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  1. Have you tried to see what happen when your HD is unplugged or disabled in the BIOS? Trying it out in another computer changes too many factors to believe that it is the presence of a partitioned disk that causes the problem. According to your log, it sounds like a driver problem: Failed to load extension com.apple.nvidia.nv30hal If you can't get the DVD to work, copying the already-installed deadmoo's image is another option to get OSx installed.
  2. MLS

    problem with safari

    Do you know which sound chip you are using? What does the "Sound" preference pane displays?
  3. Not trying darwine would be faster. Even if for some magical reason it were actually fast, you would lose a lot of time getting it to work, do you really think you would gain enough performance to repay the time getting darwine to work?
  4. MLS

    Problems installing

    Have you tried -s ?
  5. I found PithHelmet for Safari to be as good as Adblock + Filterset.G. Most of the interesting things of the developer toolbar made it into Safari plugins too. Some of them are unavailable is other browsers. For example, editable and syntax-highlighted "View source" with "apply" and "revert" buttons, or a sidebar showing thumbnails (re-orderable by drag and drop) of the tabs in a window, all that in a way that is much more respectful of Mac conventions than Firefox. View my list in post #2.
  6. MLS

    my free iPod nano PICTURES

    To do it, you need to subscribe to one marketing offer, often it means sign-up for "free" to some self-renewing junk, and more importantly, you must them {censored} off enough people to do the same thing for you. Nobody likes what you are doing here and I hope you won't find any moron ready to sign up using your link then annoy more people. I bet the pics you've posted come straight from the free ipod scam site.
  7. If you need to do work or if you somehow are to depend on having OSX working, you NEED Apple hardware. Even if it were acceptable to have broken functionality, I still recommand that you wait. Buying an actual Mac is the guarantee that you won't have any weird hardware issue that will bit you in the ass when you expect it the least.
  8. MLS

    whiche laptop to buy?

    It's not like Apple to make important changes to the prices of their products, they prefer to adapt the performance so that they can always get well-defined product lines. Okay, how are those gamer issues relevant here, and what is the justification for the AMD recommandation?
  9. If you don't like the Finder, you should try Path Finder.
  10. Firefox: - Adblock + Filterset.G - Tabbrowser Extension - Webdeveloper toolbar - All-in-one gestures - Customize Google - Nuke anything Safari: - Cocoa Getures (not limited to safari) - Pith Helmet - Safari Stand - Webdev additions - Sogudi - Taboo
  11. Codeweavers has announced that they would develop for Mac-x86, so expect it to be available sometimes in 2006.
  12. MLS

    whiche laptop to buy?

    For the "compatibility" part, I recommand you take a look at the HCL : http://wiki.osx86project.org/wiki/index.php/HCL No good recommandation from me. All I can say is that if you can gather from a few sources that the model you want works well with osx86, it really will work well and it will perform. If you can wait a few months, you could also consider getting an iBook with Intel and run Windows and OSX on it
  13. It didn't arrive. If it did you wouldn't be spamming your pyramid scheme.
  14. MLS

    2 questions....

    .tbz2, .tgz and .zip are compression formats recognized by OSX, double-clicking them expands them in a folder. .sit are an old compression formats that is losing popularity quickly. You need to download suttift expander to use it. You can get the free version. .dmg and .iso are disk images. double-clicking them will mount them like if they were a cd-rom or a diskette, you can eject them when you no longer need them. If there is no extension, it may be hidden, look at post #2 for how to know what the extension is. I second the recommandation of AdiumX, it's the best IM client on OSX.