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  1. Windows 7, an OS X and Linux killer?

    Totally agree. Apple should take notice. Windows 7 is going to be great. I've played around with it awhile ago and even for a little virtual machine with 1 gig and 1 cpu enabled it was fast everything worked right out of the box even in that setting I might just make a switch to Windows if this keeps up lower prices, good OS...
  2. I can remember running 10.4.5 on AMD or was it 10.4.6 JaS had some pretty great releases for Tiger It's nothing new but still cool nonetheless
  3. Show your iPhone Springboard!

    It would be nice to have the names of peoples themes for their iPhones. Some of those look real good. I haven't had time for themes as Cydia is buggy as all hell since the jailbrake was released
  4. Apple announces the iPhone 3G S

    Why should I be charged for a handset that I just wanna replace? A handset that I'll be using for two years. It just seems ridiculous that all I'd be doing when if I did get the new iPhone is just using a different phone yet they charge you to do so. Do you think it's fair? You're half right on this one. Upfront last year I got a reduced price because at that time I was eligible for the upgrade when the iPhone 3G came out. However AT&T recovers the initial loss of money over the two years that's how they can subsidize the phone to the end consumer for so little. Take a hit in the beginning and recover and earn a profit in the end. So no I don't expect anything from AT&T and I don't think I deserve a free one just because the latest and greatest comes out but I do expect at least for the time I've been with AT&T that they could work with me and not charge for every god damn little thing. I sorta covered this in my last statement. I'm not whining about the release of the iPhone. As I've stated I don't think I'm entitled to a new one for a reduced price nor do I want one. My major gripe with Apple is why release a device that it's US "exclusive" provider can't even offer all the functionality the new iPhoneOS can offer? THAT'S why I think AT&T should cut some slack for at least the iPhone user because those are the people that are being left out. Even the new users of the new iPhone should get a little something extra because even they can't use those features that are missing.
  5. Safari 4.0 is out (of beta)!

    It's quite impressive. It's faster than firefox that's for sure. Haven't had any troubles with it and the features it has are quite good. I'll also agree that the tabs should have stayed on top of the browser instead of where they reside now.
  6. Apple announces the iPhone 3G S

    While the new iPhone 3G S is a nifty device, I don't see myself getting one until next year. Who knows by that time maybe just maybe Apple will have a new version of the iPhone. I don't quite care for AT&T anymore. No MMS or Tethering support, not even a conclusive statement from them. All the fees that come with upgrading a device is stupid and pointless. The charge you for getting a new device? Pathetic. Apple should have thought this deal through. If you want exclusive rights to sell a device than by all means go for it, don't sign the deal if you're not going support basic functions like MMS and Tethering. Another thing don't make your consumers bewildered by how much you want to squeeze out of their pockets by charging for those simple services. You already have the iPhone users by the balls as it is, with their 30 dollar data plan that AT&T told us we "had" to get in order to even by the device. Just because it's cheap up front doesn't mean you can charge the loyal customers what you want (in all actuallity that can and do). I was on the phone with a rep from them and they told me "I knew" that the iPhone 3G didn't support MMS. While that's only half true, only do to the fact that the iPhoneOS didn't support it at first, nevertheless AT&T was trying to pull a fast one on me. Even Apple dropped the ball on the iPhone 3G. It took 2 years to get the kind of features most smartphones have. Cut and Paste, Video recording, Voice Dialing, Tethering. All these except tethering were on my old Motorola V3i. Well I forgot Cut and Paste wasn't on it but Video and Voice Dial was. Even Windows Mobile had all those features. A company like Apple who wanted to get in the game sure left out some key features at the start. I just don't see the need to go all giddy with these "new" features, features that should have been on the first generation iPhone. I pointed this out on the offical Apple forums and true to their nature I was promted by the Administrive not to post such view on those forums as it wasn't helping or a question. In fact it was a question. They didn't see it like that. I guess when you do "Think Different" Apple doesn't want to hear it. I'm thinking of just unlocking my phone and going to T-Mobile.
  7. Best MSN Messenger Application for the iPhone

    Definitely, there are other applications that are free but BeeJive works really well and doesn't have annoying sounds. Palringo is a close second and it's free
  8. Best MSN Messenger Application for the iPhone

    BeeJive IM works great
  9. Simpsons At The Mapple Store

    Very true
  10. Backups using iTunes 8

    It is possible that I set it to where it was 755 so I had what you had macgirl, the phone just vibrated but didn't fully boot up. So I did a restore, quickpwn and replaced a previous saved mobileinstallation folder to the new one. Uploaded the 2.1 mobileinstallation file, set permissions to 775. Now it seems to be backing up and not crashing. I don't know what made it crash a lot on some apps and others were fine. so far so good though
  11. Backups using iTunes 8

    Well now I ran into another problem appearently i can backup with iTunes but some applications crash on me Perhaps it's due to wrong permission on the mobileinstallation file. I was wondering what gets backuped anyway?
  12. Backups using iTunes 8

    As I've stated numerous times, I delete all my backups and tried to backup and and nothing happened besides the error. So that is of no use to me. Now having said this I figured out the problem, rather research did. It turns out the the mobileinstallation file that I had was the culprit. I needed to download a patched version for 2.1. So I installed it and it did the trick. Backups do take quite a fraction as they once did So yeah...