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  1. Slow Firewire Drives

    Okay. I'm seriously thinking of switching to USB instead of FW... and just thinking about doing that is enough to make me squeeze my last last brain cell out of the center of my eyeball. Here's the low-down: on-board FW (VIA chipset) - 5-10MB/s 3rd party FW PCI card (VIA chipset) - 10-12MB/s 3rd party FW PCI card (Aegee or whatnot) - 10-12MB/s I understand that you're having issues with your FW800 card, but I think that it's all related to the same problem. Everything shows up and recognizes everything fine. I've tried using all kexts from 10.4.9-10.5.3 for FW and clean OS installs for some, 3rd party cards (even ones recommended on the site that others say work fine), calling it names.. the usual. Any ideas would be more than welcome, as I'm out of'm. Reason I say I might start using USB, is that it transfers at 20MB/s or so. I'd much rather user FW... so help if ya can kind sir. Even thoughts are welcome. ~cheers
  2. Slow Firewire Drives

    Ouch. That's a bit of a disappointment on that card. I read about a really cheap FW card that does much better on speed, but since mine was working previously I haven't bothered researching it or looked at buying it. It's on the forum in several threads if anyone is interested. I'm going to really screw around with the main IO kexts after I do a backup. I'll post back any positive results after. It may take me a week or so though, since I have projects that have to get done.
  3. Slow USB 2.0 -or- EyeTV 2.3.x?

    Well. I'm not too sure about everyone else's probs. I have the PCGen kext loaded and it still takes nearly 5-7 minutes for my EyeTV software to load. I've just learned to deal with it, as it works perfectly after it loads. Also, it has always shown up to 480Mb/s. Fixed.. check original post.
  4. Slow Firewire Drives

    I'm having issues with speed on my firewire drives as well. The odd thing, is that with my situation the drives were working perfectly fine up until recently. I reinstalled using the 10.5.2 Kalyway distro after a bad 10.5.3 update accident. My FW400 drives now only read/write at 10MB/s max. The average is 5MB/s. They pause for 3-5 seconds after about 3-5 seconds or so of transfer. Any ideas would be appreciated. I've tried installing the FW kexts from almost all flavors of OS X... even tried 10.4.9 ones. No luck so far. Seems it may be related to the main IO kext.
  5. Just adding some info to this thread. Had QMaster on 10.5.2, all updates. Comp would freeze when coming back from sleep, and had realllly long boot times. Downloaded a script to remove QMaster, all is well again. Looks like 10.5.2 doesn't have all the answers.
  6. It's all about the passion to tweak and modify things beyond their original intent, to me. Personally, I like having a Hackintosh. Having put mine in a custom built case, it's really turned into quite a hobby. Granted, I really don't have the time these days for such things, but I wouldn't have it any other way. You could go all the way from a cookie-cutter PC setup into a Hackintosh, or make a custom case out of nilla wafers and credit cards... it's up to you. I sold my MDD Dual 1.25 to build mine, and barely had to spend any money at all. It's well worth it to me. Have fun with it, I say
  7. Dual Core vs Quad Core?

    I'd say go for the quad-core. Mine is currently running all four quads at about 75% each. I'm multitasking quite often
  8. Blue White G3 Case mod

    Yeah. I hear ya on keeping to the original design, and to keep things looking like a stock Apple case. I guess the original design for those G4 cases was never my thing. If I had a MDD case to use instead I would have kept it stock
  9. Installing Off of External Harddrive

    Not sure what you'd use then. I've no experience in the past 4-5 years doing this using Windows, but the basic theory is in this thread if you can find a machine with OS X on it.
  10. A problem noone's ever had before

    Sorry for not getting back to you on the HDD thing. I'm lucky to even get the time to wake my computer from sleep these days. When you open Disk Image it gives you the option of restoring a HDD with an image file. You simply select the HDD and choose restore... select the 'backup' OS X ISO and restore it. Yeah, you lose the remaining space on the HDD, and that's why I used a dinky 20GB I had lying around. Obviously, you need a Mac to do this. Have any Mac buddies that live locally? (or a really good friend at an Apple store... heh) Hopefully it works out for you. Let us know if they find something wrong with the laptop. That'd be really interesting.
  11. "Wide" Boot screen

    ahh.. boot flags. Thanks much for that. .. and yeah, mine was stretched. Had no 'real' Mac at home to compare it to. Now that I notice it though I have to fix it so I won't go crazy ... thanks!
  12. Blue White G3 Case mod

    I'm at a loss as to why I haven't see anyone simply remove the entire middle structure entirely and mount the DVD drive vertically. This lends the case to have a much better air-flow capability right in front of the RAM/Motherboard. Hopefully, I'll have some time next weekend to finish mine, but it's about 90% there. Mostly just final touches at this point. So far I get 31C idle and 38-40 max while gaming with the Zalman CPU fan on high, so I lowered the fan speed to near absolute minimum. Now I get about 38-40 or so idle and 47-50 or so max with almost nil fan noise. It runs like a dream. My fan setup is 2 Zalman 92mm with resistors, 2 Silvertech thermal controlled 80mm to replace the PSU stock ones, an a Zalman CPU cooler. The image in my sig is my PS mock-up, obviously
  13. Is something wrong with my RAM?

    Well, I didn't want to say it in my previous post, but typically it's an imagining thing. 2GB+ is all I would recommend for running Mac OS. Anything less than that and I generally notice slower performance. If you take the RAM stick out and you actually don't get as long of a wait... it would be rather odd. I don't know of an app that could test that, so you might have to resort to actually timing it manually somehow. If you find an app to do that, or if anyone else knows of one, I'd like to know as well. It be handy for us speed freaks on getting things working as fast as possible. I'd say more than 90% of the time that we think it's actually running slower in this type of situation, however, it's all in our heads :censored2: As westwaerts said, a good colon cleaning on the machine could help things a bit.
  14. Is something wrong with my RAM?

    It depends on the application that you're running on whether or not you'll actually notice a difference in speed. As long as it boots and recognizes it then the specs are fine. One of the ways to test RAM performance like that is to use an app that uses it intensely... like rendering out a really complex animation in After Effects. That app likes RAM almost as much as my wife does cheese. Check around on the web to see what I mean... about the AE part. It's widely used as a real world benchmarking app. There is an amount that it becomes irrelevant, I think it's 6-8GB.
  15. A problem noone's ever had before

    Basically. I used disk image and turned the HDD into a ~9GB rectangular shaped DVD