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    The Ultimate Web Browser

    Mirror, Mirror on the wall... what's the best browser of them all? "That's easy" the mirror said, "the best browser is Camino - I swear on my head". Yep, I like Camino. It's firefox, but more beautiful. Start up time is short, tabbed browsing is easy, and I like it (although I still have Safari and regular firefox installed).
  2. KublaKhan

    Universal Requests?

    I'd like DesktopManager ported too, but then again I'd like another feature added to it - starting up when the computer starts up. Virtue Desktops sucks compared to Desktop Manager... soo many features that make DesktopManager great are left out by Virtue desktop's dev.
  3. The MacBook Pro's have a new "glossy screen" option. My MacBook Pro is getting repaired, but they won't change the screen while they're fixing it (I have a problem with the keyboard creating scratches in my screen). ...something about it being illegal - BUT I WANT IT CHANGED! I'm jealous of people who were patient, or ignorant enough to wait till now.... ARRGHHH! Here's a tip for Apple (make sure you write this one down!): I (the consumer with deep pockets) like suprises if they concern new products, but I absolutely hate being suprised a month after spending a lot of money on a laptop that I thought was perfect just for you to come later and have a better computer with something I've always wanted (a glossy screen). You say "suprise" at which I tear out my hair in anger (and entirely forget about the excellent presentation I could only have made with a Mac using Keynote). No! Here's how it should go: You announce a new product as a suprise - the MacBook. But, for a product that already exists (MacBook Pro) you tell the consumer your future upgrades and when they can be expected. For a suprise like a glossy screen you should at least offer an upgrade at a decent price! Let alone, when I'm getting the screen repaired anyway - you should at least secretly allow my to trade one screen for another. I even offered to pay whatever they asked, but was scolded for even offering to do so. Apple. You have a great future, but you're starting to ruin it because your not thinking about your "switchers" who are used to a release schedule that doesn't feature incessant little upgrades. I'd sell my MacBook Pro on Ebay and buy a new one, but I don't have enough time for that - and it seems like too much for a glossy screen. So I'm left with one lesson learned - don't buy a new product from Apple, or maybe never buy a product from Apple again. I can't trust a company that can't even trust me with a roadmap for it's future product "enhancements".
  4. KublaKhan

    Where is Maxxuss?

    I just thought of something... maybe Maxxus was the guy who figured out the XOM solution - for booting Windows on Macs.... Crazy theory!
  5. KublaKhan

    Where is Maxxuss?

    Judging from the time period I wonder if Maxxus is a student... now is the time of year when you have to pull your grades up and get ready for your finals, final projects, and essays, etc. Got a test tomorrow myself... and way to many research papers. KublaKahn
  6. KublaKhan

    Apple just release Firmware Restore/Update 1.0

    The MacBook Pro firmware update disappeared off of the Apple site... hmm. Maybe there's something wrong with it. You can still grab it at Macupdate.com if you can't wait.
  7. KublaKhan

    OSX 10.4.6 update

    On my MacBook Pro: Had issues after the update with Airport connnections. Then I turned it on and off, messed around with it, etc. and now it seems to work just like before. For the dual booting issues: All you need to do is either enter these few lines into terminal 1st: cd /System/Library/CoreServices 2nd: sudo bless --folder . --file xom.efi --setBoot You need to copy the first line then press enter, then copy the second line, press enter, and enter your password when asked. Or, if you don't like doing that you can always download XOMHelper , run it, press O.K. at the first dialog box, press mess with xom.efi, and then press install xom.efi. The second way is easier.... and the xomhelper program is great to have anyway. Hope no one has problems, KublaKhan,
  8. I have a big problem. I am a PDA poweruser... and I somehow thought that syncing my Dell Axim X50v Windows Mobile 5 PDA would be easy on my new Intel Mac. But, I was wrong. The PDA doesn't even register in the Mac... ActiveSync doesn't work over Darwine, MissingSync and all other shareware apps don't work with Windows Mobile 5, and there are no free opensource solutions I can seem to find. Since I'm guessing someone else must be having the same problem I was wondering if anyone could help me. I did find one Unix/Linux similar operating systems program called SynCE . The only problem is I don't know how to put it together and install it. It would be really nice if someone could create a .dmg file for me or something out of the instructions... it would also be nice compared to all the shareware programs out there that are monopolizing off of Microsoft/Apple's non-interest in the situation. Thanks, KublaKhan P.S. I want to Sync my PDA with my Mac OS - no dual booting will not solve my problem as I hardly use the Windows partition and I wouldn't be able to sync my emails that way.
  9. How do you install Windows .dll's in Darwine? I can't seem to find a way - using WineHelper (Darwine 0.9.10). The programs I'm trying to use with Darwine are Nero 7, Virtualdub (works, but I get an error at start), MediaPortal, and a few games - if possible. Any help with this would be appreciated. Thanks, KublaKhan
  10. KublaKhan


    Since this is opensource, what I am hoping is that they'll make an installer where they will include a bunch of options to configure it... even allowing you to install linux, or maybe even change the picture of the OS (if you catch my drift ). This kind of hack leaves much for the wanting - so I hope that they'll have a sourceforge repository up soon, and that it gets off to a great start...
  11. KublaKhan

    Triple Boot?

    The XOM solution could help... if they made an installer out of it - for the mac. Every time you want to install another/different OS you could open the program on your Mac, and then add or delete the bootloader for the OS - maybe even be able to make a picture, or change a picture for every OS... Hmm, I guess I always thought that's what would happen to this patch.... It would make life easier for dual booters... the only problem with the solution is that it's OSX dependent - you need OSX installed... *XOM isn't the solution yet - but it could be. XOM is opensource...
  12. KublaKhan

    Intel Mac Mini & installing windows xp

    All you Mini users... there's a cool podcast from MacBreak showing them dual booting - the best video on the web so far.
  13. KublaKhan


    Why do you want to install XP on your mac if you're not going to use it? By the way, it boots OSX automatically after 30 sec. if you don't select XP or Mac...
  14. KublaKhan

    The Great Driver Hunt

    A plea for help has been posted in Driverheaven.net (link below): http://www.driverheaven.net/showthread.php?t=101707 I'm not sure if it was posted in the right forum (so if you're up to the challenge - spread the word in a different forum on Driverheaven - (linking up to this thread). This is just for anyone interested... I hope we'll get a driver working for the ATI graphics card soon. And, if you have anything to add for help please feel free to help - and keep that thread alive. I hope we find a solution for this card soon... maybe Narf and Blanka are working on it (hopefully). KublaKhan P.S. The next order of business - after the ATI driver, will be to get the fan to work - otherwise I believe that many of us "power users" actually want to do proc. demanding tasks on this CPU. Otherwise, all the effort would have been put into developing a better virtualization software for the Mac. But, then again, full sound support is important too... *Anyone going to reply about the 20" iMac and the Mini not working (and that we should focus on that first) - it's already being focused on by Blanka and Narf.
  15. KublaKhan

    Windows Media Center 2005 Patch!

    Nice! That's great... I'm not sure if I would spend the money for MCE2005 though... there are so many opensource/freeware solutions that work great and look better than MCE - like MediaPortal. Great Job though! This news just keeps getting better and better!