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What browser extensions/themes do you use?

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AdBlock Plus -

EasyElement+EasyList - One Part Removes the ads, other removes the empty areas left over.

ABP Tracking Filter - Blocks major web tracking services.

Fasterfox - Keeps browsing even faster. Yes, Turbo Charged.

DownThemAll! - Accelerates downloads, good for sites that don't block this and for huge demos.

Gmail Notifier - Notfies when I get email in my Gmail account.

Greasemonkey - Tweaks websites, removes useless stuff...




Noticed that quite a few had Adblock Filter.G Updater on their list:

Do I need to install Filterset.G Updater?


No. Actually, it is recommended not to use Filterset.G with Adblock Plus. There are several reasons for this:


* Filterset.G has been intentionally made incompatible with the built-in subscriptions feature in Adblock Plus, updating Filterset.G requires a separate extension which basically duplicates existing functionality.

* Filterset.G is not optimized for use with Adblock Plus, it will slow down your browsing considerably more than any other filter list.

* Filterset.G makes heavy use of very complicated regular expressions with the consequence that finding the source of problems is difficult and fixing those problems is even more so. In fact, Filterset.G is fixing most problems with exception rules which creates a problem on its own (see next point).

* Filterset.G contains a considerable number of exception rules. This is a big problem because exception rules cannot be overridden. It happened on several occasions that exception rules from Filterset.G whitelisted actual ads making these ads unblockable — something users usually blamed Adblock Plus for.


While Filterset.G has had its uses in the past, nowadays other filter lists are certainly a better choice. If you already have Filterset.G Updater installed, you can uninstall the extension and remove the Filterset.G subscription in the Adblock Plus Preferences dialog. Feel free to choose any subscription from the list then.

- adblockplus.org
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Firefox 3


On all platforms:

-Adblock Plus




On Vista:



I do have IE, Opera, Chrome, and Safari installed on my Vista drive, but I only use them to test page designs.

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