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  1. Hey guys, Two things, whenever you log in anonymously, it does not change your previous login status to unknown/hidden/whatever it used to. Also I keep getting weird random 404 errors on pages I'm viewing and then I'm logged out. Just had it happen twice trying to edit a comment.
  2. T2 Chip, bad news for Hackintosh?

    No, I think I'm just talking to a dumb person and I'm not going to continue.
  3. T2 Chip, bad news for Hackintosh?

    Where on Earth did I say that? Because I didn't. I said it was reversed.....
  4. T2 Chip, bad news for Hackintosh?

    1) Where is the publicly documented anything for any apple device/hardware? Where's the SMC reference? The chip can be reversed engineered through attacks on an actual iMac Pro, the same way that SMC was. Pretty sure there is going to be a driver or part of the kernel, which will be able to be disassembled. There must be some sort of MMIO because it incorporates controllers that wouldn't work without MMIO, like the SSD controller you mention next. 2) This is only a problem when they no longer support any mac without a T2 chip, then the same method could be applied, SMM can perform an emulation layer over the chipset. This will result in extreme performance degradation as the amount of calls needed for reading/writing from a disk would almost certainly be unsustainable with the overhead of thunking into SMM. More below. The cost will be minimal because how often do you think this will be needed? This overhead already exists in PC firmware, for god sakes, almost all important things like power management and the like are already done in SMM. This doesn't need to do much other then create a fake device for emulation. The higher functions could still just be a runtime driver, since most likely these will be wrappers around just sending it to through SMM. The SSD controller component on the other hand is the real issue, but I image that other SSD drivers could just be written.......? What about thunderbolt external SSDs with PCIe-to-SATA controllers embedded? They no longer going to work? EDIT: Also I see multiple different weird things. I see manages SSD disks and SSD controller in different places by Apple. Is this really a controller or some sort of mechanism to help SSD speed?
  5. T2 Chip, bad news for Hackintosh?

    This is like a thread of enormous paranoia. Nothing they put into a machine is going to stop you from hacking a PC to run an OS that has the same instruction architecture, because the device can always be emulated because of always having control of the entire system before macOS can ever gain access to anything. In fact both SMC and T2 could be emulated using runtime SMM drivers and not even need another kext, this is a common use of SMM for technologies that are now faster in software than hardware such as legacy controllers like PS/2. There are even TPM emulators in SMM for when the chip is in an add-on or not present at all, or even just to supplement its feature set. coreboot has such an emulator. Basically this chip is just an upgraded SMC it looks like and is because they probably want to included a device that can speed up encryption/decryption through hardware like a TPM, of which it has almost exactly the same features as.
  6. Clover General discussion

    This is irrelevant, you are basically just asking to complicate something you could already do just by moving the files (in the EFI shell). I don't think any developer is going to put time into this. But if any one out there wants to do that, please be my guest, just know that currently the behavior of any arrayed setting is to be merged not replaced.
  7. Clover General discussion

    You can load another config from the options menu....? This is already a feature as I said, you can disable individual kexts from being injected in the options menu. Putting this in the config serves no purpose, just move it from kexts injection folder if you don't want it injected then. HOW? Then you would have to edit your config.plist constantly instead which is infinitely more wasteful then just choosing not to inject a kext from an already available options menu....
  8. Configuring boot entry order ?

    It is determined by order of disks and then boot loaders/operating systems. Should be pretty obvious the default order. I think it's macOS installers, macOS, windows, linux, linux kernels, others. Not 100% without looking it up but I think thats it. And yes you can change the order. https://clover-wiki.zetam.org/Configuration/GUI#gui_scan https://clover-wiki.zetam.org/Configuration/GUI#gui_custom
  9. Corrupted boot menu after monitor upgrade

    Your card doesn't have a UEFI firmware option rom. Also because of this it appears that clover thinks that you have set the mode to whatever you set in your config, but that is obviously failing because you probably only have a few VESA modes like 640x480, 800x600, 1024x768, etc, up to 1600x1200. It fails to set the mode but probably returns that it does or something, and because of this I think it thinks the screen is different size and drawing for that resolution which is then incorrectly displayed on the screen as the pixels aren't in correct order. Are you using CsmVideoDxe driver? That would probably fix your issue if not, or if you are removing it may.
  10. Clover General discussion

    Use the \EFI\CLOVER\OEM\SystemProduct\ (where SystemProduct is one of the two things given in your boot.log as to what system product [motherboard] you are running) folder as root instead of just \EFI\CLOVER if you want different configurations for different machines, otherwise just disable the kext injection from the options. There is already this capability, please do not open tickets because you did no research, or even waited long enough for an answer......
  11. Corrupted boot menu after monitor upgrade

    Is there some sort of scaling going on? Because it looks like its some tonycrap modified stuff with a scaling problem.
  12. Clover General discussion

    You used the <integer> tag: <key>ATIConnectorsData</key> <integer>000400000403000000010001000000001204030100000000000400000403000000010001000000002205040200000000000400000403000000010001000000001102010300000000000400000403000000010001000000002103020400000000000400000403000000010001000000001000050500000000000400000403000000010001000000002001060600000000</integer> <key>ATIConnectorsPatch</key> <integer>000200000402000000010001000000002205050200000000040000001402000000010001000000001000060500000000000400000403000000010001000000001204030100000000000400000403000000010001000000001102010300000000000400000403000000010001000000002103020400000000000400000403000000010001000000002001040600000000</integer> but it requires the <string> tag: <key>ATIConnectorsData</key> <string>000400000403000000010001000000001204030100000000000400000403000000010001000000002205040200000000000400000403000000010001000000001102010300000000000400000403000000010001000000002103020400000000000400000403000000010001000000001000050500000000000400000403000000010001000000002001060600000000</string> <key>ATIConnectorsPatch</key> <string>000200000402000000010001000000002205050200000000040000001402000000010001000000001000060500000000000400000403000000010001000000001204030100000000000400000403000000010001000000001102010300000000000400000403000000010001000000002103020400000000000400000403000000010001000000002001040600000000</string> I have made the same comments on your ticket and closed it.
  13. Hey, the even newer changes look great! It's much easier to read now but there are a few things that still don't properly layout (I'm using chrome if that makes a difference). The easiest example I can give is the donate button on the front page. But there are other random elements throughout that have similar problems, the members browsing looks weird as well. Improving rapidly, also the site seems to be responding much faster than it ever has in the past but I wonder if there's just less usage right now. @everyone, If you want to find someone's post history, I have no idea how you are not finding it but click on anyone's avatar, to the right there is a button that says "See their activity." It does not show everyone's full history, only some (the bottom right says "Show all activity" which shows every action, in kind of a tree style, actually pretty cool), but it appears everyone's actions since the site is back up at least appear. However, if you click on any of the subsections on the left, every topic/post/etc is still there. There doesn't seem to be much lost except for some posts that appear to be from the day the site went down. EDIT: Forgot to mention that there are a lot of topics that are locked to users who are not of a certain role, most notably the clover forum appears to be locked to Developers or better, and no regular users can post there. EDIT2: We lost the friends feature. There is no friends, now it says followers but none of my friends are there, it says zero. Bummer. EDIT3: The menu drop down for the logged in user has "{lang = "sign_out"}" as the text for the sign out link....
  14. Clover General discussion

    Hey, just wanted to let you guys know that I'm just slow and behind on where I wanted to be with v3, I will get something out as soon as feasible. Also I'm having all sorts of trouble with the new color theme, it's very hard for me to read and so I may post less often...
  15. Hey @Poco, Thanks for showing up and making sure stuff gets fixed. I've noticed already a lot of things have been fixed since earlier. I'm still having trouble with layout and size/colors though. And I know you are probably sick of hearing it but I think everyone wants HTTPS support. Thanks! EDIT: Didn't realize I had to directly click on the name after the @, lol. EDIT2: Oh also, the last logged in time is not changing to unknown or whatever when logging in anonymously. EDIT3: Just realized that the list of users viewing the forum/topic is gone. And the "this topic is locked" message and previous and next topic links might be good to have on the top as well.