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  1. jfn

    Canon Digital Rebel XT

    I don't have one, but I do have a 20d, and when I was researching which to buy I realized there were few differences and that the XT was very popular. It ended up that a friend had a 20d to sell so I took it, but otherwise I would have gone with an XT - lighter, less expensive, with as good a sensor and almost all the key features. From others that I've talked to I know it as an excellent camera at a great price, and I'm a very happy Canon owner (I had an Elan II before this).
  2. jfn

    Unsanity Intel compatible public betas

    WindowShade doesn't work for me in any application, including Word (PPC). Hmph.
  3. jfn

    Quicktime 7.1 released!

    I upgraded and it didn't cause, or fix, any problems.
  4. jfn

    iWork '06 running but problems arise!

    I have neither CI nor QE and both Pages and Keynote run fine, though sort of slowly.
  5. If you use Flickr, you can try http://connectedflow.com/flickrexport/ to export from iPhoto... there are probably other ways to use iPhoto too.
  6. I'm pretty into Backpack (www.backpackit.com) for a task list and reminders now, and there's a Dashboard widget for it that gives me reminders through Growl. You can probably share a calendar with Mozilla's calendar program, although if I start using a real calendar I'd probably go for Google's calendar or something similar... I am very into these AJAX apps now. You could just keep a task list as a text file or something, unless you need fancy functionality.
  7. Just a heads up to people out there who, like me, used to have screen saver crashes due to lack of OpenGL support. I recently ran OmniDiskSweeper and found that my screensaver crash log was 7gb!!! So... probably a good idea to check the size of your logs in case something nonsensical like this happened to you.
  8. jfn

    iPhoto Question

    Go to the General tab of iPhoto's preferences. In the Edit dropdown, there should be an option like "Choose external editor" or something, so pick Photoshop. Then change it back to "In Main Window" if you want - but now, you can right-click on any image and "Open in external editor" will be an option. It's weird that this is how you have to enable it, but it works great.
  9. Be careful - just because it's in Macs doesn't mean the x86 drivers work. For example, no one with a Radeon Mobility 7500 can get QE working, despite that the TiBook DVI uses that card and has QE. I'd check the wiki to find compatible cards.
  10. jfn

    Backpack widget

    I know this isn't new, but I found it and it made me happy so I'm posting about it. I used to use a Sticky to keep track of my to-do list and keep notes, but now I'm using Backpack, which is a Web 2.0 app for notes, to-do lists, reminders, etc. that I recently found, which makes it easy to add notes or appointments from other computers (I'm on a college campus). There's a good Dashboard widget for it here, so it's about as easy as the Sticky, and it's a nicer interface. I know that sounds like an ad but I have nothing to do with the company, I just recently set this up and am really happy with it. Interfaces with Growl too : ) On a related topic - Web 2.0 apps - I'm using Writely to write my thesis, and it's awesome. I don't think you can get new accounts on it right now, since Google just bought it, but I'm sure they'll open it again soon. It's nice to be able to sit down anywhere (even at crappy web terminals without Word) and work on it a bit.
  11. jfn

    Disk Utility question(s)

    I think it shows up when you click on the icon for the disk itself, not on the icon for a partition/volume within the disk.
  12. jfn

    Finder crashes

    I have been running 8f1099 on my Thinkpad T30 for months with no problems (and I've reinstalled a few times, too). However, two friends of mine with what should be the exact same machines are experiencing Finder crashes, even after reinstalling, using the same DVD and even the same DVD drive. For example, Finder will often crash when trying to move a new app into the Applications folder. And it seems that once Finder crashes in one spot (opening a folder, for instance), it will always crash in that spot forever in the future. Sometimes the crash leads into a long loop of Finder crashing and restarting itself. There are other instability problems too, of varying degrees. We've tried repairing permission and using AppleJack, and of course reinstalling multiple times. Any other suggestions? Especially because my system works so well, this is very annoying! Thanks
  13. jfn

    Quick way to launch applications?

    Look at LaunchBar and Butler too - both similar to Quicksilver. You can drag the Applications folder to the right side of the dock. I keep the programs I use the most in the dock, and right click on applications for programs I don't use too often - very similar to windows, when i had quick launch and the programs menu. I suppose you could make a folder of aliases to favorite apps and put that in the dock, instead.
  14. Thanks for the help guys. -v showed that a crash log was being printed to /Library/Logs/CrashReporter/Setup Assistant.crash.log, which I looked at - it was very long, didn't bother to try to make sense of it because I first tried to reinstall, which worked. Yeah, sort of anticlimatic.
  15. I'm installing onto another Thinkpad T30, with Linux. The first partition is for OS X, and second has a running Linux installation with GRUB. The installation went smoothly, and GRUB boots into OS X fine, which runs the welcome movie. However, after the second screen ("Do you want to transfer settings from another mac"), pressing continue goes back into the welcome video again - infinite loop. I've tried the following things: Booting OS X using the DVD instead of GRUB (same problem) Repairing permissions (same problem) Booting with -x -v (doesn't even boot) Now, the only thing that seems strange on this machine that could be causing a problem is that the partition table is strange, or something - PartitionMagic won't read it. However, since OS X starts booting fine, I doubt that's actually causing a problem here. Any ideas? This is *so* close to working, so it's really aggravating! At least Linux still runs fine so I can mess around with stuff. Thanks!