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  1. 10.5.8 is out?

    Thanks for the tip. I tried it by using Time Machine as well. but it doesnt seem to work.
  2. 10.5.8 is out?

    Mail app is incompatible with the new update.
  3. why is there no mkv converter for mac?

    Tried Handbrake before? it works wonders.
  4. Tooble Problems

    I have tooble for quite awhile now and the application just keeps on crashing. When I start it up, it crashes a few seconds later? Does anyone experienced this and have any solutions?
  5. need help on this one. FakeNES seems to crash and there is an updated version that i can't seem to figure out.
  6. which could run on Leo, capable on playing emulated games such as, NES, SNES, N64. im still thinking on the Nyko air flo Ex at the moment. but im not quite sure if its capable to work on Leo.
  7. its work. heheheh.. Thanks dude. Sorry dude. I can't seem to find the icon in my HD. But if you have the time, try getting the scary guy on google. Its basically for the shirt patch. Get it and just crop it out on Preview.
  8. For IMs I would recommend AdiumX because of its simplicity and neat-ness. There is aMSN app which is more or less the same as the MSN messenger.
  9. .DAT file converter

    Ok. I changed it to .mpg and it worked. Now I need to find a way to convert it to .avi or .mov file in order for it to work on the current iDVD since it does not support the file. I have tried your specific settings but the problem being is that the sound is not there. where have I gone wrong? I have been playing around with QT pro 7 btw and have been trying to export it so that it works for iMovie or iDVD.
  10. .DAT file converter

    Wow. I did not know that. Thanks I will try it ASAP.
  11. .DAT file converter

    Do you guys know any good applications that I could use to convert it? Im trying to compile some family videos through experimenting on iDVD and iMovie.
  12. I was thinking of compiling CDs of family trips from 12 years ago to a DVD or more. Is it possible of using Toast Ti to do it?
  13. Does the iPod Photo Dock (M9868G/A) has the same functionality as the iPod Universal Dock (MB125G/A)? I was thinking of getting anyone of these in order to connect my 3rd gen Nano to a TV in order to watch movies. Logically, it should but I have doubts. Help?