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  1. Gringo and MaLd0n, If possible I'll include direct AppleHDA patching as an option (for those who dont want to use DSDT). Thanks for the resources XLR, Thanks Scottapotamus, I listed SMBIOS editing as a planned feature in the main post oldnapalm, That looks great! I didn't know there was something like that. When I start making the app I'll PM you for API access
  2. sch8mid, Thanks Gringo, I've checked out that app and it appears to tell the user which hardware is compatible, and what kexts are used, but doesn't actually direct the user to a resource on where they can find the required files, which is what I aim to do. About the QuartzGL thing, it's probably not something that I'm going to be putting in the prefpane. It's not particularly relevant to OSx86, and its a tweak that can easily by applied through the Terminal. bertmannaustria, There will be a string generator For it to auto add device IDs to kexts and stuff, that would mean it would have to have a repository of patches for each individual card, not sure how well that would work out :-/ As for sound, I think I can include the most common patches for sound in the DSDT patcher. And by "kext merge" I think you're talking about using Extensions.mkext, which will automatically be created by the prefpane when kexts are changed.
  3. Yep, I've seen that one. The DSDT patcher I'm planning will likely be a very simple one, just a few checkboxes/dropdowns to choose what you want to patch and a button to apply it
  4. It wouldn't be all that time consuming to write one, much of the code needed is already in OSx86 Tools, all I need to do is convert it to Objective-C code. That's what I was planning, there is no downloading involved, it just directs the user to the resource at which the driver may be found. That way they won't miss out on instructions, details, etc. that may go along with the driver.
  5. The fixes will definitely be documented. It may be difficult to detect the fixes that have already been applied, simply because it can be patched in many ways. I could give a very general idea of whats patched (e.g. HDEF, AZAL, etc.) but its hard to get much more specific than that. If by support for "EFI-partition" you mean installing kexts, etc. to an EFI partition I think I can do that. And of course it will automatically build the mkext when kexts are changed
  6. Hi, I haven't really been active on the scene for a few years now but I recently had to install OSx86 on my computer again because I needed it for recording/music production. Looking through the forums I still found tons of reference to using OSx86Tools, which has long been outdated, and basically the only functions on it that are still usable are the kext installation and the EFI string generation. I've been thinking of writing a preference pane (written in native Objective-C/Cocoa) that would be easily accessible through System Preferences. Some ideas I've been throwing around for it: Basics: - Kext/kernel manager (support for both S/L/E and Extra, drag and drop UI) - Basic "maintenance" tasks (regenerating kext caches, permissions, etc.) - Creating and patching DSDT - Generating and applying EFI strings - Configuring various settings (32/64bit modes, boot timeout, kernel flags, etc.) - SMBIOS confiugration Extras (crazy ideas) - Chameleon theme manager (easy theme selection/installation, maybe even a central theme repo?) - "Suggestions" system --> This one is one of my favorite ideas. Basically, its like a solutions center, where you select your problem (e.g. sleep doesn't work, PS/2 mouse/keyboard doesn't work) and it offers downloads for drivers, or guides/resources that may be of use. I think, that for users that have managed to successfully install OS X, it would reduce the "noob clutter" where people are asking for solutions to common problems. Another possibility is to have it be able to scan hardware using lspci and offer driver downloads. I have learnt from past experience using OSx86Tools that this doesn't work as well as I'd like, but I think I've come across a reasonable compromise. Instead of it auto downloading kexts and installing them, instead I would link to the actual pages from which they come from, so that the user is more aware of what is being installed. Those are all my ideas for now, does anyone else have any other suggestions? Also note, I'm not promising I'm gonna be doing this anytime soon, its just one of those "free time" projects (even though my free time at the moment is severely limited).
  7. ~pcwiz


    stroke, maybe then you should tell everyone what you have to your name, that might help a little bit. And sorry if my eyes fail me, but I don't see where I said I was going to leave the scene. If you read my post carefully, you'll note that all I said was that I was inactive, which has nothing to do with me leaving, the second thing is that I just said I'd buy a real mac and continue mainstream mac development, which also has nothing to do with me leaving. Read more carefully next time so that you don't embarrass yourself. EDIT: And I'm not sure how a simple release post from weaksauce12 sparked everything that I see here. Realize this, all you are doing is shunning away people that actually want to help, which is rare in this time. Who knows, maybe weaksauce will move on to programming bigger and better things? Didn't we all start out writing little bits of code? stroke, maybe just stop pretending that your 1337 programming skillz poofed into your head from heaven and accept that others are trying to learn too. And regarding your previous comment about me being "obsessed" with myself, maybe I would have started trying to make mega bucks off my stuff if I was that naive and obsessed. I accept that my apps aren't the most brilliant works of genius in the OSx86 world, (and btw 1/4 of the stuff you labelled on the Osx86tools pic is wrong, showing that you didnt really take much time trying it, and maybe if you read the help, you'd see that I do have explanations on every single function that the app does) but at least I'm trying.
  8. ~pcwiz


    Glad you agree Andy I don't get why people complain about things, and they are not willing to fix it themselves. At least let people try, and don't even think about criticizing someone unless you can do any better. And if you are criticizing, make it constructive not just "you fail", "it sucks" or posting a crappy photoshop'd picture. I haven't seen stroke do anything on this forum other than flame people and complain how much this forum sucks (except for that IB tutorial which was good and a few tips in the programming section) ). Sure, this place obviously has a ton of issues, but there's really no point complaining about it. If you want to keep with it, then stay, otherwise just leave like many others have done
  9. ~pcwiz


    Isn't that exactly what EFI studio does? check in the resources folder, you'll find gfxutil in there. EFIStudio is a "fancy GUI" for gfxutil and fdisk for installing the bootloader. All that shows me is that the reason you don't like this stuff is not because its "fancy GUI" or because it makes noobs stupid, its because its made by me. In any case, I am no longer an active part of the OSx86 community, I'm buying a real mac soon, and I'm going to continue mainstream Mac software development in Objective C/Cocoa. Its thanks to people with attitudes like yours that make this place a mess. Maybe if you HELPED and INSULTED at the same time, it might be nice, but I don't see you HELPING just INSULTING. If you want something fixed, do it yourself. oh and awesome photoshop skills, I envy your brains. BTW ipoco, you from Quebec? French Canadians rule
  10. ~pcwiz


    No offense, but I doubt that would sell for 10,000 euros. And why does it say "Free Shipping" O_o
  11. If you want to avoid sending Apple info then just don't use Software Update, use the Apple Downloads site instead and manually download your updates, or even better, use a mirror site. Also, from system info, Apple can certainly tell that we are OSx86 users, but AFAIK, unlike Microsoft's WGA, Apple can't really tell whether the copy of OS X is legit or not.
  12. You guys are missing the point. "GUI guides" by other people is what first got me started on OSx86! It was after that that I got into the manual methods of doing things etc. etc. Tell me, how in the world is a noob supposed to learn the "proper ways" without having an existing OSx86 install to try this stuff on? I KNOW FOR A FACT from personal experience that noobs need help on their FIRST install. After that, they can blossom. This is how it was for me, and I'm pretty sure its the same for the majority of people here as well. Brings back my original point: Stop pretending that you were not once a noob, with a love for easy ways to get things done
  13. This is completely off topic and I won't continue this further, here is the last post about this: I'm not trying to be mean, condescending, or aggressive here and I don't have things against you personally, I've just had enough of people saying useless comments and flame wars and all this stuff while its slowing progress on more important things. If you are referring to noobs or something, then just don't forget that you were once a noob too. Everyone has been a noob some time during their life. That's the thing with people. They finally get ahold of things, and then they completely forget that they used to be just like any other (good) noob. As long as a person does some research, and is trying really hard to make things work, I really don't mind helping. And I don't get why people are treated like that either. A noob today could change the world of OSx86 tomorrow if you know what I mean.
  14. stroke, 1) I did this entirely with the authors' permission (some based on their request) 2) Label it as my own? I put the authors' names wherever is possible, download page, about page, readme, notes, every single place I can think of. I CLEARLY state that the original script is not my work 3) Many of my apps are not GUIs for someone else's tool, if you had enough of sense to notice that. At least I actually try to do something rather than endlessly going around flaming people for no apparent reason, complaining, and posting the most retarded pictures in the universe.
  15. Hmm...Kiko a ) other people's product? O_o b ) resell? I don't ever recalling charging money for anything