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  1. I do not understand why there was a rebase for the patches to UDK2018, which is behind the EDK2 head... There will never be a change to that tag branch of EDK2, you can look and see that from previous releases they are never touched again. There is like a year between each tagged branch release, there will be significant changes over that time period which will make it much harder to rebase. Personally I think the patches need to gtfo, edk build mechanisms like library classes should be used instead. But whatever, I'm not sure I really care anymore, my health is complete {censored}.
  2. apianti

    Clover Bug/Issue Report and Patch

    No, you've misunderstood. Take the entire source module and move it into clover, modify with the patches, then use that module instead of whatever module was originally being used from the edk. It's so that you don't need to use patches at all, you can easily diff and rebase only that module, I'm confused as to why it would be any different....? It's certainly what you're supposed to do when using the edk or it wouldn't have library classes where you can choose different modules to satisfy the class reference. Clover does this for some modules already so unsure why it wouldn't do so for every module that it needs patched, you can also have a variable when defined build with the unpatched edk modules instead as well.
  3. apianti

    Clover Bug/Issue Report and Patch

    A better choice would be to remove the patches all together, move the modified source modules into clover and modify the dsc/dec/inf files to use that source module instead of the one in the edks. Then it will build without having to copy patches or worry about the edk version.
  4. apianti


    You restarted after you set the test NVRAM variable? You should have working NVRAM unless you have the whitelist issue.
  5. apianti

    Clover General discussion

    That is the official wiki but it is outdated and uneditable. Try a different method to extract the tables from inside macOS. I see no reason why it would not be working.
  6. apianti

    Clover General discussion

    I don't care about clover configurator, if there's a problem with that then you'll have to go to the developer of that, that's not part of clover. I want to know what the config.plist has in it and you keep only posting the patch but it needs to be in ACPI/DSDT/Patches (which is the key path inside of config.plist). So what does your actual config.plist contain and you need to dump the tables IN macOS, not another OS or clover, otherwise they are not patched and you have no idea whether or not the patch worked. Did you turn on KernelAndKextPatches/Debug=true as I said to see if it gives you more information? I can't do it for you, I can only point you in a direction of what may be the issue and how to fix that.
  7. apianti

    Clover General discussion

    I'm asking you what you did. You didn't say if you were using clover configurator (which is a third party tool) or just editing the config.plist. Are the patches in the ACPI/DSDT/Patches section? I don't know if KernelAndKextPatches/Debug=true will give you anymore information about the DSDT patching. But you need to dump your tables from inside macOS to determine what the outcome is. You'll probably want to google how to dump/extract your tables in macOS.
  8. apianti


    I have a ASRock Z77-Extreme4 and setting the DVMT to more than 96MB does not work for any OS, and setting it higher than 128MB does not even work for the firmware, I have to hardware reset the CMOS/NVRAM. Also if the auto slide selector does not give you a valid slide, setting the slide manually is probably not going to do anything different... It's far more likely that your memory is getting too fragmented by memory allocations. How much free memory under 4GB do you actually have if you add it all up?
  9. apianti

    Clover General discussion

    Yeah. I was referring to ACPI table patching on the fly, without re-injection. I was actually giving him the correct advice. Clover has an on the fly ACPI patcher and an ACPI injector. He was talking about the patcher, not the injector. You are directly patching the tables if you use on the fly, and all three methods should provide a correct XSDT/RSDT ACPI implementation for Apple. Drop the specific tables you are patching, unless thats all off them, then dropoem as it drops all SSDTs, which you probably don't want.
  10. apianti

    Clover General discussion

    Did you put the patch in the correct place? Also is there not an automatic fix for this in DSDT fixes? He is talking about ACPI table patching, there is such a feature. But you can also patch them yourself, drop, and inject them as well.
  11. No, I think I just made a mistake. Please try 4457. EDIT: Oh nevermind, you were talking about the script was renamed. @Zenith432 Why not have all versions? Why only have the one version of GCC to build? Is there any reason to constantly upgrade the script to the newest version? Or can't you just create a script that uses arguments to build different versions? I guess my main question is does the user need to be forced to upgrade GCC? It still builds with older versions does it not?
  12. apianti

    Clover General discussion

    I wanted to have something working way before now though. I'm just hard on myself, hold myself to high standards and I just haven't been meeting them like I want. Also, I just found out that I'm not a candidate for the trial currently so I am unsure what is going to happen, my life is slowly spiraling out of control.... Thanks for your support though, and I'm going to try to continue to give until I'm physically or mentally unable to do so. Hmmm.... Ok, let me look at why it's not being hidden. EDIT: Ok, I just realized that I didn't add the check to make sure they were hidden, lol. Revision 4456 4457 should now work correctly. EDIT2: Stupidly copypasta'd and didn't fix, so 4456 does not build.... 4457 should be good.
  13. apianti

    Clover problems report & features request

    The text is based on the EFI console mode, so the reason it's so small is because that's the size your firmware sets. Usually there's only one or two modes and they don't really change the size of the text, they just draw in differently sized rectangles to allow more characters to be drawn. So changing your resolution to something smaller will make the text bigger, there's no other way to change the size of the text. You can inject properties into the _DSM of the device's ACPI with Devices/AddProperties (or you can create your own SSDT that does this and inject it), although not sure that it can do that for those. Also, there is no support for those graphics so you won't be getting it working without another kext to support it. You are confusing the Vega 8 and 11 in those CPUs with the Vega M in the Intels, they are not the same.
  14. apianti

    Clover General discussion

    Because you need those entries to boot installers for PC but for some reason they were removed. They should be hidden by default, are they not? If so, I apparently messed up the code.
  15. apianti

    Clover Change Explanations

    Revision 4453 Revision 4456 Revision 4457 Changed the behavior of scanning default boot loader paths. Instead of being skipped they are hidden by default, pressing F3 should unhide/rehide those entries. You can create a custom entry with no path, Type-Other, and Hidden=false, to have the default boot loader path entries always appear. I didn't check to see if clover is currently one of these entries so take care that the entry is not clover and is the actual entry you wish to boot. EDIT: I did not check the hidden or disabled flags when the entry is added so they were not hidden/disabled, so the real fix to this is 4457.