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  1. arsradu

    [pre-release] macOS Mojave

    I already tried that. The issue does not occur with the iGPU. And yes, while the GTX 950 does need Nvidia driver, the 650 works OOB with Apple drivers. Still, what's interesting is that both experience the same issue, with Apple drivers. Only one has acceleration, the other one does not. So...I'm not sure where's the problem. But...it doesn't seem to be related to the config. Although there might be a workaround that could be applied from there... I don't know... We'll see. In the meantime, I'm using Grab for jpegs. The problem with using the iGPU...is that it's limited to 1080p. And...I've got a 2k monitor. So...while it does work, and while the issue does not occur with the iGPU, it's kinda painful to downscale everything back to 1080p just for this. So, your theory might be (most likely is) correct. Thanks man!
  2. arsradu

    [pre-release] macOS Mojave

    I knew it! I was like: could that be the issue....? I thought we should start step by step. But apparently you found it first. Good job! And glad that you figured it out. As for the config, I will only be able to share it with you on Monday, since I don't have access to that computer now.
  3. arsradu

    [pre-release] macOS Mojave

    Perfect! I'll check it out in more details soon. Here's the only jpg on my system that works. And yes, we're talking about the system in my signature. Although I've had the exact same issues with another Skylake build I've mentioned before, using a GTX 950 (with no Nvidia drivers, since there are none). So...I'm thinking this is probably a bug...to which the config could help...rather than a config issue in the first place? But at this point I'm not sure. I'll take a look at your config and see if there's anything striking as potentially important to this issue. Many thanks! And you should probably get some sleep, as well. :)) It's usually good for you.
  4. arsradu

    [pre-release] macOS Mojave

    Thank you so much for this! While mp4 files have always worked for me, jpegs have not... At least not the initial ones. I have one single jpg that still works... But it's really tiny and it's just a converted png from a screenshot. I still don't know how does that one work...but it does. It's the only one that still works. By the way, would you be able to share your config (obviously after cleaning up all the private stuff)? I'm really curious what exactly from that config could affect this... Cause I'm honestly not sure what could affect it.. I mean, my config is pretty damn clean as it is. And that's the way I like it. I even tried with a new config generated with Clover's genconfig feature. And no issues with it, but also...nothing new regarding THIS particular issue. Basically doesn't work no matter what... Anyway, if you don't mind sharing your config for comparison, that would be awesome! And once again, thank you very much for this.
  5. arsradu

    [pre-release] macOS Mojave

    Have you tried to remove the patched DSDT from ACPI/Patched ? I'm also using Clover on a Skylake build, and never needed a Patched DSDT. All my patches are done (and very few are needed in my case) through Clover config. Were you able to boot with the exact same config before? What was the last thing you've changed? Also, have you tried booting in Single User mode?
  6. arsradu

    [pre-release] macOS Mojave

    Does it still work for you? Cause it still doesn't work for me. Also, I suspect there might be a mistake in the steps above. Cause I couldn't find anything such as com.apple.quicklooks.com... :)) The closest I've got is a com.apple.QuickLookDaemon.plist. Unless the file you're mentioning above is in another location than /Library/Preferences.
  7. arsradu

    Clover Themes

    First one is HighSierra by Badruzeus Second one is BeautyDark by Badruzeus Third one I don't know... Still looking. Will update the post when I find it. Update: third one looks like One by Badruzeus. Probably a slightly different background, but that's the one. Literally. :))
  8. arsradu

    Clover General discussion

    Yep. It's backwards compatible with High Sierra.
  9. Understood. Thank you very much, Philip, for the clear, yet detailed response. I guess the first one would be my case here. I was only curious if someone else had this issue. Never thought it would be dependent on the "method" used to build Clover. So, I guess I should do: ./ebuild.sh -ext-* instead of ./ebuild.sh -fr ? Or should I add both? I always wondered what is the -fr parameter for.
  10. Thank you very much for the fixes. Everything compiles fine now on my end with build 4571. But...I've got no ApfsDriverLoader anymore. Also, no AptioMemoryFix and AptioInputFix (and probably others I missed). Is that intended...? Are they excluded from the build or something? Cause I didn't get any errors for them while building.
  11. Well, the new feature has more control over what's showing to you. Truth be told, I also miss the simplicity of the old one. BUT, I actually created my own "preset" so that stuff like the things you posted above, don't show up in my feed, by default. And now I wish that forum uploads would work (by the way, what happened to that?! I can't even upload a 20KB screenshot)...so I can show you with a picture how I configured mine. So here's mine, from left to right (by the way, an Indent button would GREATLY help in this case): Show me Items only Content Types All content Read Status Everything Ownership I posted in Following Everything Time Period Any time Sorting Newest first
  12. arsradu

    Clover General discussion

    By the way, I tried AptioMemoryFix instead of OsxAptioFix3Drv on a second system, one with no hardware NVRAM and...everything ok. Nice job. So I guess I'll be switching to this one by default from now on. Thank you.
  13. Guys, have any of you tried building 4566? I get an error 65 building genconfig.
  14. arsradu

    Clover General discussion

    You're right. I'm sorry. Last time I used it, and that was a long time ago, no, I can't say I've noticed any huge difference. I just went for what I thought it would be the better option. But no, I can't say it's noticeable. Can't really test that right now, since all my drives are using APFS now. I guess I could try that with a USB drive, right? Since those are formatted HFS by default, for as far as I know. Anyway, thank you very much for your feedback. Update: yep, same thing with or without HFSPlus. Also tried AptioMemoryFix. And...so far so good. At least on this system. Thank you guys for your feedback.
  15. Well you said this: APFS doesn't have anything to do with being good for NVRAM, for as far as I know... So I suppose you were referring here to AptioFix3Drv. But my question was about APFS: can you boot without apfs.efi on an APFS based system?