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  1. A Nonny Moose

    Disk Images for 128K

    You can try any abondonware site, but finding it on the old 400k floppies will be a problem.
  2. iirc, there is some kind of weird European tax on things like that. But don't quote me because my memory is very shoddy on this. In the meantime, HOLY SEX LEG! I have a good excuse to use this for a home entertainment center. It's now so much easier.
  3. A Nonny Moose

    Apple in talks with AMD

    Apple got screwed over by IBM/Moto and went with Intel. Apple is getting screwed by Intel and is now thinking about AMD. So what happens when Apple gets screwed over by AMD?
  4. A Nonny Moose

    Was buying this worth it?

    OK, for any kind of RAM amount issue, grab a copy of Mactracker. Seriously this will save you time and grief. Secondly, grats on scoring this one, but the iBook G3's were well known for the "logic board failure" issue. There is nothing short of using fire that will fix this once it happens. My trusty old G3 iBook died this way about three months after the cutoff point for the G3 repair program, so trust me when I say that when it dies you will be a sad panda.
  5. A Nonny Moose

    Buying my first Mac :)

    The processor speed and the amount of RAM will determine how quickly anything will get done on the computer, period. I don't care if it's Photoshop or iMovie. Now for most of Adobe's crapware, it used to be that throwing more RAM at it would always make up for a speed difference in the processor. Today, I'm not so sure about that whole thing. With that being said, let me try to address the question at hand. Honestly, in terms of just raw processor speed, you're looking at a difference of only about 200 MHz (the actual figure is less but I'm not doing math right now). While ten years ago this would been an extreme difference, this is hardly enough of a difference to even blink at anymore. With the RAM issue, Mactracker states the max the Macbook can handle is 8 GB. Save some money and grab up some RAM from a non-Apple vendor because to be quite honest, Apple rapes you on RAM prices and you can put in more than Apple says you can put in there with this model. Now at this point, the only advantage the pro model has is the graphics card. If you can live without a slightly better card, then get the Macbook model and then max out the RAM on your own.
  6. A Nonny Moose

    Paragon NTFS 8.0 Final released

    They're giving away FREE copies of 7.5 also: http://www.paragon-software.com/home/hfs-w...s/giveaway.html
  7. A Nonny Moose

    New Apple User question

    If you have a Blue and White G3 (it's the "tower" G3, not an iMac) then you can upgrade the processor. Look for a ZIP G4 upgrade.
  8. A Nonny Moose

    Remapping Keys in OS X

    Try this maybe
  9. I know this is going to sound stupid, but: 1. Check and make sure the thing is hooked up properly on both ends (both the board and the drive). 2. Make sure the jumper pins are set correctly for the drive. If those two points aren't the problem, then it sounds like another, more expensive problem.
  10. A Nonny Moose

    disappearing items on powerbook G-4 desktop

    Which OS are you using? There is one thing I can think of, but it depends on a couple of things.
  11. Apparently you've gotten the Insanely CENSORED treatment twice in Reader News. :(

  12. A Nonny Moose

    Asus quietly demos Eee Box

    It's cute with a little bit of an Amish touch. I want one now.
  13. A Nonny Moose


    If you max out the memory, 10.5 will purr on it, even if it isn't an officially supported machine (less than 867 MHz processor). My 733 G4 tower runs that OS pretty well.