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  1. I managed to install 10.4.3 (?) on VMWare 11 running on an El Capitan host. Try looking for "MacOSx 10.4.3 8F1111A Patched Jas v4.2b.iso" I've also managed to install "10.4.6.install.dvd.iso", but it doesn't boot afterward. "Mac OS X 10.4.8 [JaS AMD-Intel-SSE2-SSE3 with PPF1 & PPF2.iso" was a very popular OSx86 distribution back in the day, but it doesn't seem to get to the installer on any VM. Obviously it'll be different if you're using actual hardware however. Good luck.
  2. sims 3 uses cider

    Yeah I get the Sims 3 launcher and then it telling me to insert the Sims 3 disc. Same thing happened when I used the one I installed on OS X.
  3. [How To] Intel DG35EC Guide

    I have the BIOS settings the same and everything, but I keep getting stuck here when I try to load the installer. I'm using an 8600GT in the PCIe slot, so I don't see why I'm getting this problem (which is apparently related to video)
  4. ASRock 4CoreDual & nVidia

    Yeah, I've been trying for more than a year to get this to work. No go. Then again I can't get QE and CI working even with an AGP card.
  5. I just tried Leo4All. Everything was flawless except for NVInject. It hung in the same place as before. I'm still getting Leo4All v3, I only tried v2. Edit: I just tried Leo4All v3. Not only would it hang on NVInject, but now it hangs on NVDAN or something as well. I can't even get into install anymore. Edit 2: Got back into the installer
  6. I tried those already. I think I'll just get the update and try over again.
  7. MSI 8600gt OC problem

    Having the same problem. My hardware is nearly identical as well. (Graphics card is the same, CPU is a P4 3.2GHz, Mobo is a 4CoreDual SATA2, etc.) bump
  8. I've been trying all weekend to get my new hackintosh up and running, but there is one last hurdle I can't get past. I can't get my video card working fully. Here are my specs Kalaway Leopard 10.5.1 3.2 GHz Pentium 4 2GB DDR Gigabyte 4CoreDual SATA2 nVidia Geforce 8600 GT 512MB (Card ID is 0x0402, Vendor is 0x10de obviously) Each time I try to use any of the methods to get hardware acceleration working, my boot up hangs when it tries to load the GUI. Here are some pictures. I've tried more than twice, but uploading tons of images that are almost exactly identical is pointless. Some of the things I've tried doing is editing various kexts and adding my Card and Vendor ID in (0x040210de), installing older versions of NVInject, using Natit, Punk92's installer, and even downloading Xcode so I could put my card's NVCAP number in NVInject.kext None of them worked. Thank you in advanced.
  9. Strange booting problem

    I got mine working. I don't know what I did, but I underclocked my CPU and did a few other things in the BIOS (turning off extra CPU features I forgot the name of) and it worked.
  10. Strange booting problem

    Bump. I am having the same exact problem, except I can't get into installation anymore. I managed to get it installed once, but I installed the wrong kernel and had a B0 error.
  11. Yeah I'd like some suggestions too. I'm weary of the Aspire because of the revisions with different Wifi chipsets and whatnot.
  12. Anyone know the exact model you need to get?
  13. MightyMice are MightyRubbish

    They made a patent for it. It's on Engadget somewhere.
  14. Mac OS X Leopard 9a499

    Still is butt ugly.
  15. Is Steve hurting Apple?

    Honestly, I don't see what Bill has EVER done for Microsoft. I haven't taken much time to read up on the history of Microsoft, but didn't he do the business things for awhile before becoming the laid back CEO he is now?