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Leopard Installation Method

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For those of you that were asking about a method of installing Leopard without burning it to a DL DVD, here is how I did it.


1) Startup Carbon Copy Cloner  (google it)

2) Mount the Leopard disk image (dmg)

3) In CCC, select source as "Leopard mounted image" and destination as any partition on your Hardrive or External Drive.

4) In CCC prefs, select make Bootable and DO NOT select Erase Volume. (if your destination volume is empty, who cares).

5) Press Clone.

6) When finished, go in Start Up Disk and select that install you just did and RESTART.

7) Leopard install appears and lets you install it where ever you want.

    Just select your destination and cutomize it if you want .

8) You know the rest...enjoy and don't waste a DL DVD for nothing.


PS. This is how I did it on my PPC G5 iMAC.




Enjoy! ;)

I installed on my MBP like this:

  • Download and extract.
  • Use Boot Camp Assistant to split my hard drive into two partitions.
  • Connect iPod (30 gig 5G) in disk mode and use Disk Utility to erase it.
  • Use Disk Utility to restore the Leopard image to the iPod.
  • Reboot, hold option, select the iPod.
  • Run Disk Utility from the installer and format the Boot Camp partition.
  • Finish the install normally.

I'm currently transferring files from my Tiger partition but everything seems to be fine so far.

I think Apple added support for booting from USB devices with the Intel Macs, but I could be wrong. In any case, it just worked.


Correct - Only can boot from USB devices on the Intel devices.



did anyone try on hackintosh


I´ve tried to use it´s extensions on the 10.4.4 installation I had and POF! GREY SCREEN OF DEATH (kernel panic) after the "loading Darwin" screen.

i have a mbp and have it partitioned running windows. i want to install leopard, is there a way to add an third partition without losing stuff? i open bootcamp to try to partition again but it only ask to make a mac drivers cd, restore drive to one volume, or start the windows installer.


any clue?

Ok, i partioned the drive using Boot camp. I now have 20gb free on the other partition. I am done downloading, and I am going to burn using unrarx. Once it is done, do I just stick it in? Will it let me choose which partition to send it to. I am going to leave the computer running for 3 days until I go on vacation, so I will stay seeding.

This is how i did it (installed on my External HD 250gig)


Made 3 partitions (1: Media 2:Leopard 3:Leopard disk)


So i restored the DMG to the 3th partition en rebooted my mac holding ALT.

The 3th partition showed up as a installation disk and i entered the setup.

Then i selected the second partition and installed leopard on that.


Easy like that!

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