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  1. I am hoping someone has experience in connecting old hardware samplers to modern macs, it's obviously not a popular thing to do these days, what with advances in virtual instruments. I'm not even sure why I want to. I guess I expect it to somehow act as a creative kick in the ass. I recently acquired an old EMU esi14000 sampler, it talks to other devices using a SCSI connection. So I purchased a SCSI to USB adaptor in the hope that I would be able to use the old guy with my Macbook. The SCSI adaptor seems to be recognized by the mac, it is listed as a USB device in system profiler: eUSCSI Bridge Ver 1.11: Version: 1.00 Bus Power (mA): 500 Speed: Up to 12 Mb/sec Manufacturer: Shuttle Technology Inc. Product ID: 0x0002 Serial Number: 07 Vendor ID: 0x04e6 But when I try to load a sample using DSP Quattro I get the following message: Error: it was not possible to establish a SCSI connection with the requested sampler. Please check if the sampler and the SCSI chain are well configured and terminated. The sampler must be turned on before the Macintosh. The sampler was turned on prior to the mac, but I have no idea how to configure the SCSI chain in OSX. Would I be better off using a different sample manger? or biting the bullet and buying a proper SCSI card for my G5? Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
  2. 10.4.5

    You could try removing your ati graphics card, I had a similar problem that was fixed by removing my card. I may be wrong, but in my bios settings the GMA900 is identified as PCI express, it could be that your system is confused about which graphics to use.
  3. Intel HD / ALC861

    When you go to "sound" in "system preferences" does it say HD Audio Output anywhere? I have the same sound card in my desktop and after installing 4.7 sound out worked, except it wasn't recognized in the system profiler. It took me awhile to figure this out, in fact it was only after reinstalling 4.7 (With speakers connected this time) that I realized sound was working, prior to that I had tried all the fixes with no luck.
  4. Having thought about it, I don't see how they can be legitimate at this price. I have scoured the internet looking for the best deal and nearly all Mac resellers match the price on the Apple site. It seems the only way to get a better price is to buy refurbished or 2nd hand. Additionally, it seems that there is a shortage of macbooks, with many stores stating a waiting period of weeks. Why would anyone sell a machine so cheaply when there is clearly such a high demand?
  5. What would you tell Apple?

    I'd like to see Apple equivalents of the Adobe/Macromedia products. Especially Dreamweaver and Indesign. I really like the look and feel of Apple's Pro Apps but I don't really need a high end video editor or photo manager. Also fire the UK Customer Support staff. After being held in a queue for ten minutes I was told that there was absolutely no way I could obtain a replacement Hardware Test CD from them, even if I payed them. I know this isn't the case in the US, I have read several accounts of how people were able to obtain new discs.
  6. So I was searching for the best deal on Macbook pro's and Froogle spits out this site: http://www.tescobox.com/ (do a search for macbook, the url that links to the product is ugly and long) They are offering the full range of Macbooks at highly suspicious prices: Macbook 1.83GHz Intel Core Duo Processor / 512MB of DDR2 SDRAM / 60GB SATA Hard Drive / SuperDrive Double Layer DVD Writer / 13.3 Inch Glossy LCD: € 558.04/£375.62/$708.65 all the way up to: Macbook pro 2.16GHz Core Duo, 1GB DDR2, 120GB, DVD±RW DL, Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger, 17 TFT: €1409.33/ £948.64/ $1,789.708 Is there any chance these prices are genuine? I decided to do whois check on their domain, tescobox.com is actually registered in the USA, despite the fact that they claim their head office is in London. Additionally the domain was activated on Sep 21 2006, pretty recent for a company that claims to have been around since 1985. I smell a bargain, I could buy four macbooks and use them as coasters.. I also smell a rat.. Any thoughts?
  7. I would most likely buy it. I have been a mac user since they stopped making Atari ST's but the idea of building my own beefed up workstation really appeals to me, my powermac g5 seems a little creaky these days and I can't justify the cost of a Mac Pro for a least another 3 years.
  8. Lap Dance

  9. note to self...wear pajamas to bed

    poor bugger, at least he'll have a good story to tell.
  10. Most addictive Mac games

    Civ 3 is great, I just can't see the point in 4, the fancy graphics spoil it. Oh and I love my zx spectrum emulator, that was the best games machine ever built.
  11. The "Explain your nickname" thread

    It's pretty dull, I was a little drunk/high when I signed up and I'd not encountered a forum where you have a login & a username before. I would be themoors, as is usual for me, but instead the whole internet knows my true identity.
  12. 3 words story

    "Oh Lordy!" Cried
  13. Open tag on wiki

    Above "Other Devices" in the HLC for 10.4.5 there is a open tag "</table>", but I can't see how I would edit out. There is no edit link. I know this isn't forum feedback, but I couldn't figure out were else to post this. Sorry if I'm being super anal about this, but if it were my site I'd want to know. EDIT:ignore the above, I thought the edit link was supposed to be at the bottom of each table.
  14. Toshiba a120 pro

    Do you think I'm overcharging a bit? I think I might be, but I have to get least most of the money back. The wife/boss will kick my ass if I don't.
  15. Toshiba a120 pro

    Another update. Ebay has proved to be a real disappointment and a hangout for scammers and all manner of undesirables. The toshiba never sold, so I'm dropping the price. £800, postage not included.