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Most addictive Mac games

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Marble Blast Gold - I think I'm one of the few that finds Marble Blast entertaining.


Halo - For me, it's just one of those games that you can play over and over and it never gets old

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Check Jets'n'Guns just came out. I think is pretty cool!



Get yourself high! Get the Jets'n'Guns!


Jets'n'Guns is a heavy piece of ground shaking rock blasting action dressed in full metal jacket colored to kill in graphics that will blow you eyes out!


Enjoy yourself in almost-insane-action of saving the universe from the deadly threat of twelve masters of destruction in the quest of 21 levels! Stand as one-against-many armed with fifty different pieces of classy armament fitted tightly to a swish body of only yours spaceship!



Save the Universe in 21 levels full of thrilling action, shooting and demolition.

Each level brings new scenario such as deep space, jungle, frozen ocean, lava planet.

More than 200 original enemies, thread of fierce masters of destruction.

Enjoy the total destruction through 57 different weapons!

Upgrade your ship with 19 special devices!

Various combination of weapons available - hundreds of possibilities how to equip your ship.

Incredible graphic effects, using the latest features of the unique RakeX 2.0 engine.

Sounds and sound-effects just like from a Hollywood movie.

One hour of breathtaking original metal soundtrack by Machinae Supremacy.

Available for MS Windows and Apple MAC OS X version 10.3.9+.

And many more!


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I have to say, one game that truly got me addicted was Dreamfall and Indigo Prophecy and Red Alert 2. Oh ya and Beyond Good and Evil.


These four games were by far the most addictive ever. Atleast for me.

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Halo - For me, it's just one of those games that you can play over and over and it never gets old


same here, it's been great since they released a UB. i always find some way to entertain myself, it never feels like the same thing over again. only other gaming i do on my mac is with a snes emulator. ironically the only computer gaming i do is on a mac, i don't use my pc. the rest of my gaming i do on my consoles.

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First game I've played on Mac was Solaris (must be around 89/90 when I was six).

Then Spectre and Spectre Supreme, what a great gameplay!

But I think I waste lifetime if I don't play games - work let you getting older so fast. :(


My alltime favourite is Civ (here II+III). In case of a nuclear war I would start a new Civ session until everything is over...


Time between Civ is used for SimCity 4 Rush Hour, F/A-18 Hornet, Syndicate (by Peter Molyneux!), Spaceward Ho!, Oregon Trail, many Lucas Arts productions (like Indy series, Kyrandia, Full Throttle) and many other great Classics from 1990-2000.

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