsets (ICH7, ICH8 and so on). The current Intel boards use EFI and emulates a bios, so you pretty close with that kind of motherboard. The only way would be to hack EFI, extract indeed the EFI from a hacked Apple and combine things together. The more a motherboards differs from a Apple motherboard the more drivers we need to program for EFI.
  7. Could you tell us what's new?
  8. New version 2: v1.4i revision 2 crash on some ppc applications is fixed on this version and added some new stuff.. what's new and solved issues: - link errors fixed - faster dvd boot - added support for all ICH8, ATI SB4xx, VIA VT8233/35/37/51, Silicon Image 3132 3114 3512 (some of these are experimental of course) - added patched IONetworkingFamily.kext as a package for applications like fcp6 to have success. - isync, dictionary and desktop pictures are removed - 1.36 gb mini-dvd size - sure a faster OS X ever.. You can run PPC applications with this version, rosetta (PPC emulator) will be removed on upcoming 1.4ix version.
  9. demoniod seems to be down.. I get a blank page. Anyone else with this issue?
  10. uphuck, do you know when 1.4i will be released?
  11. This release is still 10.4.9. The official source is not out yet, that's why....