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  1. arsradu

    Clover General discussion

    Bingo! FixHDA in DSDT Fixes...is what makes it work on my Skylake build. I'm pretty sure that's not enabled on my Haswell build. So, I would suggest anyone with this issue to just enable FixHDA in DSDT Fixes and...that should be it. Everything else stays the same. Thank you very much! @Slice all good, man. Thank you!
  2. arsradu

    Clover General discussion

    While I do agree that this is a problem on Clover side (and now I know why), this doesn't seem to occur on my Skylake system (ALC 1150)... Which is weird... The config is slightly different than my home setup (the one in the signature), of course, but the Audio injection is set up pretty much the same way. So...not sure why it works for the Skylake build, but not for the Haswell build, with the exact same kexts (Lilu & AppleALC). @Slice personally I'm a bit confused regarding your explanation. Are you saying, staring with 4497 we won't have audio again, unless we (I mean the users in general) change that line in Settings.c...? Cause, I'm pretty sure most of the users either don't know how to do that, or simply won't do that. Also, I'm still not sure how does it work on my Skylake build though. With the same Clover 4497. Is there something we can do from config in order to have sound? Cause I thought adding the Layout ID (in my case "1") is what we have to do. If that's not necessary anymore, and we can still have sound another way, could you, please, tell me what to do to get that done? For now, I simply reverted to previous version. But...I would like to be able to upgrade to the newer versions in the future, without losing sound. So, I guess my question is simple: is there another way to get sound back, other than editing that line in Settings.c which...I suppose would also mean re-compiling Clover by ourselves?
  3. Hi guys, It's been a while since I posted here. Trying to enable the "custom" InsanelyMac theme, the user gets redirected to a Page not Found error. Also, the members tab still goes into error. Am I the only one experiencing these issues? For the theme, I switched back to default IPS theme... Not a big fan of the light theme. Not at all. It's very tiring to my eyes. But I guess there are no plans to implement a default dark theme any time soon, (I saw a post a while ago about maybe implementing the same theme that linustechtips forum uses, which is absolutely gorgeous in my opinion, but...I don't see it here so I suppose that idea got cancelled or something) so I'll use whatever it is available. Sadly, I haven't had time to work on the dark theme for Stylish. Which was based on the InsanelyMac forum theme anyway... So..that's not gonna work anyway. And last time I worked on it I realised that what I had was only a part of the actual css and there were a lot more things that were stored in other files on the server. So...best option here would be to just have a default theme on the forum level. I'm glad to see the Wiki linked on here though. That is really useful.
  4. Well...so far so good with Skylake and GTX 950 with the latest driver (I've had issues before, so I can tell the difference). Thank you for posting. And vit9696 for the actual fix.
  5. Maybe this will work (assuming you are already on 10.13.1): 10.13.2 Update: https://support.apple.com/kb/DL1946?locale=en_US 10.13.2 Supplemental Update: https://support.apple.com/kb/DL1951?locale=en_US (this should probably be installed after the regular 10.13.2 update) 10.13.3 Update: https://support.apple.com/kb/DL1954?locale=en_US OR 10.13.3 Combo Update: https://support.apple.com/kb/DL1953?locale=en_US
  6. arsradu

    Corrupted boot menu after monitor upgrade

    Yeeep. That's how you do it. Big high five! I'm glad you did it. Proud of you. Nicely done! Also, I'm glad I could help.
  7. arsradu

    Corrupted boot menu after monitor upgrade

    Well, my GTX 650 didn't have a UEFI GOP VBIOS initially (and officially). Requested one on MSi forum, flashed it, all fine ever since. So it's definitely not a lost cause. Also, in my experience, the CSMVideoDxe driver created more issues than it solved. Personally I would suggest pushing towards a UEFI VBIOS, if possible, and solving this issue once and for all. At least that's my opinion.
  8. arsradu

    Corrupted boot menu after monitor upgrade

    I see... Ok, so the glitch is probably caused either by booting with two cards...oooorrr, by the lack of UEFI VBIOS... Or, as you said, maybe the motherboard UEFI... I don't know. I guess we'll see. Anyway, don't worry. I think we'll get it done in the end. It has to work.
  9. arsradu

    Corrupted boot menu after monitor upgrade

    You're very welcome. There are actually ways you can flash your card from DOS. So no Windows 10 needed. How would you do it with that USB drive anyway? What's your plan? I'm not sure I understood that part.... Anyway, what you will need, is a USB drive. That you already have. And I'm not sure about safe mode.... But I guess you can switch again to the working card, get the USB drive done and ready, then add the second card (or maybe just REPLACE one card with the other...you will see why I'm saying that in a second) and give it a try. I found a really long (but very comprehensive) article on how to do DOS flashing here. It doesn't matter if it's for the 290X. The method is the same. I would say go check it out when you have some time. Also, the article advises against using multiple cards at the same time. So after getting the USB drive ready with the working card, maybe try to remove that card and replace it with the other one (the one you're about to fix). About Intel GPU...I know I read somewhere that this doesn't apply there for some reason. I just can't remember why. Also, just out of curiosity, is CSM still set to Always in this case? Are you able to boot in full resolution with the Intel GPU? I'm just curious. Anyway, when you have more info, if you wanna share it, I'm here to help.
  10. arsradu

    Corrupted boot menu after monitor upgrade

    I guess you made a backup of your current VBIOS before flashing, right? Did the flashing itself go well? Did you flash both cards at the same time? Did you try booting with a single card? Did you try loading optimised defaults in BIOS? Did you try clearing NVRAM? What do you mean you can't boot? What happens when you try to boot? I would suggest trying to request a newer version on the manufacturer's forum, if you can. I don't particularly trust techpowerup in terms of BIOS files. When I flashed my GTX650, the guys on the forum told me they need the card's serial number, to assure the BIOS they provide is perfectly compatible for my card. They also mentioned the model is not enough. Now, of course, yours is an AMD card, mine is Nvidia. Yours is from Sapphire, mine is from MSi. What I'm trying to say is that there are clear differences here. So..it might be different for you. Still, I tend to believe the card model is not enough. So the BIOS might or might not be compatible with your specific card. I actually tried to flash an R9 270X from Gigabyte if I'm not mistaken. And although the flashing went ok, and everything seemed to work perfectly fine, after a while, I had all kinds of troubles with the newer BIOS. So I reverted to the backup I had and everything went back to normal. Now, of course, in my case, I was able to boot with no issues. So your issue is definitely more difficult. But I still have hope for it. If you still the issue UEFI related (which I doubt, because you're not the only one with this issue), you can also try an update on that side (but careful :)). You don't want your motherboard to fail now. That would be really bad. Although there are solutions for that case, too. And Gigabyte boards usually feature dual-bios (which is awesome, in my opinion). It's still not something to be desired. But let's hope we won't have to go there.
  11. Heeey, someone actually listened to the feedback and decreased the size of the "bezels"! It's not a landing strip anymore. Good job. And thank you! Also, I LOVE the LinusTechTips dark theme. Actually, that's what I have activated on their forum, too. :))) So...if we could have that...to me it would be heaven! I love it! For as far as I know, that occurs on larger files, for some reasons... It could be a limit, or...something else.
  12. arsradu

    Corrupted boot menu after monitor upgrade

    Alright. Then what I would suggest is to try and find out if both of your cards actually do use a UEFI GOP VBIOS. Unfortunately, the only way I know to find that out, is through Windows, using GPU-Z... Yeah, I know. You would think there's a software for Mac, as well. And it probably is...I just don't know of any. Also, one thing that you might want to check is your VBIOS version. You can do that too with the same GPU-Z. I don't think that's what's causing the issue. In fact, now I'm pretty sure it's the CSM, but just to have some extra information, it would be a good thing to know. Right now, I think one (or both) of the cards is not using a UEFI GOP VBIOS (although it does support it, it's just not currently installed/in use), forcing the BIOS to revert CSM back to Always, so you can boot properly. So let's see if I'm correct. Let's check the UEFI status of your cards. And also, please, do make a note of your BIOS version, as well. You can take screenshots even. That might be easier. And you can capture more data in a shorter time. Here's what you should be seeing in GPU-Z if the card is currently using UEFI GOP VBIOS.
  13. arsradu

    Corrupted boot menu after monitor upgrade

    Hmm... I don't think it's the same thing. But I'm still investigating that part. But since now you posted your hardware info, I can get searching. In the meantime, I read somewhere that your Graphics Card has a button, as in physical button you can press to enable UEFI GOP booting? Can you make sure it's pressed on both cards? Update: Ok, it seems that, when you select Other OS, CSM is set to ALWYAS. Which is NOT what we want. It has to be set to Never (EVER!) :)). And for that, if I understood correctly, you need to manually specify Windows 8 and set CSM to NEVER. CSM is the Compatibility Support Module. And it's used only by legacy Windows versions. If you don't use Windows, or if you use Windows versions newer than XP and 7 (I think Windows 8 is the first one with UEFI support), you should be fine with that option turned OFF. Also, when it's OFF, it enables the system to run in full UEFI mode, including full native resolution. So yeah, that s**t needs to go.
  14. arsradu

    Corrupted boot menu after monitor upgrade

    Hmm...someone (SavageAUS) suggested disabling CSM in BIOS in a post above. Did you try that? Cause it is important. Also, I hope you're not using CSMVideoDxe driver. You shouldn't need that, and, in my experience, it can also create resolution issues. So no CSMVideoDxe (especially since the card should be UEFI supported by default) and CSM disabled in BIOS (should be somewhere under Windows settings...something like that). If you can't locate it, post the model of your motherboard and I'll try to guide you through it. Also, when you have a bit of time, it would be really useful if you could add your hardware information to your signature, for easy access. It helps a lot.
  15. arsradu

    Corrupted boot menu after monitor upgrade

    Hey! Glad you fixed it. Yeah, actually a few things about your config. Uhm...why is Clover GUI set to 1600x900 resolution in your config if your monitor's native resolution is 2560x1440? :)) Also, if you're not using the Intel graphics card, why Inject Intel in config? Also also, when you're uploading a config file, it helps a lot to actually have it attached to the post, instead of copy-pasted into it. Especially if it's the full config and not just a part of it. If you can't attach it as plist file, make a zip archive of it and attach it like that. It's a loooot to scroll when you're simply pasting it into the post. Also, obviously you can't use Clover Configurator to open it in a more user friendly way. Anyway, don't worry, I managed to paste it in one of my config.plist files so I can see it with CC. I've got a curiosity, does this occur if you only use one of the two cards? With stream 1.2 whatever.. I'm not sure it's relevant in this case, to be honest. But then again, I can't deny the fact that it strangely works when you lower it to 1.1... Could be an incompatibility somewhere, too.