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  1. Solution was found by coincidence. I mace a clone of my HDD using carbon copy cloner as a backup before i tried to fix the issue. out of curiosity i booted the clone. the clone´s spotlight worked. so i simply cloned it back again. explain that to me.
  2. I´m really going crazy, Mojave (10.14.2) fixed a lot of problems, but also brought some new ones. My spotlight search only displays random things, but not the results I had in High Sierra. For instance, if I search for "iTunes" it returns this: iTunes is installed, the same happens with other programs and expected results. Spotlight is useless this way. I have already: disabled and re-enabled spotlight on the according drive disabled and re-enabled spotlight on the applications/programs folder disabled and re-enabled spotlight on all drives disabled and re-enabled that spotlight shows programs According to several sources this should force MacOS to index the folders/drives again, but it did not help. Any ideas? Thanks! Smorf
  3. Thank You SavageAUS! Setting my SMBIOS to Mac Pro 6,1 was simple and worked like a charm! :-)
  4. I just installed Mojave on my rig. Everything works fine, except for viewing pictures using finder´s preview or the preview app. Example: If i try to open a .jpg, preview does not open the file, it just opens the according window and shows me the spinning wheel. Same for the preview of a picture within finder itself. Video playback and changing backgrounds, viewing pictures on a website works. I have no idea how to proceed. Does anyone here have an idea how i may solve this? Thanks!
  5. yep. but i think i found the cause. since i had minor audio problems, i removed voodoohda.kext. my system appears to be stable for the last few reboots. i use a usb audio dongle at the moment and i am still in search for a working audio kext. i already tried a few. voodoohda was the solution that worked best, but it had some background noises. so i used a patched voodoohda kext, which i found on kexts dot com. as i removed voodoohda, my onboard audio device AND the audio device on the graphics card are not recognized. maybe they are interfering...
  6. okay. next problem. after installing chameleon the graphics card works. but i get kernel panics on boot from time to time. sometimes my system just comes up after the third try. they seem to be randomly - but sometimes the error message tells me that it was unable to load applertc.kext . ideas? robert? ;-)
  7. chameleon and graphicsenabler=yes did the trick. thanks. it gets recognized with the wrong amount of RAM (1,5GB instead of the real 1GB), but it seems to work for now. i think i have subversion of the gtx 550ti, that is not very common. (dev id 0x1244 - Manufacturer Palit with 1GB RAM, DVI, VGA and HDMI) but fine for now. i almost had sold this card.... :-)
  8. i did try that within a boot prompt. but thanks, good hint. i´ll try again with changing this in the boot plist. I will also try with different display devices on DVI/DP/VGA. Actually i am using a full HD display on DVI and a projector on VGA. i´ll check what happens if I change this.
  9. i just upgraded my hackintoshs hardware, and set up a fresh 10.8.2. i put in a new Geforce GTX 550 Ti and got it running by - installing the new released cuda drivers from nvidia - adding the correct vendor/device IDs in NVDAGF100Hal.kext´s Info.plist - setting "GraphicsEnabler=Yes" in my boot plist It worked and was recognized correctly. After a few regular reboots it broke. it shortly shows "...nVidia ROM patching failed..." at start of the boot sequence (just after chimera boot screen). When I do a verbose boot, it really boots, even loads the nvidia kext. At the point it should switch to the graphical part / login screen, my display just goes black and says "no signal". I tried everything, even a new installation. same thing. it works a few times, but after a while it just gets broken again. ideas anyone? i´m already considering changing the graphics to radeon HD5770... thanks in advance! smorf
  10. smorf

    Reboot after Kext loading

    same thing here. i just can´t figure out what the cause is, as it instantly reboots after loading the kexts. is there a way to log the output during boot? any other ideas? hardware config details in my signature.
  11. smorf

    USB / USB Audio Problems 10.7.4

    okay. just had my first audio crash again. obviously the rollback made it better, but i still have the same issue.... :-/
  12. smorf

    USB / USB Audio Problems 10.7.4

    works like a charm. iFIRE, you made my day! thanks! :-)
  13. smorf

    USB / USB Audio Problems 10.7.4

    sure, i forgot to tell. i already kicked out the faulty IOPCIFamily.kext and reinstalled the original one. everyhing is running fine againt, except for my usb audio, which has the problem i explained. where can i find an alternate iousbfamily.kext to give it a try? thanks!! smorf UPDATE: Found it! I´ll give it a try! UPDATE2: Looks good so far, i´ll keep testing! Thanks for that! I´ll give a feedback tomorrow after a few hours testing!
  14. hi all, i seem to have problems with USB audio. I tried different USB Ports on my rig, also i used 2 different usb-audio devices (C-Media and a terratec aureon) which work fine on my macbook. For example during videos (VLC) or when using Voip (X-Lite) i hear crackling noises at radom times and every now and then USB audio starts to fail completely (audio and mic). When I restart the applications, everything works, sometimes i also need to unplug the usb audio adapter and plug it back in. I have a Asus P5L-MX mainboard, and in 10.5/10.6 i used an alternative IOPCI family kext, which was supposed to fix "minor usb issues", according to the HCL. This kext does not seem to work in 10.7.4, i get instant kernel panics on boot. Can anyone point me a way to fix this? thanks in advance!! smorf
  15. hi there, i´m using my ipad and my iphone for my mail account at work. i wonder if there´s a possibility to hide/minimize/close folders, so that i don´t see all folders all the time. for example i have a folder named "archived" which has approx 100 subfolders containing old mails. and i see all of the folders all the time. this is really inconvenient, as the folders i use are below that... i´d need to minimize that folder. is there a possibility? thanks! smorf