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  1. Gigabyte GA-P965-S3 ALC883

    I have now patched AppleHD with a codec dump and still only stereo sound.
  2. Gigabyte GA-P965-S3 ALC883

    Hi, I'm having some issues with this motherboard and digital out. Can't get more channels that 2 (stereo) to work. Some specs: iDeneb 10.5.8 light with vanilla kernel Came with Voodoo 0.2.2 (no S/PDIF, only analog stereo with crackling noise at first) Have tried skippyretards ALC883Audio.pkg and I can't get 6 ports+digital to work. No output devices are reported. The ones that work are 3 ports and 3ports+digital. That means that I get only stereo sound (but not distortion/crackling like VoodooHDA). Found Tarugas AppleHDA patcher and was happy to find a linux codec dump here http://psykopat.free.fr/apple/AppleHDA/rea...-GA-965P-S3.txt But nothing happens when I drop the codec dump on the application icon as told. Anyone sitting on a working kext for this motherboard or what am I doing wrong? Regards helios
  3. Hi, When I boot osx I get this "Out Of Range" error on my tv both on DVI and VGA. When I try on my CRT it works fine. Tried several versions of Leopard with different versions of Natit, nvkush, nvinject but now I'm using EFI string. I have a program called Switchresx that can force a certain resolution I think but I can't use it as my tv is out of range Tried booting with "Graphics Mode"="1024x768x32@60" but to no success... Please help *Update* I found out the Vendor and Product id for the Tv and added that to Switchresx and added the resolution 1024x768x32 and 1280x720x32 and Voila it worked when I connected the tv! I can't add more resolutions as Switchresx won't start anymore but that's ok.
  4. New Search Platform

    There was an error processing the request. Please go back and try again, or contact an administrator for assistance. connection to unix:///var/socketproxy/insanelymac.com/searchd:0 failed (errno=2, msg=No such file or directory) Search is not working for me, Safari 3.1.2
  5. I guess most nvidia 7 series graphic cards with 256MB works. Some flash their 512MB to work in OS X.
  6. H.264 poor framerates

    I'm having problems viewing 720P content on my MBP using Perian 1.0.. guess there's a bug in that release for 264 files.
  7. Hi! I found this page while searching for ways to get Smackbook working on Leopard: Smackbook link It worked exactly like it should and I'm really happy
  8. leopard drops wired ethernet connection

    I'm having the same issue in Tiger 10.4.10, usually under network load. Haven't figured out what's wrong yet and it's f*ing annoying as it worked fine in an earlier install. Going to try Leopard when it's 10.5.1 and see if theres any change.
  9. Installing retail 10.5 over 9a559

    Works fine here on my MacBook Pro, did an archive and install.
  10. Finder Hacked!

    Nice find!
  11. Thanks for filling out my request!
  12. system version number file

    in terminal type: sudo uname -a then check the kernel version... that's a simple way to check for fakes.. the current 559 uses version 9.0.0b5
  13. 599 -> Final Upgrade?

    Well... you are running 559 and not 599... I'm going to upgrade to the final when it's out. Maybe archive and install
  14. Could I ask for a Leopard Blue Space version instead of aqua?