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Leopard Installation Method

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Here is my method for installing Leopard Beta alongside Tiger on the same physical internal drive.

(this method works on intel based macs only)


1. Partition your hard drive with Bootcamp. (non-destructive partitioning)

[i gave about 30GB to Leopard and left the rest of my 250GB drive to Tiger.]


2. Reboot your system with the Tiger installation disk in your drive holding down the "c" key.

Use the Tiger installation disk to run "Disk Utility" instead of Leopard Beta Disk (more reliable utility)


3. After booting from DVD in Disk Utility select your newly created partition in the left colum

then goto the Erase Tab. Make sure Mac OS X Extended (Journaled) is selected for the new Partition format

and click the erase button in the lower left.

(Doing this erases the Windows formated Partition and creates a Mac OS formatted partition in it's place.)


4. Now reboot your Mac with the Lepoard WWDC disk in and run a full installation on your newly created



This dual boot method has worked flawless for me.


If anyone has question feel free to PM me.

I have had the image for a couple days now but I cannot get it to install! I get the boot icon that is a circle with a line through it (looks like the no-smoking symbol if that helps).


I booted from a DVD and I tried to boot off a external HDD that I had restored the Leopard image too and nothing is working...

will the apps found in the dvd work on a hackintosh? like dashcode for example?


Dashcode works if you change the installer requirements from 10.5 to 10.4. Its not really stable, either. I didn't run it on Tiger. So it may just be the Application, or it has problems when running on not-Leopard.



You could also copy the XCode tools to some other folder, and burn the DVD. Then install them once OS X is installed. There's not a need for them on the DVD - you can't install them during boot installation.

Mingistech,  I used your method to install Leopard and it worked just fine. After installing boot camp I just chose not to install Windows and rebooted to the Leopard install dvd. I then went to disk utillity and formated the second partition and installed leopard. I am actually posting this message to you now using leopard on my 20" Core Duo iMac.  I have had some time to play around with the new features and they work great.  While a lot of these new features are cool I am going to restore my mac back to one partition running Tiger and wait until the spring for the official release.  I can't wait to see what some of the "Secret" features are. 



You could also copy the XCode tools to some other folder, and burn the DVD. Then install them once OS X is installed. There's not a need for them on the DVD - you can't install them during boot installation.

Hi :(

How can I edit the dmg-File so that the xCode-Folder is left out but the dmg-File is still bootable? (I want to burn it on a normal DVD, just leaving the xCode-Folder out)


Thank you :P

is anyone on a G4? Can someone post how they installed on that?


i'm running an ibook g4, haven't finished the download yet, everything just stopped all of a sudden. i'm planning on that whole non-destructive partitioning using ipartition or something, just make an 8 gig partition and mount the image and install to the 8 gigs of space....If not i'll probably use my 40 gig iPod.

hi guys

i have finished the downloading of leopard dvd.

i want to install it on my ibook g4's hd using my ipod 60gb 5g.

i erased the whole thing and then restored the dmg onto the ipod, successful.

however when i try to install, i opent he installer from finder, restart, and then i end up booting into tiger. my ipod still shows up as a ipod icon and if i press c to boot with it it just boots into 10.4 i cant set it as the startup disk.

if i hold down option it just shows 1 disk (ibooks hd)


i dont think i completely erased correctly, because it is still showing up as a ipod



does restoring the leopard dmg move the contents of it to the ipod because i cant mount it now

Alright, sorry for creating a new thread, didn't see this one.


Is there a way I can partition my NTFS external HD so that my data is safe but I have a new HFS partition? Hopefully shareware. I cannot use gparted because I do not have an Ubuntu live cd.



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