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  1. Poco


    Might be time for some new moderators
  2. Sorry about that, fixed!
  3. I've been through that thread twice now, and all I can find is words of encouragement and our staff wanting to know when your site would be back online: "Good luck!/The Forum are amazing, congrats for your efforts!/Congrats for all efforts of OSXLatitude crew". That's hardly the ridicule of which you accuse them On a related note, I remember we too had issues with the utf8 converter and a legacy character encoding that littered "?" over our content. @smx was a rockstar and helped me build our own converter that was much more robust at fixing character issues Yes, we are working hard fixing things up! We moved servers last week, and the performance has been significantly more reliable than in the past. You can see a really nice downward trend on the site loading time I've also been fixing up several skin issues that were on the TODO list, and have a few ideas percolating on an improved front page. On my current TODO list is to: (1) restore the chat, (2) improve the rules page to be simpler, (3) redesign the homepage, and (4) finish fixing the theme issues From a management perspective, running this site is significantly more complex than your own since we do not own the site. This means until last week we didn't have access to the live server, we can't make revenue/ads changes, can't make large changes without some oversight and overall have significantly less control over our future. We do the best we can given the resources we have, and I do believe we are on the right track going forward This site has been through quite the history behind the scenes, and in some ways it's amazing we're still here :p I always appreciate specific actionable feedback . I'm not sure about video width embedding - having it resize based on the users monitor seems the most intuitive, although I do have a small screen so they are usually quite narrow and natural. Any recommendation on the width?
  4. Poco

    Site Issues

    It could be that large threads have more issues, the Clover general thread is quite impressive in length! :p I'm also running a cleanup tool in the background to prune old unused accounts so that may affect the performance somewhat Did you have trouble posting here?
  5. By default they are like that IIRC, but our theme repositioned them. Not a bad change, might need to tone down the green a bit so it isn't overpowering, so I'll add it to the todo list Updated the line-height!
  6. We could try reducing the line spacing a little bit, the content does get too much spacing, especially the signatures
  7. The sidebar shouldn't be visible on mobile at all!
  8. Server response seems slow right now, we'll see after the migration what happens with the speed. Hopefully it will be improved
  9. Poco

    Site Issues

    We will be moving to a new host soon TBA when...
  10. This should be fixed now!
  11. Poco

    Site Issues

    Pesky missing </div>! Fixed the downloads display, it was breaking on any file with pictures :p
  12. Poco

    Donator status

    For all other donators, just send one of the Supervisors a PM and we'll handle it
  13. Poco

    Theme Bugs

    Does this happen on the homepage? Or just the topics view?
  14. Poco

    All Systems Github Repo

    You should be able to post on the front page as a developer IIRC
  15. Couple pointers: 1. There is a horizontal black line which shows the divide between new/old posts 2. When viewing the topic list, clicking on the updated time (the date on the right side) brings you to the last unread post To summarize the issues: 1. Post numbers are missing. I agree this was nice, so I'll see about putting it back 2. Site performance is bad (horrible) at times, and can be exacerbated by the ads to the point of being unusable I have relayed the performance issue to the owners on a couple occasions now, and I hope there will be a fix at some point. The ads are really out of my control - I do not own the site and therefore cannot decide on monetization nor can I comment on how the site is doing financially. I have protested about the size/quantity of ads, but have no changes to report right now