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  1. matt_olsen

    Mute rEFIt?

    There's an app called Psst that can mute the start-up chime. You can find it on versiontracker... I think.
  2. matt_olsen

    Windows hanging for 60 secs during boot

    There is a utility from Microsoft, called Bootvis, it's free and it can diagnose, optimize and log the boot process of Windows XP build 2600. Maybe it can give you some useful data
  3. matt_olsen

    previously installed operating system

    As far as I know the partition is created at the factory, the installation CD can't create a partition on it's own
  4. matt_olsen

    previously installed operating system

    For me everything works perfect with a FujitsuSiemens CD with Windows XP Home SP2. Before I had Vista I used that and everything works great. I even used that CD on a Compaq PC and it works great. In my case the drivers are on a separate DVD, so the XP is pretty much clean, except it says it's a FujitsuSiemens PC in the System Properties dialog.
  5. matt_olsen

    iTunes 1.1 on my MacBook

    Must be something from the torrent. When I downloaded iTunes from the site numberz gave everything works fine.
  6. matt_olsen

    What Windows OS is best for Macbook Core2Duo?

    I don't know what's best for you, but I personally use Windows Vista Ultimate. I think it picked by itself the 32Bit version on my iMac Core2Duo, so I guess you don't need to install the x64 version. And the drivers from BootCamp are 32Bit. But if you are seeking performance maybe XP is better. It depends on the apps you are going to use
  7. matt_olsen

    iTunes 1.1 on my MacBook

    Yeah, tried with that. Says not recognized. I also tried with Disk Utility and it says the same thing
  8. matt_olsen

    iTunes 1.1 on my MacBook

    I can't mount the .smi image in Tiger 10.4.10, Intel iMac
  9. matt_olsen


    Oh, ok thanks
  10. matt_olsen


    Where is that instant viewer thing? It's not listed in Help and Support, nor does the find feature finds it.
  11. matt_olsen

    OS 9.2 Where to get it

    Um, I think so. Here's the description: I can't test it because I'm on an Intel Mac and sheepshaver runs max 9.0.4, but from what they say, I'm pretty sure it's bootable.
  12. matt_olsen

    OS 9.2 Where to get it

    It's on the demon, version 9.2.2
  13. I personally love the Aqua Blue wallpaper, but I change it sometimes, for no more than 5 days. It's just classy!
  14. matt_olsen

    Can't Partition

    Well, I managed to install Vista fine. Made a Boot DVD with Coriolis (not sure if it's spelled like that) CD maker with iDefrag. Booted from it and made a full defrag. After a couple of hours everything went fine. Disk Utility finally realized that I have more than 10GB free space, Boot Camp ran perfect and Vista is up and running!
  15. matt_olsen

    Remove Vista from MacBook (Rollback)

    Oh, and while formatting, make sure you select GUID Partition Table or something like that, if you changed it to MBR.