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    I've been working on this site in some form or another since July 4th, 2005. That's a long time, and it's been an interesting ride. From a small time IRC channel to a big time forum, the site has come a long way in these two years. But unfortunately my time here is over. You may not realize it, but there's a lot of drama when working with such a large operation. A lot of people to work with, and each one has their own communication barrier, whether it be time zones, languages, or something else. The fact is we all don't speak English and live on the east coast of the United States. It takes time dealing with each person's individual needs and helping them out, let alone dealing with people who don't have the best of intentions. Unfortunately, I no longer have that time. Dealing with the drama and working on the site are two tasks which I can't really handle right now. I know, I know, I usually write some long fancy posts where I make some fantastic point that everyone can debate and make fun of me for. That's cool, but for once, I think I've said it all. I just don't have the time to deal with everything that has to be done for such a large operation. Effective immediately, I am no longer a member of the InsanelyMac staff. Good bye everyone, and have fun.
  2. Oh noes! I've given birth to a fleet of people who agree with me! What hath I wrought?
  3. sHARD>>

    Mac Mini for $250.00

    Upgrading it to a Core Duo would make it cost just as much as a Mac mini does from Apple. But overall it's a great deal, considering it's the cheapest mini I've ever seen.
  4. sHARD>>

    Mac Mini for $250.00

    Man, I wish we had awesome manager's specials around here...
  5. sHARD>>

    Mac Mini for $250.00

    WTF, where?!
  6. sHARD>>

    IRC Server for Mac OS X Server

    I was merely pointing it out to others who may want to run IRC as well. Server Admin can make things simple indeed.
  7. sHARD>>

    IRC Server for Mac OS X Server

    You know, you can run an IRC server without OS X Server...all it does is adds bundled software. The overall system is the same.
  8. sHARD>>

    BonziBuddy is back!

    Heh, Bonzi is too hardcore for digg, but Ars can handle it eh Ars?
  9. sHARD>>

    It's happened, Expose for Vista is here.

    If you don't like the behavior, don't stoop to that level. This thread is cruising for closing. Please leave the personal insults at the door.
  10. sHARD>>

    I was impressed by Apple

    The only sad thing here is that almost everyone has an experience to show...
  11. sHARD>>

    Agloco: Browse for $$

    Of course it's a pyramid scheme. Except unlike a normal (and generally illegal) pyramid scheme, it doesn't involve giving up money for the sake of getting into the pyramid. You just waste your time with a viewbar and make money from advertising, or you don't. There's nothing illegal or immoral about it, and the endless debate about it is worthless. "It looks like all these salaries are just more parasites to a money hungry worthless organization." That's what a company is. A money hungry organization which wants to make it's owners rich as hell giving you as little service and support as it will take to keep you on a customer. Show me a for-profit company that doesn't do this and I'll show you a ghost. I think that everyone here seems to understand that. Agloco is here to make money from what it's users produce and pass some of that along to its users. If it's here to do that for a year and cash out, who cares? Members may or may not have made any money, and may or may not have had their information sold (not that I've seen any way to provide information yet). The owners may or may not be rich. No matter what happens, the only thing anyone has supported is the "evil" empire of capitalism. Hrm, guess they really did have it better back in soviet Russia. Closed.
  12. Hrm, didn't notice this thread before. So here's a PSA: There's nothing wrong with the board with TPM. TPM itself is a feature, not evil. It's how you use it that makes it bad. More importantly however, I believe all current motherboards supporting TPM allow it to be disabled in the BIOS. So there you go, easy kill switch to stop those meddling **AAs.
  13. No, it just sucks. Instead of providing a wealth of great alternative TV content, I instead find a wash of stuff crappier than anything on TV, which is pompus enough to think it's good content. Remember the first rule of user-content: 99% of it sucks ass, the key is finding the gems. The directory of content it provides is too small to have enough gems. Oh, and the ability to go out and add torrents of stuff that's not in their directory? Sucks ass too, because it's the worst torrenting app I've seen either. Remember, everyone doesn't want their cell phone to play MP3s until it actually *plays* MP3s, instead of doing a half-assed attempt at it. I don't want some magical alternative user content TV/bittorrent/RSS/blah blah blah super integration app until it also does something more than a half-assed attempt at integration.
  14. Don't worry, I don't buy into the hype either.