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  1. rollcage

    I need help with Transmission

    Make sure the router is forwarding the port to the correct IP address. Also, try turning off the firewall in Leopard.
  2. rollcage

    Core Duo

    I think maybe people are confusing the Core (Yonah) processors with the Core microarchitecture (Merom, Conroe, Woodcrest). Core Duos/solos are only 32 bit. I add my promise to Embio's.
  3. rollcage

    Word 2008 - Highlighting question!

    The highlight function is in the toolbox. For Word 2008: Or Word 2004: I'm not sure if it's possible to do the second thing.
  4. rollcage

    MacBook Suggestion

    You won't be able to upgrade the CPU later as they are soldered onto the motherboard. But you're right, you can add ram later.
  5. rollcage

    Can you see the fear in Microsoft's eyes?

    Have you used Win 7 yet? As an alpha it's already a big improvement.
  6. rollcage

    Free Crossover Mac

    Add Codeweavers to needing assistance from the $700 billion bailout...
  7. Have you tried changing your router's setting to forward the port used by Transmission? I don't know why it would kill your whole connection, but it might be worth a shot...
  8. rollcage


    Was it that way when you got it? Wonder if apple did a reverse of the change that they made between the 1st and 2nd gen iphone. Actually, you could take the new one with you and stop by the apple store on 5th ave, depending on what your plans during the visit are.
  9. rollcage

    Font size in Mail

    You can either go to Edit > "Paste as Quotation" or Edit > "Paste and Match Style". I don't really know of an effective way to paste normally and retain the default font...I usually type a couple spaces and a letter, paste what I want, then delete that letter and start typing from there.
  10. rollcage

    MacBook touch Coming in October

    I'll get one if it has a stylus, the main advantage to the touchscreen is being able to write/draw on the screen. If Apple doesn't release one by the end of semester, I'm just going to get a Modbook.
  11. rollcage

    Email client

    Or there's always thunderbird...
  12. rollcage

    Will Apple repair my iPhone?

    They'll fix it, but I doubt it's going to be covered under the warranty. Now, you might find a really nice employee that "lets it slide", but I wouldn't count on it.
  13. Unless your computer turns into Steve Ballmer and starts yelling "Developers, Developers, Developers, Developers, etc!" after installing, I assure you that it has left alpha state. At least I haven't had any problems with it so far...
  14. rollcage

    iPhone Screen

    With the 3G iPhone it is, but I think on the first generation the display, glass, and bezel are all one piece. The glass is probably the most scratch resistant part of the phone, that chrome bezel sucks though. Whenever I got mine, I actually gave it a brushed metal look on purpose, that way I wouldn't feel bad about having a single scratch on it (plus is just looks better!).
  15. Wouldn't an NDA only apply to the people that signed the agreement? I don't know who came up with the optimization idea first (Apple is always so secret). Either way, I think the other saw their competitor's break from adding new features as a chance to fix their own code. Now they don't have to worry about having the next "big feature".