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  1. djet

    Are Mormons Christians?

    So your point Nonny is that anyone who does not believe in what you say is ignorant? You are accusing martin of being simple-minded while you are taking the same opinion towards Mark 5. Yes Jesus could have very easily said, "Zap!" and knocked the demon out of the man, but he chose a method demonstrating the vileness of the demon and through his removal of it, his power to save. Now you have simply picked out a verse of the Bible, taken it down word for word without actually critically thinking, ironically what you expect us as Christians to do. For example, interpret the Song of Solomon Chapter 4 literally: If you do, it's not that pretty: What we mean when we say "It's not about logic, it's about faith," is that we didn't sit down one day, make a pros and cons of Christianity and then BAM! decided that we're going to be Christian. Now I grew up in the Bible Belt of the South and went to church on sundays, and on and on. But personally, I believed it was a whole lot of bunk that older people did cause they were too stupid to have any real fun. It wasn't until I was in my mid-teens and my mother started a profound problem with alcoholism that I started to "wake up and smell the roses" as you might say. I was considering two options at the time. I was either going to kill myself or kill her. (Sounds kinda crazy in retrospect). At that time I truly realized how much of a mess I had become and it certainly wasn't the knowledge that I might be all alone in the universe that turned me around. Now I don't tell you this to try to make you feel sorry for me or to flaunt my own abilities of self-reparation. I tell you it to remind you that it's not a bunch of brain-washed idiots, as most anti-Christians members of this forum believe, it's people who have realized [insert random overused Christian cliché about having something more to life. It's hard to explain it in a forum post.] Now I have a simple question: What do you believe happens when you die?
  2. Sure the US court sentence is very much severe, but I dont think thats a true reason to prevent him from being extradited.
  3. http://www.cnn.com/2009/POLITICS/01/15/frist.bush/index.html Thoughts?
  4. djet

    Are Mormons Christians?

    Okay the point about Christians' close-mindedness is very valid indeed. However I want to challenge you on a couple points. First, you consider Christians to be close-minded in general and once again I agree with you, but I must ask, are any of you (I'm using the plural form of you. This isn't directed solely at iNoob) guilty of the same crime? I've examined the Atheistic point of view many a time and have drawn the conclusion in favor of Christianity and I'm sure many of you have examined the Christian point of view. Secondly, this point about brainwashing... I'm not exactly sure what you are going with here. Are you suggesting that Christians do not see evidence supporting both sides of the issue? Should at my next church meeting I go and demonstrate Atheistic evidence attempting to denounce Christianity I really don't understand what you are pointing to. Are you referring to Christian raising of children and are suggesting that parents should be sure to let their children hear both sides of the argument so they can decide for themselves? If so, then I find you do not understand a Christian's parents mindset towards their childs' future. If what we say is true, then their beliefs are not so simple as choosing Republican or Democrat, it's between Paradise and Damnation (cliché, I know, but it's all I got right now), thus the parent will want to make certain their child has every advantage towards achieving that goal... So could one of you explain to me what you mean by brainwashing? Generally people in the US aren't forced at gunpoint into a church and forced to accept Christ and spew it out of their mouth ignoring all other beliefs. Yes, iNoob, the Medieval Catholic Church could have been an example of brainwashing.... Peasants did not have access to the internet and people weren't free to argue against Priests about their views.... but is that really applicable anymore? - Killbot, as a member here for about 2 years I've grown to respect you on these forums, but I find it hard to argue with you with respect when you blatantly disrespect my beliefs. Please, you could simply leave out: "Time to throw this 1700 year old book out the window." "I don't claim to know "how it is" or "how it works" but I know enough to know that I don't know enough (the world, the afterlife, take your pick). Which is more than I can say for most Christians..." Now your last quote... I may have misunderstood it but this is what I've got: -You are intelligent enough to be humble enough to not pretend to know everything. But you are definitely more intelligent than most Christians. This topic is so far gone.... shall we continue?
  5. djet

    Are Mormons Christians?

    Forgive me for not seeing the truth. If only I could have been as enlightened as yourself! I can't believe I did not realize that not a single intelligent open-minded person has ever believed in Christianity. Honestly, my faith has not been challenged in the least bit by any of your posts on any of the religious topics on this forum. Moreover, you have strengthened it. Now if you don't believe in what I do, that's your "beef" (/laugh @ shoe incident) but it's becoming increasingly frustrating when I specifically ask in a topic for people not to post about the validity of either religion and you cannot simply hold back the desire to show everyone how you "know how it really is." It is sad to see how you are posting about how I am "ignoring the truth" but you cannot even control your own desire for self-aggrandizement and thus are ignoring what I had asked you not to do...
  6. djet

    Are Mormons Christians?

    Have you heard the expression , "If you don't have anything good to say, then don't say anything."
  7. djet

    Mac vs PC - Transform!

    Meh, I didn't really like this that much.... I mean besides the Mac and PC in the beginning there wasn't really anything related to Macs vs. PC's.... thus, it wasn't that funny. The visual effects were cool though.
  8. djet

    Are Mormons Christians?

    I agree with you here. We will always think other peoples religions very odd, however I don't agree with you on closing this topic just because you believe this an unwinable fight to the death. It's simply an argument. I don't believe I'm going to change anyone and I don't think the people on the other side of the argument will. If you are going to be that angered by an argument on a forum, you might need to reanalyze yourself.
  9. djet

    Christmas Shots

    Well tis the season to use a camera and capture the pretty lights.... Here's some of mine: Anyone else got some good ones?
  10. djet

    Your Greatest Photos

    I really like this one Andrea, but I would suggest cropping or doing something else to get rid of the trees at the bottom. They are distracting and take a lot away from a potentially great shot.
  11. djet

    Funny Airline Mechanics

    Probably many of you have seen this, but it popped up in my email again the other day and thought it was worth posting here:
  12. My fresh Ubuntu (with all the tarballs deleted off of course XD)
  13. Getting back on topic: Now that I've reread the article (sorry I admit I jumped wayyyy too fast on the "Shut up conspiracy theorist" bandwagon") this does seem to be Roosevelt Corollary still in action down in Latin America. Kinda like if in the End of the Spear as they were flying down the river and all of a sudden a fighter pilot comes and shoots them down... definitely not something that should go unnoticed. Thanks for the heads up Bofors!