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  1. Cool I've only just noticed this thread from looking on macgirls page. Installed the drivers and heard the installer sound before even clicking finish I can now unplug my SBlive USB and use my Audigy2
  2. Windows XP Games

    Counterstrike is supported on CrossoverGames so you could run it in leopard like it's a mac app/game (altho it uses wine/darwine) I'm running GuildWars on leopard @ 1920x1200 thru it and it's pretty amazing. CrossoverGames Counterstrike page
  3. MBP Game Controller

    I'm using an xbox controller. I think the xbox360 controllers are meant to have some open source drivers for mac os and even read they are compatible with gametap. http://tattiebogle.net/index.php/ProjectRo...oller/OsxDriver I tried my xbox controller on gametap but it didn't seem to work have been looking at the xbox360 controllers for a while tho as they seem quite nice and have a nice array of buttons, sticks etc
  4. Addiction Stories

    I was addicted to WoW for 3months, but I realised it was taking too much time and money and cancelled my subscription. Then I removed every trace of WoW from my computer. Shame blizzard keep sending me emails asking me to come back lol I sort of moved on to GuildWars, but only played that on and off. Much less addictive.
  5. Most addictive Mac games

    I've just started playing NeverWinter Nights again Can be really addictive Brilliant graphics for an old game aswell, esp with AntiAliasing on 4x
  6. [HOW TO] Convert Mac demos to full games

    Howto Install Neverwinter Nights (+SoU+HotU) 1.68 Using A Windows Install Files Needed: Windows Install of NWN Mac Binaries for Miles & Bink (can be obtained from NWN Tech Demo) Mac Updates (for 1.68 - XP1Mac168_English.zip & XP2Mac168_English.zip) Open Terminal cd /Applications mkdir "NWN Updater" cd "NWN Updater" Using Finder, Copy the contents of the windows install to the "NWN Updater" folder. Copy the patches into the Applications folder cd .. unzip -o XP1Mac168_English.zip unzip -o XP2Mac168_English.zip mv "NWN Updater" "Neverwinter Nights" Now copy the contents of the miles directory from the tech demo to the miles directory on your new install and the "Bink Carbon Library.app" to the base directory of the install. Make sure you remove all the ini files from the base directory excluding the "nwncdkey.ini". Now you should be able to run the game for the first time without any problems. notes: You can install the Diamond Edition of nwn without installing in windows using the script posted on the bioware forums. The 1.68 patch is not unibin but runs perfectly OK (I am running on 4xAA & everything on full on a x1900xt)
  7. time machine OR acronis

    I'm using Time Machine on my system as it's built in to Leopard and runs in the background. It seems quite good and after the first backup, it's really fast. But making images of drives could also be useful for various things. The main one I can think of is deployment. I think you can restore files quicker and easier using time machine tho. So you can restore 1 or 2 files rather than dumping the whole image across?
  8. Most addictive Mac games

    I just downloaded the demo of return to dark castle seems fun, but pretty hard. Probably like it was originally http://www.apple.com/downloads/macosx/game...arkcastle3.html
  9. Most addictive Mac games

    bah I dowloaded that game and it's too addictive
  10. How can Apple make gaming better?

    is it? Screenshot showing comparison of DX10 with OpenGL 2.1 OpenGL 2.1 looks pretty good to me, especially on the new idsoftware engine. The problem at the moment is so many developers use directx
  11. Dawn of War - Dark Crusade on a mac

    It runs fine here (legit owner) but online doesn't work at all. No problems with singleplayer tho.
  12. 10.5.2 slaughtered my OS

    If you're running the vanilla kernel with pc_efi follow netkas' guide tbh, worked perfectly for me.
  13. I Want My Translucent Menus Back!

    I liked translucent menu's aswell The new bar transparency seems better, just a shame they took translucency totally from the menu's
  14. How to bypass install limitation to one computer?

    Wonder if you could install (upgrade to) leopard using pacifist? http://forum.osx86scene.com/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=2146 I know the howto is osx86, but it might work as you don't use the installer app you could skip all of the kext copying etc aswell. I guess all you'd need is: Not sure if it'll work, but I'd guess it would bypass the installer and install checks. I'd make sure you backup just in case, but might be worth a try?
  15. Tomb Raider Anniversary Demo is out

    I just put it on and it's amazingly fast I thought it might be cider based, but it seems to have proper window dialogues. I looked into the package and can't find any cider in there good news I guess. Hopefully we will see more proper native mac games (ie - without cider/wine)