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  1. Show Your Connection Speed!

    This is all I need for now...
  2. Here's a couple of additional "might look" pictures I found. Insanely waiting!!
  3. Japanese "Get a Mac" adds

    I could agree if I could make any sense of what the hell they're saying...
  4. I said it before and I'll say it again. NO ONE is here because they cannot afford a Mac. (At least not me). We are here cause we love to build our own stuff and refuse to buy Apple hardware just because Jobs doesn't want to retail OS X. There. Just close your insanely mac account.
  5. Red MacBooks and iMacs on the Way?

    Since nobody posted a "may look" picture, here's one:
  6. Guys I'm going thru a divorce and I feel like {censored}. I need some pity
  7. Red iPod Nano Released

    How come no one has posted a picture? Here's one:
  8. JaS 10.4.8 Updates

    Just do a search on demonoid or pirate bay
  9. JaS 10.4.8 Updates

    Dude I'm so donating money right now
  10. Welcome to the SigmaTel 9200 Driver Initiative!

    Which turtlebeach?
  11. [Random] 9999 Replies

    No I got it from this website
  12. Prepare for riots

    The author of the note, Dan Moren, writes: I am a Christian and I don't feel offended when some authors call their books things like "The OS X Bible" or "Windows XP Bible". If you are open minded and, it doesn't matter what religion you belong to, you'll understand that the use of religious icons to refer to everyday life situations or articles is simply and effort to demonstrate how important those things are for some people, and not to make them an object of mockery. So when, for example, in America, we refer to Hollywood as the Mecca of the film industry, no disrespect is intended. Instead, the importance of this city as the main movie producer in the world is meant to be shown. So, please, before anyone starts bitching about this B.S., relax, take a deep breath and think about it. My
  13. Adobe Audition replacement