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  1. well i recently own an Asus Rog Strix Scar Edition (GL503VS) which is perfect for my gaming and other windows environment needs. Since this laptop has only dedicated GPU , i wanted to install high sierra or mojave to see the performance and a fast working OsX on my PC. So i started working on it. Here are the specs : Processor : Kaby Lake-H Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-7700HQ CPU @ 2.80GHz MB : GL503VS Intel HM175 (Skylake PCH-H) GPU : NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 (GP104M) [ASUS] 8 GB NvmE : SAMSUNG MZVLB1T0HBLR-00000 1TB SSD : Micron_5100_MTFDDAK3T8TBY 4TB RAM : 16 GB DDR4 SDRAM Since i wasnt dealing with many things for a long time , and there was ready made environment for my old laptop i forgot fixing many things. So the story is - i tried finding same laptop users - just a few entries on the internet not very explanatory though. Close models possibly have big differences , i couldnt make them work. I can boot into osX but at first there is a black loading screen most of the times - knowing it already loaded login screen i type my pass and login but still Black screen with loading bar i press f10 f11 to switch the windows - see the desktop and i log off from finder and it takes me back to login screen again . i login and a half blurred login with apple logo and background blurred semi transparent - i do the same but now from finder i do force kill launcher - i relaunches and now i can use the desktop. No sound My usb wifi turns off after few seconds - works sometimes disk operations are probably problematic - when i try to install system stalls - for example clover it waits and waits - copy paste like things do not show immediately takes a huge time to finish and reloading sometimes. Gpu doesnt load properly - shows 256mb sometimes but dooesnt even work properly when it shows 8196 mb FN keys are not working - touchpad and keyboard and bluetooth works the kexts i am using most of time are Lilu whatevergreen USBInjectAll.kext SATA-100-series-unsupported.kext FakeSMC.kext ACPIBatteryManager.kext for the drivers i add up EmuVariableUefi-64.efi So please please comment and help me to reach some point if you have time. I can post videos or screens if needed. Thanks Osman ERKUL
  2. open the installer or the installed partition from a mac setup or windows via macdrive delete bluetooth kexts ( there are three ) that will help you to boot via -x safe mode. those errors are possibly kernel based . Are you using a vanilla kernel ?
  3. i managed to make my graphics card work screen res change but no qe/ci. writing these if it can inspire some problems people facing and helping them to reach to the point i am now. what i did is ... deleted all ati texts. and installed the two aty_motto Aty_init from netkas. and also i added ATINDRV and ATIRNDRV from leopard 10.5.8 and added the two kexts from netkas qe-ci exotic cards package .i added devid to 4800 and 2000(it already has) i dont know which kext helped them to work yet didnt work on but if anyone has an idea on making QE CI work ill be thankful. the kexts i used are attached Extensions.zip
  4. teeching

    DSDT Database

    - Intel DG33FB - the révision ??? - DPP3510J.​86A - sound VoodooHDA lan intel8566m.kext from leopard intel_DG33FB.zip
  5. As I stated on the topic my board is dg33fb which uses Intel® G33 Express Chipset and ich 9 . I have an ATI hd2600xt pcie . 4gb ram ALC888 sound intel8256 lan . i tried excitedly for SL and got error and errors.. looked for solutions many places scanned all SL installation here wrote few topics replies tried to find a solution for my errors .. these were mainly .. 1.waiting for DSMOS and stops there 2.ACPI_SMC_Platformplugin waiting for service APPLEINTELCPUPOWERMANAGEMENT and stops there 3.NTFS new volume ... stops there ... what i found as a solution and the cause of problem is YOUR GFX . the VGA card driver (kext) causes the problems . I deleted all ATI extensions and booted into a super fast but not exactly working system .. i fixed the lan (ethernet) by copying Intel82566MM.kext from my leopard to SL. Sound not working but can be fixed i guess .. but i dont know about the ATI RADEON HD 2600 XT i tried aty_init as Netkas told but no screen res. I wrote these to help if anyone faces those errors and if anyone can help me about HD2600xt ... cheers and best wishes
  6. i am having the same issue also ..if someone has explained what it may be caused by ..like smbios efistring or any other ideas then we could at least i could search for a solution ..but helpless ..
  7. here is the link for webcam vista of creative model pd1100 web cam vista pd1100
  8. whenever i try to play wow (and its not specific to wow) i got the screen you must restart you computer error i booted with debug=0x100 and got a picture my system is Leo4all V2 HD2600XT 512 mb DG33FB mobo 4gb 800mhz ram 3 sata hdd 1sata dvdDLrw
  9. teeching

    Can't play WoW (World Of Warcraft )

    tried to plug my keyboard and mouse as ps2 ones instead usb ..now the game doesnt seem to crash for a long time .. still works well ... but unsure yet ..thx muaddib ..
  10. teeching

    Can't play WoW (World Of Warcraft )

    i just got my rams two days ago ..and i couldnt play before also ..i remember playing wow with tiger without any problems
  11. using 10.5.2 with 9.2.0 stock kernel . dg33FB mobo E4400 2.2 ghz hd2600xt 512 mb 2gb 533 ram three sata disks eveythign works so fine but then a screen " you must restart ...power ..." you know KERNEL PANIC no logs no clues any help idea ?
  12. everything seems fine 10.5.2 install QE CI working on my DG33FB intel board with 2600XT 512 ddr3 Palit but when i try to open a 3d using app immediately or after some i face the uncontrollable screen warning what must i do ? where am i going wrong i searched forums found nothing is it a Framebuffer issue ? radeon issue ? kernel ? dunno any help appreciated (sorry i had another post in tiger section)
  13. everything seems fine 10.5.2 install QE CI working on my DG33FB intel board with 2600XP 512 ddr3 Palit but when i try to open a 3d using app immediately or after some i face the uncontrollable screen warning what must i do ? where am i going wrong i searched forums found nothing is it a Framebuffer issue ? radeon issue ? kernel ? dunno any help appreciated
  14. teeching

    USB camera

    i guess you looked for the pirates at the false bays .. for ichat usbcam
  15. teeching

    An old Member seeking help For God's sake

    Hi everyone helps .. The bios number 0326 12/6/2007 BIOS Update 0326 [DPP3510J.86A ] (2635KB) helps to boot and install from sata dvdrw ..but gives some ebios error sometime .. i think that is caused by some i/o error ..
  16. i bought a new DG33FB intel Motherboard. Got 3 SATA HDD on it . I had an ide DVD-RW . i had kalyway 10.5 dvd uphuck first release also . i downloaded 10.5.1 Kalyway now i tried my ide (pata) DVDRW to install leo on one of my HDD and got still waiting for root device error . i read that jmicron and ich9 has problems so i bought an ASUS SATA DVDRW and when i try now i got error like system/configuration/com.apple.boot.plist not found error. i tried to switch of my hdd and put an old 20GB Pata drive ..stilll waiting for root device error. i read that i can use an ide to usb connector - which is impossible for me to find - now dunno what to do if u comment and try to help ill be happy my specs : DG33FB intel motherboard Core2Duo E4500 2.2 ghx processor X1600pro 512 mb ati radeon 250gb mestern digital sata 250gb samsung sata 120gb samsung sata sata and ide DVDRW 20gb pata samsung
  17. teeching

    An old Member seeking help For God's sake

    gonna try and tell that bios ..and thx for the fast reply guys
  18. teeching

    An old Member seeking help For God's sake

    i changed my sata drive to other three sata ports also i got same error ..
  19. teeching

    couldnt fix the intel pro 100 ve issue

    ok i made it work ..using -f option which forces rebuild the driver cache and load all of them but also replacing with an ionetworking kext of 10.4.8 from the forum
  20. i replaced from my mac partition the ionetworking kext or appleintel8xxx.kext ..used original one with -f option ..tried to insert dev-id but nothing works dunno where i go wrong.. cannot make network work though it works on tiger
  21. teeching

    ATI X1600 PCIE QE/CI on Leopard?

    i have ati x1600pro 512 mb pcie ..and now şts working full spec what i did is copy kexts from 10.4.10 working atindrv iondrvsupprt and natit kext then edited the pid in the two kexts as borisbodenov told
  22. Welcome I-Team members..and hope everyone a nice new take off
  23. teeching

    InsanelyMac is for sale

    sad sad so sad .. mash please man be careful ..
  24. it did broke my vista also the problem was at the startup with the driver then i checked it in safe mode and checked the option to be disable macdrive in the safe mode. returned back and my vista was ok as it is.