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  1. Yea, I didn't think they'd step back. The MBP retina clearly isn't for me as they did away with the LAN and forcing to buying an adaptor isn't going to work. Oh well. I just saved money. I guess the older brother will do. I plan on taking the optical drive on that and swapping it with an optibay. I used the DVD once in like 3yrs. Nothing a cheap external DVD rom can't handle.
  2. I'm in a place where I need a MacBook Pro i7. I looked at the MBP Retina and I found that even with 500Gb SSD, it's not enough for my need to transcode music and edit raw movies. I think it's impractical to buy extra things and an external drive. I think the older, thicker brother is a better fit because I can convert the optical bay to fit a 2Tb drive and upgrade the system drive to an SSD. The only drawback is that it isn't a retina display. My Question is, is there any hope that Apple will release the thicker, older MBP with Retina display? Or will I be forced to go the Hackintosh route?
  3. domino

    Front Row

    Might be a dead horse. But anybody care to tackle getting Front Row on ML? The one for Lion no longer works. Haven't really taken a deep look due to time constraints.
  4. I only have the P5Q, NOT Pro. these are the kexts I use in S/L/E. I do not have any kexts in E/E. The colored are from the community. The non-colored is the original from ML. You should post a screen shot and maybe the community can help. http://www.mediafire...u9dn75eqnhb6j7y
  5. Last ditch effort. Has anyone gotten sleep to work? Pls post a fix?
  6. yes. its always default on.
  7. anyone notice the extensions loads every time you run verbose on startup? i don't know if it also does it on normal boot. but boot up time on normal boot is 50 seconds. 20 seconds longer than Lion. i've tried all the "work arounds" posted here and other forums to no avail. kexts still persists on loading by itself. if anyone cares to give a heads up.
  8. the peripherals don't work ootb. the kexts from Lion will carry over and use the lion install process to apply to ML. also install Chameleon 1820. but you can try the other version if you want.
  9. quick and easy.. onboard lan, onboard sound, generic BT dongle, usb mouse/kb, quadroFX 1700 vey smooth i said mostly because sleep doesnt work... yet...
  10. yeps. actually CS5 complained about the java and it downloaded it for me. thanks for pointing out how to enable.
  11. ok. got the itch. updated 10.6.8 to GM. of course it came with a few headaches like conflicting drivers and reinstalled GM 2x to get it working. Complained about no java but i dont really care unless i need it. tis all gewd!!
  12. Just wanted to let you guys know that upgrading from DP4 to GM works well. Asus P5Q Q6600 nVidia FX 1700 4gig DDR2 The challenging part is upgrading from 10.6.8 to 10.7 GM. Just need to back stuff and and will post back on a couple of days.
  13. on a mbp, upgrading DP3 to DP4 is possible. after dp4 restarts, it would continue the install process until it finishes (about 40min). that should also be the case with d3 on a hackintosh with a little modification. with my case, after dp4 install reboots, it never starts the installation. the boot process just continues to the desktop. anyway, no point in forcing the issue since the GM will be downloadable in a few weeks. then we can start hacking lion again.
  14. thanks for the info pinarek. Makes sense... just too lazy to look it up as im hacking my android tablet at the same time. Greeting from the warm and sunny beaches of southeast asia