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  1. Alpha22

    Site Issues

    same problem: This Connection Is Not Private
  2. Alpha22


    vector sigma possible to have the latest version to try thank
  3. Alpha22


    ok, now app works fine
  4. Alpha22


  5. Alpha22

    Hackintool v1.7.7

    Hi headkaze as per photo CursorMemorySize 0 bytes it's right
  6. Alpha22

    Hackintool v1.7.7

    Hello headkaze thanks for your answer added the patches created by the app Clover starts but stops shortly thereafter advice
  7. Alpha22

    Hackintool v1.7.7

    question: what should i flag in Advance for a HD 4600 gpu Thanks
  8. question: in the guide of Andrey1970 indicates with a script to have correct edid how the script should run thanks
  9. Alpha22

    Airport - PCIe Half Mini

    question: can you tell me how you can do it via DSDT or AddProperties / Arbitrary in Clover Thanks
  10. --Replace with my Clover folder CLOVER Install.zip working audio, added appleALC.kext Fabio’s iMac .zip
  11. use the usb for the boot used for the installation Thanks Fabio’s iMac .zip
  12. Hi Maldon, I have installed 10.13.5 Intel I7 4770 - Asus Z97 Pro [Wifi ac] - HD4600 - Samsung ssd 250GB use the usb for the boot used for the installation Thank you Send me Fabios-iMac-2.zip