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  1. For #3, check that you have the following md5 hashes for the patched files. If not (especially for the x64 exe's), the patching went wrong (or was wrongly applied). The x86 files are in C:\Program Files (x86)\VMware\VMware Workstation The x64 files are in C:\Program Files (x86)\VMware\VMware Workstation\x64 If you have VMware 8.0.0: x86 c4a64b55212e51582fc8e80b39c04d4d *vmwarebase.dll 56947e94342ba8944e8242c2b25d0e35 *vmware-vmx.exe 28d0c2e389198e694a6c3a8fea4a3089 *vmware-vmx-debug.exe bfd605acdfde6afe1af1f85288175123 *vmware-vmx-stats.exe x64 9bd2b5c5463a98226190dd80c0057a54 *vmware-vmx.exe 1e131e01f7f4fb71f27db2df22a2dcf4 *vmware-vmx-debug.exe e81e4a2a3293d2294dd8422e1d07363a *vmware-vmx-stats.exe If you have VMware 8.0.1: x86 a4ac6b10692e187a718858c1532295b5 *vmwarebase.dll 5fa7d44c3652c66408e567cd5b7fda73 *vmware-vmx.exe 402e92bae0f5c0afa369d7ad6aa4a418 *vmware-vmx-debug.exe 2e919d819d3a545b38250a5d8d1c6195 *vmware-vmx-stats.exe x64 00cc8420dadf852021b9b603061ac7da *vmware-vmx.exe ef392657d78ac303262e0bb85c5dc031 *vmware-vmx-debug.exe 90236478ad5abd987205fa1d7a4ccec5 *vmware-vmx-stats.exe
  2. I used UltraISO to convert the Install dmg: In UltraISO menu bar: Tools > Convert put the dmg as source, ISO as Output format. used SCSI CD (not IDE) when creating the VM. The installation (10.7) went well with patched Workstation (VMW 8.0.0), loading the ISO on the SCSI CDROM in the EFI during boot-up. /Edit: As reminded by sebus in the post below, I used the "inner" Install dmg inside the downloaded one.
  3. It can be added (if not already mentioned) that the present patching does not interfere with some well-known patch which injects a modified bios into the executables: totally different locations in the binary. (though I prefer to add the appropriate "bios440.filename" line in the vmx when using a modded bios)
  4. Take One, Leave One

    [no way i'm gonna let you die, old thread] the whip (if i can chose who wields it ) facebook or insanelymac forum
  5. Hadn't really touched a Hackintosh since my days here (at a time when tubgirl [and his many other colorful aliasses (sic)], JaS, and then pcwiz were quite active), back when I had an AMD and was frustrated with my nForce4 board, or terrible performance in VMware (single core, no hardware virtualisation support...). Since I built an Intel machine last year (a bit underwhelming, but I'm no gamer), I sometimes thought about a hackintosh, just for the heck of it. Haven't tried yet a native install (graphics on my i3-530 not supported it seems, and don't want to spend yet for a GC just for OSX). However, after a few hours reading what you guys and others have done for OSX on VMs, I plunged back into it this morning, expecting the usual problems... but none appeared, it went smooth and clean, no hitch. I just followed taker123's simple steps summary at post #14 in this thread, figuring the rest of the details out of other posts elsewhere (I hate asking questions that have been answered many times elsewhere). A nice Lion 10.7 install from a vanilla dmg, no ugly patch or doubtful kexts. And no need for a previous install of OSX. (Was skeptical about patching VMWare's exe's and dll, but was amazed so little is needed... hoping VMWare/Apple won't with this!) Sure, there are limits (e.g. no QE/CI), but its good enough for now. So, a big thank you to : Donk, Zenith432, MSoK, Albert N., and others.
  6. Take One, Leave One

    hfs+ dojo, or jQuery ?
  7. Take One, Leave One

    a real OSx86 U3.com, or PortableApps.com ?
  8. Take One, Leave One

    Citrus (that's my favorite flavor for eyedrops; I'd go for mint for my eardrops) Fantasia (1940), or Fantasia 2000 ?
  9. Take One, Leave One

    My, my... this "venerable" thread has slowed down... So my first post after so many months away... (since the last poster didn't play along) : Asian women (no agism intended ) (at least i didn't have to answer the boogers question... I guess boogers questions are thread killers...) Continue to play an old forum game that the usual people seem to have outgrown/grown tired of, or Let old dogs sleep and die away (no specism intended ) ?
  10. VMware Tools for Mac OS X here

    Don't be too hard on yourself... j/k, sorry, couldn't resist