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  1. cecekpawon

    Clover General discussion

    3. It would be nice if Clover have own config (plist) including audio device, portindex, and also volumelevel. You may take this as example. User can grab device & port_index values from log and store it to config plist (I have log those values on my prev diff). 4. For nvram values, Clover can read values from gBootChimeVendorVariableGuid (if any) as 1st attempt, read from gAppleBootGuid as 2nd attempt, and fallback to user config plist values as last attempt, then save it to from gBootChimeVendorVariableGuid (+ gAppleBootGuid, meh!). Have not tried it with Clover yet, will do. (already discussed with dev days ago about async playback here). @MakAsus @Sherlocks seems you have bad values stored to nvram. Having those option in Clover is also great. But why you dont just install BootChimeDxe.efi for that purpose? * AudioDxe will should much more useful to enhanced the GUI like this instead of just greeting sound
  2. cecekpawon

    Clover General discussion

    Please take whatever it needs Slice _/|\_
  3. cecekpawon

    Clover General discussion

    I have a diff, but it based on revision 4853. I never blame Slice, since he was always faster than me. This patches contain some fixes for audio volume, port and also device to work with/from GUI and BootChimeCfg. Please do check -or- take some -or- improve as usual and sync it with latest revision. diff.diff.zip
  4. cecekpawon

    Clover General discussion

    @arsradu @MakAsus The sound on after selecting boot device must be come from BootChimeDxe. While on before Clover GUI / theme changes / within GUI are from Clover internal player. Agreed, AudioDxe will took sometimes to load, you may check it with BUILD_TARGETS=DEBUG while compiling.
  5. cecekpawon

    Clover General discussion

    @arsradu from your log it sure enough that driver were successfully loaded. If you are already start BootChimeCfg from GUI, I have nothing to says more. Not sure AudioDxe (Clover vs Official) version is really matter here _/|\_
  6. cecekpawon

    Clover General discussion

    @al6042 From the last commit, BootChimeCfg are now in interactive mode. With extra warn if no AudioDxe was loaded. Give it a try. BootChimeCfg.efi.zip
  7. cecekpawon

    Clover General discussion

    @apianti BootChimeCfg may caused another problems in the future if you guys not also importing it into Clover, just guessing, since AudioPkg has rapid development and could be hard to resync from time to time _/|\_
  8. cecekpawon


    I guess you will need AudioDxe.ffs and BootChimeDxe.ffs, which not provided by developer yet. Go extract file in attachment to test (warning: i have not test my self, please use at your own risk). As I mentioned above, BootChimeDxe will have super size to embed, since they have default sound inside binary. And Im too lazy to reapply my previously diffs. [!] Also experienced boot hang with my Aptiofix with latest commit, could be caused by overridden ExitBS in BootChimeDxe, not sure here. * I have made a new driver to work with AudioDxe here which similar to BootChimeDxe, I think ;))) FIRMWARE.Fv.zip
  9. cecekpawon

    Clover General discussion

    @Slice https://github.com/Goldfish64/AudioPkg/commit/f94de2cc05625e084e1a695f98fb66d1f6a26e5f
  10. cecekpawon

    New OS X compatible motherboard -> QUO

    Yes man, please use darboot as needed. You may disable it via plist / bootargs.
  11. cecekpawon

    Site Issues

    Randomly happened to me as well with my mobile safari. Refreshing the page may temporarily fix those issue.
  12. cecekpawon


    All the best! @bs0d
  13. cecekpawon

    Clover problems report & features request

    I think Sherlocks is referring to Bootcamp theme, and not Needy Bootcamp style ?
  14. cecekpawon


    ** If you guys have failed to modified firmware with uefitool, please try mmtool that never failed me.
  15. cecekpawon


    Besides hovering pointer to username element, placing online status into that block could also be useful.