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  1. Got it sorted out. First I installed Ozmosis bios, and did a fresh install. Everything worked perfect out of the box, only had to install modified AppleHDA.kext for the ALC898 audio. Restored my time machine backup, and delay was back!. It turns out when you restore using a Time Machine backup on a clean install, it copies kexts from S/L/E you had on the old install. I deleted all old kexts and usb delay is gone.
  2. Looks like v1.2.7 Here you go. GenericUSBXHCI.kext.zip
  3. Anyone else have an issue where their USB ports don't work right away on boot? I get to the login screen, and have to wait 2 minutes for USB to kick in and my mouse and keyboard start working. Running a GA-Z87X-UD5H motherboard, and Clover 2774. No DSDT. Removed HDAEnabler and installed audio_CloverALC by toleda for the ALC898 to attempt to remedy, audio works, problem persists. Have tried various usb fixes in Clover with no luck. Only 3rd party kexts are FakeSMC, and AppleIntelE1000 (tried without it), and GenericUSB 3.0 (tried without it) Was running 10.9.4 previously with no issues. Any help would be much appreciated.