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  1. linuxfan66

    News for next Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

    I like...so OS X option basically...
  2. linuxfan66

    Arch Linux: a review

    ambitious claim i would thought time between reboots while under extreme load and maintaining load appropriate performance would have mattered a lot more.
  3. linuxfan66

    Arch Linux: a review

    how does it compare to freebsd and solaris in enterprise benchmarks then?
  4. linuxfan66

    Arch Linux: a review

    The RPM style distributions for business(centos/rhel, opensuse,etc) use are pretty good based on my recent testing. I have no idea how often they are updated but you see alot of polish on them now.
  5. linuxfan66

    Ubuntu 15.04 Released

    I would either like unity replaced or super optimized. oh well keep using lxde...other than that installed without a hitch for me.
  6. no intention to... (jk)

  7. linuxfan66

    GNOME or KDE (Ubuntu or Kubuntu)

    change that sig, will ya? Promoting "illicit" drugs is not good.
  8. linuxfan66

    Sony's Greatest Quotes

    Bill Gates is not a Microsoft boss.
  9. linuxfan66

    Rate the sig and avatar of the person above you.

    avatar: 4(somewhat lame) sig:4(even lamer)