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  1. Leo4AllV3 Dell Studio Graphics and WiFi

    I just got back here after months of not being able to use OSX. So I found out the whole time the BIOS update switched it to AHCI mode and not ATA mode, thus screwing up the OSX from booting. Weird though, Windows Vista didnt have a problem with the switch to AHCI but it won't go back to ATA? So now I just switch it into ATA whenever I want to boot up OSX and back to AHCI whenever I use vista. I need to update the entire thread because last I checked there is a full audio solution out there I have yet to install Ridgeline, your loss really saddens me, you are our inspiration (and also the guy who basically gets the development done haha) for making the Studio a full-featured hackintosh. If it makes you feel any better, some loser stole my camera out of my backpack while I was using a urinal at JFK international in NYC
  2. Leo4AllV3 Dell Studio Graphics and WiFi

    So I havnt booted into OSX successfully for a while, and I'm thinking of just bailing out on the Leo4All and upgrading to iAtkos. I dont have the time to do it now but I will give it a shot soon. And no, I'm not using PCEFI9 as far as I'm concerned, so that could be part of the problem. Either way, Leo4All is outdated and we are on to bigger and better things, i.e. iatkos
  3. Leo4AllV3 Dell Studio Graphics and WiFi

    A big high five to boombeng for getting the muting headphones working. I myself, have not been able to get into OSX ever since I update my bios to A06 from A04, booting with -x sometimes works but everything is VERY VERY laggy. Booting normal just takes outrageously long I always get frustrated and shut down. Trying to find cause. Hope I dont have to disable dual core...
  4. Leo4AllV3 Dell Studio Graphics and WiFi

    iAtkos 5i is looking pretty appealing to me, I have 3 weeks off from everything so during this I'll give it a go. If the end result is better than leo4all, the guide will be changed to iAtkos... I like how Mr. Krabs found a solution to the display, it seems more legitimate than sleepdisplay... Ill give it another week to make sure no problems arise
  5. Leo4AllV3 Dell Studio Graphics and WiFi

    I myself did not get the fingerprint scanner option, but I wish those who have it great luck Oh and also: The guide was updated with Ridgeline's audio solution (seeing as this looks like the driver we have for now), the SD card fix, and I changed it so that now the WiFi process will just use the broadcom enabler method, seeing as it is more common. I also have updated the Studio Driver Pack to Version 2 and it includes: The 2 Finger Scrolling files I used (although I have not written a tutorial for it yet, feel free to experiment), audio, wifi, ethernet, sd reader, and a useful apps folder. Enjoy! Edit: The 2 Finger Scrolling is being uploaded separately because it is too big, it will be right next to the driver pack Double Edit: I apologize, I uploaded the new files while in Vista and somehow I accidentally made them as .rar files. Sorry for any inconvenience this causes, I will re-upload later
  6. Leo4AllV3 Dell Studio Graphics and WiFi

    If what boombeng says is true, which I will verify over the next coming week, I will be overjoyed to edit the guide because sleep is one of my most saught for features right now... Tetsu I am quite confused, have you been following my guide? I dont remember requiring a boot in safe mode, external display, graphics boot or anything? Just boot normally and when the notebook screen shuts off, shut the lid, unplug the charger, and leave it for 15 minutes. Come back, open the lid, wiggle the mouse/press a button on the keyboard and it should come up, then set up your sleepdisplay app and or expose hotcorner ohh boombeng, mind posting a link for the benefit of the guide? (ill find it eventually but Im a lazy person)
  7. Leo4AllV3 Dell Studio Graphics and WiFi

    mr. krabs... first off, I can only take credit for finding the sleepdisplay.app and explaining how to use it, I would love to take credit for making it but unfortunately I did not, I found it at espressoreport.com I beleive. As for the graphics drivers, I have not had success with anything older than Leo4Allv3 so the graphics drivers I am working with are more current, so I do not have that much experience in updating the drivers. As for the USB ports, I beleive that may be a problem with your chipset drivers. In Leo4AllV3, you choose the ICH(#)M drivers during install, which match up with the Intel chipset on the studio perfectly. I am not sure what you were able to choose on your distribution... As for the desktop, I have had that problem before I figured out the auto-sleep and I had to use the expose corner. Try logging out and then back in again, that should fix the desktop. The permanent fix, I am not sure of because the problem dissapeared when I figured out the auto-sleep trick
  8. Leo4AllV3 Dell Studio Graphics and WiFi

    Boombeng, just as your post thread suggests, we are probably going to have to write up an enabler. I have tried injecting our device IDs and PIDs into the iobluetoothfamily where it differs from the other 2046's but it is not being recognized...
  9. Leo4AllV3 Dell Studio Graphics and WiFi

    Boombeng, just as your post thread suggests, we are probably going to have to write up an enabler. I have tried injecting our device IDs and PIDs into the iobluetoothfamily where it differs from the other 2046's but it is not being recognized...
  10. Dell Wireless 365/370/410 Bluetooth

    8262 in hexadecimal reads 2046 and the hexadecimal of 17664 is 4500. I am working on finding the locations of these nubers now
  11. Leo4AllV3 Dell Studio Graphics and WiFi

    Oh ridgeline, sorry, I was using my diagnostics from the 2nd kext you posted, not the 3rd one. With the third one, the headphones jack closest to the front of the laptop, it gives out audio but does not mute the internal speakers. The middle jack (headphones jack 2) mutes the internal speakers but doesnt give out audio. The third jack, the mic/line-in I havnt tried yet cause Im just using the internal microphone which so far works well. The second kext would crash audio, the third one is more stable and reliable. Im still going to wait for the headphones fix then I'll write you into the master post, great job though, I spent hours on end trying to figure out the pin-maps and jacks and all that crud. The farthest I ever got was it being recognized but not usable. Other than the headphones issue, I have only run into two others. When first playing a song or sound or something, the audio stutters for a sec then works fine until you stop the music, then wait a bit and play it again. Also, if I am listening to music and the computer tries to play another sound, the audio distorts for a second. Minor issues. Deja vu I think I've made this post before... oh by the way I'm making bluetooth my special project but I think the problem is that it is being recognized as a USB device. It looks like lots of the values in iobluetoothfamily.kext are for USB bluetooth dongles, however our btooth 370 is not a dongle. Im thinking maybe I'll compare the entries for a mini-pci bluetooth to a usb dongle entry. Only thing is, my vista is oddly unbootable at the moment so I cant do the "uninstall" trick to get the light active, so that may be part of my problem
  12. Leo4AllV3 Dell Studio Graphics and WiFi

    See I am still using leo4allv3 which is 10.5.2 and Im pretty sure I tried that method and after the first reboot, all was lost and a new install was needed. Very inconvenient
  13. Leopard Laptops with NON-working GMA X3100

    critus, go to my guide or installing leopard on the dell studio (very similar to the xps) but just go down to where I cover graphics, I give a sleep corner solution and an automated one. Works great! http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...mp;#entry947527
  14. Leo4AllV3 Dell Studio Graphics and WiFi

    Audio works well but the whole headphones issue is not resolved yet, so your stuck with the speakers, the arent that bad but I am a sucker for good speakers. I have tried making the upgrade to 10.5.5 and I almost lost everything, even Vista. I had to reinstall for the most part so my 2 cents is that it was a huge faiure trying to update. If you get it woking though, please do share Ridgeline, I've noticed that the first kext you posted here, it only gave us simple sound without volume control or microphone, etc., but the headphones ports still gave out audio, even if the speaker remained on. Now the whole card just seems to crash and no audio comes out if you plug in headphones. Any idea why? (Just some questions and info to inspire you as you work on the driver)
  15. Leo4AllV3 Dell Studio Graphics and WiFi

    yes, I am interested in moregains case. The driver is great, thanks a lot ridgeline. Something I have noticed, obviously Im not going to complain about it, audio alone is good enough, Ive noticed that when two programs try and play sounds at the same time, I.e. an ichat sound when I am playing music in itunes, the audio distorts, then goes back to normal. I imagine it is a minor bug but it doesnt matter too much to me because audio in itself if a gift. Moregain, I would suggest retrying because its worth a shot. Make sure both HDAEnabler and AppleHDA are installed correctly and also, make sure that ALCInject kext is not installed either, that could mess you up.