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  1. And what was the Solution to your Problem ?? Maybe should be posted so others can look it up too. Thanks
  2. dubhead


    Hello there, i have the same issue as a previous Poster here on the Page that the "Northbridge" reading is way off showing 254°C ...everything else is fine. System is EP45 UD3LR, Q9550,8GB 1066Ram,Nvidia Fx3700 10.8.2 no DSDT using Cartri 0.8 still.
  3. dubhead

    Asus nVidia GeForce 210 1GB DDR3 Working!

    I just tested a Zotac Silent G210 1GB 2xDVI. At first try in 10.6.8 i had a BlackScreen but Monitor stayed ON. Then i booted into 10.8.1 ML no Problem there with GE=Yes. Then for the 10.6.8 i used a EFI String and GE=No worked too. Then i installed that TonymacX Graphics update 2.1.0 and deleted the EFI String returned too GE=Yes and it worked too in 10.6.8.
  4. Musste dir ein VGA dongle basteln..wird auch gerne benutzt um ein Mac Headless zu betreiben 3 Wiederstände die bestimmte Pins brücken damit die grfik initialisiert wird. Google helps.
  5. Thats why you dont get the challenge Code. Since you are New here you should first fix your Signature to reflect show the Hardware used. 2 possible fixes for your Problem either u get your onboard Ethernet recognised or u need to buy a cheap Ethernet Card that is compatible.
  6. Live 8.2.5 released as LION compatible update...
  7. dubhead

    Video Encoder that use OpenCL

    As far as i know Toast Titanium 11 and Squeeze 7 use CUDA for Conversions.
  8. dubhead

    [SOLVED] LION and unsupported Quad Core CPUs

    Here u find a modified OSInstall.mpkg build a USB Stick to Install...thx goes to MaLdOn http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=256729
  9. Anyone wants to be the Guinee-Pig? Discuss
  10. dubhead

    Logic Pro 9.1 Issue (hackintosh)

  11. dubhead

    magic mouse doesn't scroll

    right ...i just got one Yesterday works fine after updating
  12. dubhead


    maybe a little App called "fseventer" can help you Guys trace the Problem.
  13. ok 2 things to keep an Eye on for Apple Soft is that your SMBIOS (About thisMac) is ok, Ethernet, and for Firewire u can buy a cheap PCi Card but look it has a Ti (Texas Instruments) chipset.
  14. dubhead


    Thanks alot Trauma! for the update and keeping up the good work ;9) highly appreciated
  15. ok to throw in my 2 Cent ...i use http://jdownloader.org/ it can be a nice tool for either premium or non premium users if setup correct it does the new IP automatically for ya..