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Most addictive Mac games

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TuxRacer is great. Extreme Tux Racer works great in Leo. There used to be this site where you could download a whole load of new courses for it but the site isn't up anymore :) I remember I downloaded all the courses from that site and put them on a CD but I can't find the CD...maybe I threw it out.

THE best game that I have ever played on a Mac (that was Mac exlcusive) has to be Dark Castle


That game was so awesome. Even on my dad's ol' Mac Classic II (black and white screen!) it was unbelievably addictive and fun.


I highly recommend downloading an emulator and picking up the ROM file. If someone wants it and cannot find it I can provide a link for it later today.


The sound effects for that game alone were worth the hours spent playing it.



For the current times, however, I'm a WoW-crack-head. (I get exalted with Netherwing today after I get home from work!! :))



[EDIT] Woohoo!! The 'Return to Dark Castle' game that has been in development for over 10 years may actually be released... eventually... maybe.. For those who ever played this series, here is the trailer for it

The single most addicting game in the world has got to be N Game! The Beauty, the simplicity!


They released N+ for the 360 a few weeks ago, I think it's even better! The multiplayer mode throws a whole new twist on the game.

I just downloaded the demo of return to dark castle ;) seems fun, but pretty hard. Probably like it was originally :D



Yeah, damn near impossible I'd say. I don't think that I ever beat the entire game when I was a kid. I remember getting to the Black Knight, but I don't remember finishing it. I did download an emulator some years back though and managed to finally kick it's butt :D


It's definitely a time consumer, but worth the challenge.

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