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  1. niteice

    Ubuntu v7.04 Feisty Fawn

    It would probably be better to use the torrents, as the main servers seem to be practically dead.
  2. niteice

    Web Application/Site Languages

    I find myself using PHP and Python for the most part. I'm also developing a framework in C++ that is extended with Lua, to allow one to write web applications in Lua but code sections in C++ if need be, all running from one CGI script.
  3. niteice


    You were saying?
  4. niteice

    gcc and x86_64

    My guess is that long mode is enabled automatically if present and the kernel is built for x86_64...which I guess semthex's isn't?
  5. Alright, I understand if English isn't your native language, but by the time I finished my reply 3 more people had posted so I had to address them too
  6. Wow...I think you completely missed the point. Unpatched (zero-day perhaps) exploits have been going around in Windows circles for years. This is probably the biggest public acknowledgement that those holes even exist on OS X. If you were able to comprehend satire, you would see that I'm merely poking fun at the average Mac user's reaction to these exploits, since their platform has been generally untargeted (except for proof-of-concept code, which this is as well).
  8. Both of those are PPC-only, or at the very least, Apple-only.
  9. Or, create a web-based interface where one can browse hardware, providing information for each piece of hardware such as: - Name - Compatibility (full, partial, in the works(i.e. a driver is being written), none) - User rating - User comments
  10. niteice


    Believe it or not, almost all of the SSE/SSE2 in Darwin seems to be GCC-generated, you just need to patch GCC to not generate it by default.
  11. niteice

    "OSx86", what's in a name?

    I'm not really a fan of the OSx86 name...I mean, in case anybody hasn't noticed over the past year and a half, An Intel chip means x86 whether or not the chip is in a Mac. Therefore, all Intel builds of OS X are x86, since they run on an Intel architecture!* *Yes, I know that Intel produces non-x86 chips (Itanic for one). Not my point.
  12. niteice


    What's the last message with -v?
  13. niteice


    You might want to search the forum first, chances are extremely high that this has been answered.
  14. niteice

    Vista RTM Build 6000

    wtf are you guys on about...the unix subsystem is called Interix and is basically a Microsoft-produced version of Cygwin.
  15. niteice

    X-platform IM'ing

    Adium actually uses the Gaim core, unfortunately, I think they use separate data formats. It might be worth looking into though.