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  1. JaS

    ok this is my once every 4 month check in. Hope all is well, talk to you soon brother

  2. JaS

    R Uz Alive !!11!!! :)

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    Merry Xmass

  4. Marine Aquarium 2.6 works on Leopard, and is very impressive with the Desksaver Plus widget. i bought it at 10.4.8, so, it's about time!
  5. quixos

    DVD Player For Leopard

    why not use xp, or linux, or a standalone dvd player? not the point. i'm after the solution for this as well. dvd player is the ONLY app not working on my machine. if someone with dual/quadcore/badaxe/orbetter, etc, motherboard goodness has this working, let us know. then we'll know what to do about it. upgrade. hope not! good day.
  6. quixos

    My thoughts on Leopard

    it's hard to remember the depths of our ignorance about, and our hunger for news, about Leopard. belated applause.
  7. hate is too strong a word. however, about the 4th time i noticed the default wallpaper star bleeding through and obscuring a menu word, i decided that when a fix came, i would get rid of the transparency. in case i used a busy wallpaper in the future, i wouldn't have to worry about it again. i don't want my eyes snagged for no reason. cause the new dock and the iTunes 7 icon came up, i'll comment on them briefly as well if you don't mind. this seems like a loose and friendly thread. i went to the 2d dock. though i really gave the 3d dock some time, cause i thought it was cool, seeing windows and icons reflected down into it distracted me. the 3d dock was so busy my eyes were getting snagged. i don't use iTunes 7, i use iTunes 6.05. 7 removed the contextual Burn/Browse/Visualizer Control button at the top, and the Visualizer and Equalizer buttons on the bottom. now you have to navigate through a menu or right click on a playlist to burn. removing the visibility and one click access to those functions was so incredibly senseless, i upgraded to 6. if i want Coverflow access to my albums, i still have the standalone app. pardon my digressions.
  8. quixos

    3 More Get a Mac Adds!

    commercials are meant to interest, or inform someone into buying something. the whole lot of these advertisements are like people jerking off to an image of themselves in a mirror. they seem like inside jokes for apple users. the few times i've been with others and seen one of these ads on T.V. no enthusiasm was generated, cause people have learned to blank out wisecracks in commercials. just show the desktop in action. people are interested in actual information, and visuals. billions of people still don't know what OS X looks like , or how it works. it's crazy how much money they are wasting on these amusing pieces of {censored}.
  9. adobe has released a flash 9 update which is working great on my leopard. you must use their uninstaller before you install the update. here are links. adobe flash uninstaller page adobe flash 9 installer page
  10. quixos

    Leopard a Service Pack?

    i don't usually contribute to these debates, but i'll say a couple of things. despite the many irritating changes to os x 10.5 (it's taken an effort on my part to deal with the itunification), leopard is so much more responsive, and so much faster than tiger, that unless 10.4.11 gets the same pep (and a.receiptdb, as an example), 10.5 can't be called a service pack. neither vista, nor leopard, are service packs.
  11. there is discussion about this over at the apple support forums. so, it's not a "hobbymac" problem. as it's not really affecting performance. i've decided to wait for an official update to fix the problem. i was wrong. it is our problem! argh.
  12. quixos

    Prepare Partition for Leopard ?

    MBR and Fat32
  13. quixos

    Here's my Rant!

    xplizid, there are 2d people, and 3d people. i think you should change the dock to 2d. then obsess on finding a way to increase the tiny font in the Finder sidebar! damn that tiny font. it should match the font size one chooses for the Finder, Desktop, Browsers etc. it's like they just stopped thinking or something, and it really pisses me off! however, i'll probably stick with Leopard, cause it is so much faster, unless they pull a miracle of performance improvement with 10.4.11.
  14. there doesn't seem to be anything in either of those updates that should screw anyone up. we aren't using a hacked loginwindow.app to begin with. worked for me.