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  1. kevin_4e

    R.I.P Prawker

    You will be missed Prawker. Thanks for everything you did.
  2. kevin_4e

    The First Sub-$50 iPod Released

    A link would be nice
  3. kevin_4e

    The "Mac Guy" was Right

    Haha that's a great point Scrizz. @ goldfrap, I found it partially interesting. That last sentence doesn't make sense to me though. "34 percent of Mac users had put music onto their MP3 players, compared to only 16 percent of PC users." So does that mean that 66% of mac users and 84% of windows users do not add any music to their players, or does that percent mean purchased music?
  4. kevin_4e

    Church Shootings Today

    Heh, this is about 4 minutes away from my house There was another shooting over the summer within a mile of that school.
  5. lol, I find it funny how the issue was addressed here as compared to the staff forum, causing the thread to become off topic.
  6. kevin_4e

    InsanelyMac Widget

    I believe Colonel made one before Sabr, and there might have also been one more, I forget. But yes, the more the merrier Thanks
  7. kevin_4e

    OiNK's Waffles

    I find it more saddening than anything
  8. kevin_4e

    Forum Update 21/8/07

    Lol, sometimes I wonder...
  9. kevin_4e

    I'm back D:

    What my point was directed at is that Prawker was [unclearly ?] fired and it was not his decision to leave. Look at his post that is now closed. Oh wait, you did see his post but you and the various others were too busy posting 'O RLY?' pictures to understand the point of the thread Lol, and sabr, I thank you for getting the guts to say what was on everyone else's tongue. /me quits picking on Colonel...
  10. kevin_4e

    I'm back D:

    You left as a result of your feelings and decisions. This is much different than Prawker's scenario
  11. A word or two from someone on staff would be nice for the sake of knowing he did in fact donate to this site
  12. kevin_4e

    I have (apparently) Retired.

    I was thinking it was kiko, not ramm... Go figure.