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  1. Poco

    Site Issues

    Uploads are size limited, I hope this will be fixed soon
  2. As @Download-Fritz says, I don't own the site, but would definitely tone them down if I did . All advertising decisions are made by the owners (Fubra) to cover the server costs I simply maintain the site in my spare time as a hobby project
  3. We don't have any control over the ads on the site - they are here for the moment to see how well it performs and then we can make adjustments as needed
  4. Poco

    Site Update

    To all in the InsanelyMac community, It's been a long time since we last posted an update on how the site is doing and where we are going. Recently you may have noticed numerous site changes that appeared poorly executed with little to no advance notice. Our success depends on the community, so I apologize for the lack of communication on our part and hope this will clear things up What happened Over the past year the site has been largely ticking along, with no substantial involvement from the administrators or technical team (myself included - I recently took a long unplanned leave). Our supervisors @Allan and @fantomas1 have done an excellent job coping with the situation as well as our moderating team. I am extremely thankful to have such a dedicated team who pushed forward regardless For several years now we were planning on updating the site to the latest version of the Invision Community software, but always ran into time constraints with the theme, add-ons, and server configuration. The theme you see now was developed 2 years ago but not put online until this year. Every time we tried to put together the update there was always some issue that set us back and hurt our motivation. About a year ago now I had to leave unexpectedly which resulted in even more slowdowns and the update was essentially put indefinitely on hold As some of you know, the site is owned by Fubra, an internet company based in the UK, but run by people like myself who are part of the community. Typically they are responsible for the hardware, while the community takes charge of the software. With the administration largely absent, the forum software was growing very old and badly needed an update. Fubra decided for security reasons it was best to perform the update as soon as possible, which left us uncoordinated and flat footed Over the past 2 months I have tried to spend more time applying fixes and reporting issues to the owners, but my personal life has been quite hectic recently and gotten in the way. This has unfortunately resulted in a bit of back-and-forth with themes, fixes, and general site performance. I has a chat with them last week and we are now much better coordinated and can push forward together Where we are now This morning I reset the theme for all members onto the new InsanelyMac theme, so this completes the bulk of update work! Compared to last year we now have: Latest Invision Community software HTTPS (!) High resolution support/new theme This is a vast improvement over the previous setup, and I hope this is a good start for more things to come Where we want to go All this said, we still have a long way to go before the site is where we want it to be both content and performance wise. I would love to have some feedback from you guys, so if you have any suggestions then let us know! Chat The old IRC chat is still online (irc://irc.insanelymac.com, http://chat.insanelymac.com:8080/), but currently inaccessible through the chat page. This time around we are open to either improving/re-integrating our IRC channel, or using a different system. This really depends both on the feasibility as well as feedback from the community Hardware database A long planned feature has always been the HWDB, a wiki-like idea that allows us to collect information about various hardware and how it performs on the various macOS versions. Feature-wise this would allow you to Post hardware and the steps for configuration Discover supported/unsupported hardware Put together "computers" for your profile/signature etc. This is probably an endless project, but I hope it turns out to be useful Team Our team works tirelessly to provide a great site experience, but is still in need of a big refresh! We used to recruit on a yearly basis, but have been a bit behind on this. If you are an active member and have an interest in helping out, send a line to our of our supervisors for more info Cleanup There are a few cleanup issues with the theme, site configuration, and addons that were disabled with the update. If you notice anything that needs changing let us know! Performance The site performance has been subpar recently, and we'd really like to change this. At the moment we're in discussions with the owners to figure out a plan as to what's possible, and I hope to have something soon enough
  5. Post issues relating to the site performance or broken sections (theme issues should be posted in the dedicated topic https://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/334181-theme-bugs/). Remember we may not be aware of an issue you are facing, so let us know! Known issues Performance is subpar, especially at some points of the day Search times out before returning results Uploads are limited to 2 MB (this will be increased) - results in -200 error Login on homepage does not work - you must be in the forum Chat page is broken and does not display
  6. Post bugs and design issues for the InsanelyMac theme here :). Please keep posts for reporting issues with the skin - other issues should be reported in their own threads respectively. If you posted an issue elsewhere which is not on the list and has not yet been fixed, re-posting it here will make sure it doesn't get lost! Known issues Forum Spacing with quotes and spoilers is too small Settings pages appear unstyled Messenger padding/borders Spacing with signatures is too large Follow button invisible when not following Notifications list surrounding box out of place ... Downloads Viewing a file spans off the screen Homepage Homepage yet to be styled ...
  7. There is an experimental InsanelyMac theme you can try , but there are many known issues left to be resolved. Please don't report issues with that theme just yet since we're still working on it. When it's complete everyone will be reset Poco
  8. We will be working on fixing the themes in the following days and reset everyone once the work is complete =) I will post an update on the site at that time to say where we are going with everything Poco
  9. Poco

    Help Tapatal

  10. We'll have to see what happens, right now I want to focus on the fixing the forum. Are you suggesting using an existing server or creating our own?
  11. Hopefully will be fixed soon, I need some spare time to take a took. I'm the meantime, refresh the page when you get the loading symbol and it should work No need to be rude
  12. I was getting those, but the file was actually successfully attaching. I pinged the server guys, but there might be a delay Poco
  13. @Allan Updated the theme to 4.2 this evening, it just needs minor fixes now I just reset the theme for everyone now onto our testing one, it should be much more beautiful Please reply here with any suggestions or problems you're having . I'm fair exhausted, so it's likely I broke something
  14. It was designed for a much older version and needs updating Regular users can't see it yet