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What browser extensions/themes do you use?

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This might be a fun topic to play with so i'll start it. I have always wondered what kind of person he\she is with the type of extensions they install on Firefox browsers. Please don't limit yourself to Firefox. You may also post your Thunderbird and other Mozilla browsers. Your skins would be fun to post too :lol:.


Firefox Extension:


PDF Download

Google Toolbar




Web Developer


Download Manager Tweak


View formatted source

View Rendered Source Chart

JavaScript Debugger


Public IP


Google Send to Phone


Firefox Theme: Azerty I

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- Adblock + Filterset.G

- Tabbrowser Extension

- Webdeveloper toolbar

- All-in-one gestures

- Customize Google

- Nuke anything



- Cocoa Getures (not limited to safari)

- Pith Helmet

- Safari Stand

- Webdev additions

- Sogudi

- Taboo

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I use camino and CamiBlock on OSX, FF and sometimes K-Meleon on Windows, Firefox on BeOS, and I alternate between Epiphany, Firefox, and Konqueror on Linux (with the occasional leap to Links).


Firefox exts:


TabX sometimes

Bloglines Notifier sometimes

Nightly Tester Tools

Localinstall sometimes







Winstripe default


Camino exts:





Camino themes:

Default unified

Default brushed

Hicks Camino


Safari ext Saft


Universal: HOSTS adblocker

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i don't use because there is no adblock like for it

I found PithHelmet for Safari to be as good as Adblock + Filterset.G.

Most of the interesting things of the developer toolbar made it into Safari plugins too. Some of them are unavailable is other browsers. For example, editable and syntax-highlighted "View source" with "apply" and "revert" buttons, or a sidebar showing thumbnails (re-orderable by drag and drop) of the tabs in a window, all that in a way that is much more respectful of Mac conventions than Firefox. View my list in post #2.

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I gree with FF being a memory hog when you use tabbed browsing. I hardly use FF in linux becaue it literally used over 100mb of memory, that's with all extensions disabled. Kind of depresing, so I use Opera in Linux. My main browser for OS X is Shiira (Flash working) and main browser for Winders is Firefox.

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Well, I meant the tabbed browser extention (addon). I don't have problems when not using it. It does eat TONS of memory though... I have 17 tabs open and it is using 400MB on 2003 Server! I have 1.5 GB of RAM though so I manange.

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I don't know how you manage 17 tabs. I have no more thab 8 tabs and it only eats about 60mb in Win. On another note, it is a fact that a normal Firefox 1.5 Linux install will consume over 100mb of memoey if you use it for over an hour. The fix from Mozilla is to close the browser and open it again :D. FF for 10.4.3 1111 is now available. I hope they fixed some things this time.

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Flash working in Shiira?


For me, only PPC Firefox can load flash. Shiira, DeerPark, and even Safari with Rosetta crash on flash sites (though I have the FlashBlock extension in DeerPark and disabled plugins in Shiira to avoid this).


I'm using 8f1099 with an SSE2 processor and an unsupported Radeon 7500.


Any tips on getting Flash to work?

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Installed themes:

Smoke (not 1.5 compatible)

Apollo (not 1.5 compatible)

FirefoxModern (not 1.5 compatible)



Crystal Dream


iFox Smooth


Using Crystal Dream.



Adblock plus (not sure which filter set, maybe filterset.g?)

Gmail notifier

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Just recently wiped everything, but at the moment, I have the Chatzilla extension (much prefer mIRC, or Colloqy, but it's handy for quick things), and this little extension called Popup Alt Attribute. Without it, all the alt-text is cut off. :P


Especially handy when reading the webcomic Dr.McNinja :D

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I just added the Filterset.G Updater, but I'm not sure if I'll be keeping it.


My iBook isn't nearly as much of a powerhouse as my Pentium 4, so I just install Adblock Plus, Flashblock, SpellBound, and Tab Mix Plus on the Linux and Macintosh versions of Firefox. I might also install Viamatic foXpose on them, since Firefox Showcase uses F12 and the shortcut can't be changed without another extension.

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I don't consider banner/adwords ad blocking morally safe unless abosolutely necessary. Anyway this is what I have installed and turned on in my firefox installation;


answer extension

Email This! bookmarklet extension

English (Austrailian) Dictionary extension


IE tab extension

Talkback extension

Zoho quickread extension


firefox default (not used)


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