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  1. blahsucks

    reverse darwine?

    Actually, there is an implementation that is still being worked on: http://www.gnustep.org/ (GNUstep)
  2. blahsucks

    Windows is funny ...

    One would think that MS could check to see if the user has <8 icons, but no, people were too busy programming Rover into the search function.
  3. blahsucks

    Firefox 1.5 Released

    Actually, I'm sure that the 1.5 final is from 11/08. Must have been mostly branding and packaging issues (seen mozilla.com lately?).
  4. blahsucks

    Should I buy an iMac?

    It depends on your Windows dependence. WINE and Windows will be completely useless on a PPC Mac unless you decide to buy Virtual PC, which is still slow. Intel iMacs won't be out for a few months, but they will run Windows dual-boot and Darwine flawlessly. Application/OS support won't be problematic for a few years. Unibins will remain prevalent for quite a while. Once PPC binaries start disappearing, the iMac G5 will be obsolete anyway.
  5. blahsucks

    Vista is a "BETA"

    The argument that Vista is just a fancy skin on XP is total BS. The outside appearance may not be impressive to a user after getting past all the effects, but things like WinFX and Avalon are vast improvements over XP.
  6. blahsucks

    Higher-End Program Support any time soon?

    iBooks use the PowerPC. All Apple computers utilize the PowerPCs, and I assure you it won't be long after the first Intel Macs come out that Apple releases x86 Final Cut Pro. If you're considering an iBook purchase, wait, because the x86books will be significantly cheaper.
  7. It probably won't help; it's a well-known fact that online petitions don't work without an accompanying lawsuit. Give it a shot though, as long as you have the time.
  8. blahsucks

    Apple should sell OSx86

    That's completely untrue. You may not be able to open those Macs, but they have the same components as any other Shuttle form factor PC/all-in-one or notebook. Look on Apple's site or another Mac site.
  9. The main flaw with this kind of logic is that people usually realize that "no one is going to like our product better than <competitor>'s native port." Linux has had seamless WINE and Cedega for years.
  10. blahsucks

    VMWare Player

    If you're running vmware 5.5, don't even think about going to player. Player is NOT AS FUNCTIONAL as 5.5. It's limited and designed for trial and is basically a VM runtime.
  11. blahsucks

    VMWare Player

    True. I never thought of that. You can also use VPC and the VMWare Importer, I suppose.
  12. Actually, I think MS Bob should be Office Assistant. It sounds benign, but at least you don't need Bob, while the Assistant is always watching...
  13. blahsucks

    VMWare Player

    I'm sure most of you have heard of VMWare's new free Player app. Basically, this is a fully functional virtual machine app, but it can't create new disk images. It can boot CDs and even install OSes to an image you already have. People have, with a bit of trickery, downloaded VMWare's publicly available Ubuntu Browser Appliance images and used them with the Player to install OSes. This could be handy if you want, say, OSx86 on multiple computers.
  14. blahsucks

    Flyakite OSX

    You'll want to get your hands on ObjectBar. Menu support, systray, everything. No included dock, though. ObjectBar also lacks support for the fancified Explorer Toolbar Menus and the Firefox PseudoNative Menus. It's the closest you will ever get, though.
  15. blahsucks

    ATI Alpha Driver & Source

    So, for two months, we have one C++ source file? Politics have really hampered this project. But enough dwelling on that, does anyone know the exact source of this file? Is it based on a 2D accelerated driver? We need to know these things before going forward and wasting time rewriting.