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  1. cecekpawon

    OpenCore Discussion

    Adding "--whitespace=fix" on "git apply" doesnt help?
  2. cecekpawon

    OpenCore Discussion

    @nmano Theres unofficial ci builds out there that you might want to try https://github.com/williambj1/OpenCore-Factory/releases
  3. cecekpawon

    Clover Problems and Solutions

    When I comment out on line 603-606, they no longer produced invalid path (I guess, with caret on last line) on their makefile, something like below: INC = \ -I$(WORKSPACE)\Source\edk2\MdePkg\Library\BaseIoLibIntrinsic\X64 \ -I$(WORKSPACE)\Source\edk2\MdePkg\Library\BaseIoLibIntrinsic \ -I$(DEBUG_DIR) \ -I$(WORKSPACE)\Source\edk2\MdePkg \ -I$(WORKSPACE)\Source\edk2\MdePkg\Include \ -I$(WORKSPACE)\Source\edk2\MdePkg\Include\X64 NASM_INC = \ -I$(WORKSPACE)\Source\edk2\MdePkg\Library\BaseIoLibIntrinsic\X64\ \ -I$(WORKSPACE)\Source\edk2\MdePkg\Library\BaseIoLibIntrinsic\ \ -I$(DEBUG_DIR)\ \ -I$(WORKSPACE)\Source\edk2\MdePkg\ \ -I$(WORKSPACE)\Source\edk2\MdePkg\Include\ \ -I$(WORKSPACE)\Source\edk2\MdePkg\Include\X64^\
  4. cecekpawon

    OS X compatible motherboard -> QUO

    Not to answer your question about how to adding propery into "rom@0". Regarding firmware update check, you might want to try to insert new bios values from ntsmkfob. Clover and also OpenCore also have full free to grab updated database, maybe also on their "known configurator" tools. If you have something messages something like below (got from internet): Jul 21 20:41:28 iMac OSInstaller[543]: Firmware update package path: /Volumes/InstallESD/Packages/FirmwareUpdate.pkg ... Jul 21 20:41:29 iMac OSInstaller[543]: Operation: Update firmware failed You might want to grab the latest values from FirmwareUpdate.pkg by hand with this script. Goodluck
  5. cecekpawon

    Clover General discussion

    Is it better to applied the 'Conf' patches only to /BaseTools/Conf/*.template, add /Conf to .gitignore. And start edksetup .sh --reconfig / .bat Reconfig, to revert?
  6. cecekpawon

    Clover Problems and Solutions

    Maybe we can create CloverEdk as a start. The idea would be as follow: The repo for CloverEdk will contain 3 branches: - master: upstream - UDK: 2018 last - Stable: edk2-stable201905 tag (edk2-stable201908 tag broke so many things with some of my projects, idk it will affected to Clover / not) All patches of each branch will provided by Zenith as usual / others. Sure, I would like to help. But Zenith / maybe you / others could also fetch, applying supplied patches and push to each remote branch. I believe its hard to maintain all of 3 branches. But if it could be useful for some projects based on / to work with CloverEdk, why not?
  7. cecekpawon

    Clover Problems and Solutions

    Sergey, I would like to suggest to start forking choosen edk tag / branch and applying full maintained patches there, like Acidanthera audk. Archive old sources like Tiano edk2-archive. Seperate main app, drivers, tools, theme into each repo.
  8. cecekpawon

    OpenCore Discussion

    Im successfully adding a project page for my forked OpenCore project. Hope ppl can start to embed the direct link(s) from pdf doc with this way. Ex: https://cecekpawon.github.io/OpenCorePkg/Docs/Configuration.pdf#section.11
  9. cecekpawon

    OpenCore Build App

    I think each macbuild.tool called by this script will take care of that purpose.
  10. cecekpawon

    [pre-release] macOS Catalina

    Isnt OxC come with kext(s) blocker? See the 6.4 Block Properties doc.
  11. cecekpawon


  12. cecekpawon


    @BALDY_MAN I think what you need to do is: 1. To insert all modules provided by @typethree above: - Patched Ozmosis, config, and theme. - FS driver: Replace FileSystem (93022F8C-1F09-47EF-BBB2-5814FF609DF5) with AppleFat(*). Insert AppleHfs(*), and ApfsLoader. - UEFTW: KernextPatcher, DevProp + AppleDevProp (*), with additional Darboot+ AppleBootPolicy and AcpiPatcher(**). - Aptio-Mem-Fix. - Shell. * You may extract latest Apple modules with this script https://gist.github.com/cecekpawon/e38bda384ff115f09e638482849deb2d ** Darboot is a helper to create boot entries when Ozmosis cant read some new boot.efi paths, mostly installer (if it isnt blessed already). Disable this driver with boot-args / plist if it start to screwed up your current boot entries by Ozmosis. Its recommended to load as one boot time only. You are still able to manually launch the boot.efi from uefi shell isnt it? While AcpiPatcher to bin patch your acpi tables. You dont need this if you are preferred to load your fixed tables by Ozmosis. https://github.com/cecekpawon/UEFTW/wiki 2. Pray for upcoming fresh release from trve devs.
  13. cecekpawon


    Ozmosis and OpenCore is 2 difference products IMHO. They may came with the same embryo, but with some different design and implementations. I think I forgot to store 1 more patch for AptioFix. Please compare / re-test with this. But you will lose your boot-log afterwards. I will try to create another driver if needed to log Ozmosis boot. Maybe like this. Yes, they forgot to include their stupid booter version (BooterOSVersion remain 10.12) on Catalina booter. I used it as my Clover booter patch filter by version.