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  1. other

    Congratulations on making it to the news team!

  2. OMG HE'S BACK! :-D

  3. Congratulations! :)

  4. Today Apple released a minor update (7.3.1) for iTunes and a larger update (7.2) for Quicktime. The update for iTunes addresses a minor problem with iTunes 7.3 accessing the iTunes Library. The update to QuickTime addresses critical security issues and boasts the ability to use full screen viewing without the need to buy the pro version. It includes updates to the H.264 codec and numerous bug fixes. However if you own a QuickTime Pro key from versions prior to version 7 you will need to purchase a new key from Apple to use with QuickTime 7.2. Open up the software update program if you have not already been prompted to upgrade or grab the update from Apple's website!
  5. There we go back to norm.

  6. lol no wonder he is rumored to be pizza :P

  7. I retired myself then they brought me back!

    If only cmoski knew what a server was.

  8. hmm not retired anymore?

  9. You are missed!!

  10. goodbye buddy. :)

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    Working on a Comic

    Hehe, can't wait to see this!
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    More MBP news

    All that for a powercord?! lol
  13. Sure is quiet in here! :S

  14. Hehe I wasn't upset, I just wanted a comment :D