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I keep getting errors with the HTTPS certificate, every browser randomly is warning me that the site is not secure because the certificate is invalid. It appears to be happening randomly and was not happening before a few days ago. Refreshing seems to fix the issue but its still annoying.

What's up with the you can no longer edit a post because too much time has passed? It hasn't even been three hours and I was correcting information. Why is this site going to complete and utter sh*t?

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I can see the new cert here, not sure what's up


I'd like to reimplement the quiz, but that will have to wait until after exams

16 hours ago, styrian said:

Has expired with 2018.12.06.


Have fun.


No, it does not say it expired, it says its invalid. Entirely different things. It's been happening all day today, literally every page I go to. Refreshing the page fixes it but now I'm having to refresh multiple times. It seems as this is somehow related to the performance of the site as I see it happen more often when the site has more active users.

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lol, no, I just got it coming to this page to see your post. Also, can you please remove the new restriction on the too much time has passed to edit this post? Its completely random, sometimes I can't edit my post immediately after posting it and sometimes it is a few hours, and sometimes it never happens. I also keep getting invalid certificate trying to post this comment...


EDIT: Yay! Six tries....

EDIT2: I have never gotten the certificate is expired, but that's really weird. That seems like the problem lies with the caching.

EDIT3: Of course, I say that and then immediately get one that the certificate is expired, lol.

EDIT4: Now they are all saying expired and not invalid, but it's still happening almost every time I do something.

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I don't seem to be getting it now, the site seems to be responding faster, but now I have a problem with the text box for posting. When I click in it to type it just disappears, refresh, same thing multiple times, then it works after doing that a few times.

Nevermind, it's still happening. Can't edit my previous post that was posted only 1 minute ago because too much time has passed........? The text box thing is annoying as well.

3 hours ago, fabiosun said:


Screen Shot 2018-12-09 at 6.40.17 PM.png


Yeah, as someone mentioned above, the certificate expired a few days ago, causing this issue.



I would recommend trying in a Private Window. And checking the certificate. If it shows the new one (as displayed below), I would suggest clearing browser data (cache, cookies etc) and trying again.


You can delete only insanelymac data by going to Safari -> Preferences -> Privacy -> Manage Website Data -> Search for "insanelymac" and Remove All. Should look like this.




After that, the certificate should look like this.



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This does not help as I only browse in incognito mode and never keep the cache or cookies, also I cleared my browsing history, cookies, and cache anyway and it did nothing. The problem still exists and now appears it is to do with the server side caching, it appears that it is providing the cached expired certificate, however I only got that the certificate was expired after Poco asked if it was working now. Before that I was getting that the certificate was invalid which does not allow you to view any information. They are very obviously different errors in chrome, one says ERR_CERT_INVALID and the other says ERR_CERT_DATE_INVALID.


EDIT: I seem to not be getting it currently but there's also like hundreds less people active on the site than there was earlier when it was happening a lot.

EDIT2: Still getting it....

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5 hours ago, fabiosun said:

today problem is more present and clearing cache does not solve it


No joke, it's happening with every single thing that I do now. It's way worse than before. It takes several attempts to post comments.

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