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  2. Is there a place where one can download tons of essential Apps in one package? Instead of downloading each App separately... There was once a Software for Starving Students that offered many Apps that could be all downloaded at once, but they are no longer in production... Please post if you know of any App compilations, thank you.
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    iATKOS R2

    I've installed uphuck's iATKOS r2 and when it trys to boot up for the first time it says "Missing Operating System".... Anyone else get this and have any advice? Thanks btw im trying it on a sony vgn-fz240e
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    Leo4Allv4.1 AMD Released

    ok i reinstalled selecting efi only and not both efi and no-efi and usb works perfectly now ill update later if needed oh yeah and i have this problem with my external HD it is recognized and everything but i cannot copy files onto the HD under get info and permissions it says "you can only read" is there anyway to change that?
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    Leo4Allv4.1 AMD Released

    i just installed it and everything is pretty much all good cpu was recognized with 2 cores and sse3 video card was recognized wih quartz extreme audio works perfectly but funny thing my usb drive and portable hard drive would not recognize even though my mouse and keyboard are usb powered also and for me there is a long pause (with a black screen) during start up its after the gray screen apple loading and before the wallpaper shows up thanks!
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    Leo4Allv4.1 AMD Released

    relax just look at your torrent client. demonoid is wrong as of now basically only bhast2 has the file and is sharing it rest of the ppl are at around 88.3% right now
  7. Hey JaS, great to see you back with an official release! The LEGEND is BACK!
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    iATKOS v2.0i

    so everyone who dl-ed the old one has a bad copy?
  9. hey JaS! on the IRC channel it only has the ppf can you link us the main component ?
  10. 7210211

    Can someone help me with iAtkos

    how'd you get past the "missing operating system"?
  11. well the take a pic thing worked with me... the built in web cam could take my picture... but i didn't have any audio which was a turn off for me... plus the resolutions didn't fill up the whole screen
  12. hey, yea i have almost the same laptop model number a bit different... but i get the same lies with uphuck... and i can't get kalyway leopard to work either... what about you?
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    Uphuck or Kalyway

    Uphuck or Kalyway Who do you chose?
  14. 7210211

    Uphuck or Kalyway

    anyone try these distros on laptops?
  15. 7210211

    Uphuck or Kalyway

    yes i know it that, but when i'm installing i freeze at the last part of the installation... right before the reboot countdown
  16. 7210211

    Uphuck or Kalyway

    dang, iATKOS didn't boot and Kalyway didn't successfully install... froze right before the reboot part ...urg...
  17. 7210211

    Uphuck or Kalyway

    um, iATKOS didn't successfully boot for me... its gave me some discolored screen and froze but Kalyway booted fine and im installing right now!
  18. 7210211

    Uphuck or Kalyway

    well i just burned iATKOS with poweriso in windows and it works! edit: kalyway works fine also...
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    Uphuck or Kalyway

    lol, i know... even though my avatar is amd, and so is my sig... i have a intel laptop... what i meant was if i could make two different partitions, and install one on each... could darwin bootloader support both?
  20. 7210211

    Uphuck or Kalyway

    I just got both Uphuck and Kalyway... Can i install both of em?
  21. This is for AMD PC.. - isync, mail, dictionary and desktop pictures are removed - 1.36 gb mini-dvd size - sure a faster OS X ever.. This version has rosetta, this means that you can run powerpc applications. -------------------------- md5 uphuck_10.4.9_v1.4a.iso da47e6f9b057fa0d786fad8d6a77c6d8 You know where to get it... Visit http://www.uphuck.com/ for more info... Uphuck release notice: "Due to our team members leaving for their mandatory military service, the remaining DVDs will be left till September." I am finished and seeding...
  22. I put the guide here: InsanelyMac Forum / Homebrew Macs (Home of OSx86). / OSx86 Installation ^Just click the link here^
  23. This is for Intel PC.. - isync, mail, dictionary and desktop pictures are removed - 1.36 gb mini-dvd size - sure a faster OS X ever.. This version has rosetta, this means that you can run powerpc applications. You know where to get it... Visit http://www.uphuck.com/ for more info... Uphuck release notice: "Due to our team members leaving for their mandatory military service, the remaining DVDs will be left till September."
  24. ***This guide was copied from http://coolblog.profit42.com (which was edited and improved from the one of osx86scene.com) Thanks SnipinTerminator! for the great guide! Be sure to visit his other great guides on Hackintosh and other hacks. If you find this and any other of his guides very helpful consider donating to him *** I’m not joking! It is possible to install leopard on your Windows computer! Just read the following guide… DISCLAIMER: This guide is for information purposes only! We only say what’s possible. As you maybe already know, it is illegal to download OSX 10.5 Leopard and illegal to install OSX 10.5 Leopard on you Windows computer. If you are here for that purpose, leave this site now. If you want to use OSX, buy a Mac (I would recommend the iMac that has been released a few days ago, it’s fast and the design is just… well, let’s say it’s prettier than the girl you met yesterday). Do not post links or hints to illegal files in comments or on the forum (if you ignore this rule you’ll be awarded with a permanent ban) and do not mail us if you want to know where you can get illegal file called x or y, we won’t answer to those mails. This site (and the webmaster) is not liable for any of the actions taken by its visitors. …carefully and you’ll be able to show off with Leopard in no time. Well, I say no time, but that’s only true when you already downloaded all needed packages and stuff. You need to download about 10GB of data so make sure that you read the following paragraph before you start downloading the things mentioned in this guide. If you are already running tiger on your Windows box there’s almost 99% chance that Leopard will work on your computer. never installed tiger before? If you want to install OSX (tiger or leopard) on your Intel or AMD computer, your computer processor needs to support at least SSE2. You can check this with a program called CPU-Z. Don’t even dare to try this stuff if CPU-Z only states SSE, it won’t work. If you got SSE3, you’re lucky because everything will go [synonym for extremely] fast. So your CPU supports at least SSE2? Doublecheck it and read on. “The developers” made a patch for Leopard build 9A466 and 9A499 to make it work on your PC. Because 9A499 is very unstable I’ll only discuss 9A466 in this guide, if you really want to use 9A499 I think you can find out things by yourself. This patch allows you to install Leopard, though it won’t install a Darwin bootloader. Because that little thingy is necessary you first need to install OSX Tiger on your hard disk, which comes with the Darwin bootloader. But that’s enough chitchat for now, from now on you won’t see bad grammar etc. but only direct steps: I: Download and burn 1. Get a prepatched OSX Tiger install image (version doesn’t really matter). Don’t ask me where! 2. Burn the image to an empty DVD recordable (+R or –R, no rewritable dvd!) 3. Download OSX Leopard beta build 9A466. Don’t ask me where you can find it! and do not burn this file to a DVD yet, place it somewhere on your HD or external HD where you can’t lose it. 4. Download the Intel/AMD patch for the leopard beta DVD. Don’t ask me where you can find it! II: The partitioning 5. I assume that you already got Vista installed. If not, install Vista. 6. You need to create at least 3 partitions, one or more partitions for Vista, one for Tiger and one for Leopard (In Vista I’ll recommend “Disk Management” for this job: Press the windows logo in the bottom left corner of you screen. Right click ‘computer’ and select ‘manage’. Select ‘Disk Management’ in the ‘Computer Management’ screen). It doesn’t matter if you format them NTFS or FAT32, we’ll change that later. III: The Installation of Tiger 7. Insert the OSX install disk and reboot your computer, when the DVD is booted (an take up to 30 minutes!), select the right language and open Disk Utility. It’s somewhere in the bar at the top. 8. Select one of the two partitions that you dedicated to OSX and click format, format it to HFS+ (journaled). Do the same with the other partition. 9. Close Disk Utility. Follow the installation steps on your screen. Read everything carefully and select the right packages! 10. After finishing the installation, OSX should boot up. Play with it for a few moments and then proceed to the next step. IV: Patching of the Leopard DVD 11. Copy the (unpatched) Leopard install disk and the patcher to a place where you can find it, on an HFS+ formatted partition. 12. Open the patcherfolder and then the 9A466 folder. In this folder, you’ll see a folder called “amd-intel-sse2 patcher”. Rename that folder to “amd-intel-sse2″ and open it. 13. Open patch-it.sh with a text editor (should open with textedit by default). You need to edit line 4 (DMG=”/Users/user/9A466.dmg”) in a way that it points to the Leopard image that you downloaded (DMG=”/path/to/your/image/nameoftheimage.dmg”). 14. Save and close the file. Open up an terminal window (/applications/utilities/terminal) and cd to the directory containing patch-it.sh (’cd /patcher/9A466/amd-intel-sse2/’ will open up /patcher/9A466/amd-intel-sse2/) 15. Type ’sudo -s’ and type in your password (if you have no password, just hit enter). 16. Type in ‘./patch-it.sh’ and let the patcher do it’s work! 17. When the patcher did it’s work, find out if you have an AMD or Intel processor, read the next step if you have an AMD processor. If you have an Intel processor, skip to step 19. 18. Because I don’t have an AMD computer I took this information from Ramm’s guide on osx86scene.com (thanks Ramm!). You need to mount (doubleclick) the image that you just create with the patcher (it’s in the ‘amd-intel-sse2′ folder) and open a new terminal window and cd to the directory with the AMD patches (cd /patches/9A466/”AMD_MaxxussPatcher_cpuid_and_decryps Folder”/). 19. Do the sudo -s command again and type in: ./decrypt.sh patcher leo_cpuid.txt patcher leo_dvd.txt V: Editing the image 20. You could now just burn the image, though if you know that there are certain kexts that you have to use from tiger or from anyone else, you can replace them now (well, read the following steps and I’ll explain how). 21. Open a terminal window and type in sudo hdiutil attach -readwrite /path/to/patches/9A466/amd-intel-sse2/BurnThisImage.iso -owners on 22. Your patched image is now mounted and you’ll be able to change files on it, just open finder and browse to <BurnThisImage.iso>/System/Library/Extensions and add, remove or change kexts. 23. Go to <BurnThisImage.iso>/System/Library/LaunchDaemons and if you see a file called OSSMGR.plist, remove it. 24. Open a terminal window and type in cd /Volumes/”Mac OS X Install Disc x86“/System/Library/Extensions && sudo chmod -R 755 * && sudo chown -R root:wheel * (this is one line of code!) VI: Burning the patched Leopard image 25. Insert a blank DVD recordable and choose to open Disk utility in the window that pops up. 26. Select the Leopard image and hit burn. 27. When burning is finished, put the DVD in a jewel case or something and go on with the next step. do not install leopard before you read the steps below VII: Preparing the Post Installation Patch 28. Make sure that the partition you dedicated to Leopard is now empty or hasn’t any important files on it 29. Place the patcher on your tiger partition and do not remove it yet. 30. Insert the Leopard DVD and restart your computer. VIII: Installing Leopard 31. When the DVD is booted, follow all installation steps on your screen. Install Leopard to the empty Leopard partition. 32. Remove the DVD and reboot when the installation is finished. In the Darwin bootloader, do not select the Leopard partition but the Tiger partition and boot Tiger. IX: Make Leopard working 33. When Tiger is booted, create a folder called leopatch on you Tiger hd. 34. Browse to the folder with the original 9A466 patch andopen up /files/, you’ll see a file called mach_kernel, place this in the root of the leopatch folder. 35. You’ll also see a folder called /extensions/, place the contents of this folder in a folder called /ext/ in the leopatch folder. 36. Open up a new terminal window. 37. In the next steps I’m going to assume that your Leopard partition is called LEO and that your Tiger partition is called TIGER. If this isn’t the case, cd to /volumes/ and type ls to find out how your Leopard or Tiger partition is called. 38Type the following commands in the terminal window (all italic words can vary depending on your installation, use common sense and change them according to your folder structure): cd /volumes/LEO/System/Library/LaunchDaemons/ && rm -rf ossmgr.plist cd /volumes/TIGER/leopatch/ 39. Open up another terminal window (do not close the first one!) and type in cd /Volumes/LEO/ rm -rf mach_kernel 40. In the first terminal window, type in cp -R mach_kernel /Volumes/LeoHD/ cd ext 41. Go to the second window again and type in ls. This should return the contents of the root folder including mach_kernel, if you don’t see this file you did something terribly wrong… 42. In the second window, type in cd System/Library/Extensions rm -rf AppleACPIPlatform.kext rm -rf AppleIntelIntegratedFramebuffer.kext rm -rf ApplePS2Controller.kext rm -rf AppleSMBIOS.kext rm -rf Natit.kext 43. In the first window, type in cp -R AppleACPIPlatform.kext /Volumes/LeoHD/System/Library/Extensions cp -R AppleIntelIntegratedFramebuffer.kext /Volumes/LeoHD/System/Library/Extensions cp -R ApplePS2Controller.kext /Volumes/LeoHD/System/Library/Extensions cp -R AppleSMBIOS.kext /Volumes/LeoHD/System/Library/Extensions cp -R Natit.kext /Volumes/LeoHD/System/Library/Extensions 44. Close this window and go to the second window. Type in cd /Volumes/Leo/ && sudo chmod -R 755 * && sudo chown -R root:wheel * cd /Volumes/Leo/System/Library/Extensions/ && sudo chmod -R 755 * && sudo chown -R root:wheel * reboot X: The finale 45. Close the second window. Reboot your computer, select the Leopard partition in the Darwin boot manager and pray…. 46. If you still can’t boot Leopard, try to overwrite IOATAFamily.kext from leopard with the one you have from Tiger. 47. Still got problems? Head over to our forums and ask your question! To make things easier, please provide all information that you can give when asking a question (computer specifications, screenshot or photo of the error, previous Tiger installs worked (yes/no) etc.) XI: Credits I would like to thank Maxxuss, Semthex, JaS, Netkas, Ramm, all other developers, Apple, Google, the community, osx86scene, insanelymac.com and my hosting provider. Without you the world of a PC user was a lot less spectacular.