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  1. cyrana

    Which Wireless PCI Adapter Works

    Don't resurrect ancient threads like this please, you replied to a 2005 post. I appreciate the info, but I think I'd find a more modern thread to make or make my own if no one had posted about your card.
  2. cyrana

    Share your knowledge...

    If -s is the only wayt that you can get it to work, perhaps don't worry about it. I'd be a bit worried personally, since I work in security (-s is the single user bootup switch right). That sort of logs you in to OS X as the 'root' user, so you are logged on with full admin rights, etc. Typically not the best idea on a modern multi-user aware operating system. Double check that you set the permissions correctly when you did your sound card changes (this is wrong thread, though), or perhaps run the repair permissions tools after making it work.
  3. cyrana

    Is Apple "Worth It"?

    I think they are worth it. I have an iPhone and a Macbook, and we also have a Mac Pro at home. Aside from the 'form over function' arguments (all look gorgeous imho), the three of them 'just work'. I have tinkered and built computers for years and we also have a home built Asus P5W-DH that runs Windows for games and also has OS X installed on it. But, it's still a bit of a chore keeping the Hackintosh version up to date and updates and installs to the computer itself are slightly more annoying. Granted all I've done is replace my Mac Pro video card, add extra memory, and put in new hard drives, but all of these operations took a minimal of effort (super easy actually and I didn't cut myself or break nails ) and OS X just worked afterwards and didn't complain about anything. We can go to magical fantasyland where there is a boxed OS X that works on any computer, but I'd still have some Apples in the house since I think they are designed so well and I'm getting to the age where I just want something to work without any tinkering - in addition to looking great.
  4. Yes you can use non-Apple video cards, but you'll only be able to use them in Windows. At least that is my impression... Now, if there were firmware dumps of Apple cards out there you could probably flash and then use even a non-Apple card in OS X. And you'd need the power cable I linked above. The other problem is you'd need to leave another card in just to boot OS X if you go with a PC card in the Mac Pro. At some point I'm sure we'll see some firmware dumps out there, just wish it was sooner than later.
  5. What memory did you order, and how much do you have now? Also, have you tried to boot up with just the new ram in, not the old ram, etc. (to try and narrow exactly where the problem is)?
  6. You'll need an adapter to plug into the motherboard. I'm assuming this one works on new Mac Pros - http://www.welovemacs.com/9227128.html however I've not personally tried it. I do know a standard cable will not plug into the motherboard as the sockets on the motherboard are too small. I personally went with the 8800GT direct, just since I want to have it in OS X too and haven't seen a ROM from the real Apple one anywhere. I'd ponder flashing a PC one with an Apple ROM anyway if I could. Even with a 10% discount it ends up being a lot more vs. a standard PC 8800GT.
  7. cyrana

    at&t store refused to sell iphone to me

    That must be dependent on the moron behind the sales counter. My coworker got his phone last week at a local O2 store and was not forced to buy the contract there. He did it later through iTunes, however. All the store did was sell him the phone. Personally I went through the Apple store so I didn't have to deal with the sales peeps...but I still got a phone call like a month ago trying to sell me O2's bs insurance.
  8. cyrana

    10.5.2 Is Finally Released!

    10.5.2 working fine on both the Macbook and the Mac Pro. Although oddly it was a 180MB install for the Macbook and 340 or something for the Mac Pro. Prior to the update, I had issues using Time Machine to backup from the Macbook to an external drive (not enough space), but somehow since 10.5.2 it is like a 10GB smaller backup - no idea why. Too bad you still can't use Time Machine with Airport Extreme + external HD tho.
  9. cyrana

    Mac Users Have Different Brains

    I just use an SE/30 with Mac Word 5.1 since there has never been anything better.
  10. cyrana

    Take One, Leave One

    Sayid! Green Curry or Red Curry
  11. cyrana

    What is your job?

    If I told you I'd have to kill you.
  12. cyrana

    I Want My Translucent Menus Back!

    I do wish there was some sort of translucency slider. Although most of the time it seems translucent enough...just when I'm in Safari and on a page like this one (where so much is bright white) that it seems almost opaque.
  13. I just have the new Jan 08 Mac Pro 2 x quad core 2.8 2 gb (6 more on order) memory stock drive + second 500 gb drive Apple 23" LCD Ordered it a while ago, so have a standalone 8800GT on order. Too bad the wait on the standalone part is so long! (I think mine is saying 27 March delivery atm)
  14. cyrana

    What happened to MacVidia?

    No need to be rude to him, he even mentioned May in his post and the last date on the page you link to is 17 May...
  15. I've gone through a few 23" ACDs lately. The specs got bumped when the Mac Pros came out, but my local Apple store apparently only has the old spec ones. So, if you want one, I'd recommend online only, but even that way a lot of people have gotten the older ones. I don't have one at all at the moment since I wanted to be sure I would get an updated panel.