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  1. 9A466 App Compatibility

  2. Nifties in Leopard

    the screenshots on the apple site show everything on the desktop hidden....how do you do that? (third party software?)
  3. Front Row on unsupported computer.

    this version of front row seems to work a lot better than the last on my ibook g4.
  4. Leopard not seeing any networks (airport)

    occasionally my airport express just disappears and i end up with no connection but it picks it up in the first place no problem.
  5. Restore Error

    i had the same problem....i assumed that it was a problem with my disk image so what i did was opened up an old (official) bittorrent client (because azureus didn't seem to be checking for errors) ....it took about 20 minutes just to check the whole file ....so i gave it another crack although this time i didn't restore to my iPod, i created another partition for the leopard dmg on my main HD and restored to that...and then booted to it and installed to the larger partition.
  6. Nifties in Leopard

    so with this new disk utility feature of resizing partitions.........i have my main HD partitioned, one for the leopard image and one for the OS install itself..........so am i able to reclaim that 7gig partition i have for the leopard image as part of my main HD? btw any idea how to hide the desktop icons like it shows on apples site?
  7. Bugs of 10.5

    the only issue i've had is adium taking AGES to log in
  8. Installing Leopard

    so i seem to be having problems restoring this...i keep getting errors..................i'm assuming my image is corrupt......should i delete and re-download or will opening up my BT client work ok?
  9. Installing Leopard

    what kind of system did you use? and did you use ipartition? ....if so....how did you manage to edit the main hard drive?
  10. Installing Leopard

    since my iPod is screwed.......would this be possible.............. 1) non-destructively create a partition for the leopard DMG on my hard drive 2) restore to that partition 3) install from that partition to the BIG partition 4) uhh......use leopard? would it work? i'd assume so...but maybe not as it's the same HD but it IS booting different partitions
  11. Installing Leopard

    i'm trying to restore this to my 3G ipod..unfortunately the iPod's harddrive keeps shutting down after a little while as if it's bored or something, then i get errors like (-2) no such destination or (-19) not enough room on volume or something to that effect. ....is there any way i can keep the hard drive alive whilst this is running or will i have to go out and buy a DL dvd burner??
  12. its on the bay

    mine is still downloading and at increased speed, even with the error. 49 seeds connected
  13. Partitioned PPC G4 with Leopard

    it'd be better and more efficient on the main HD i'd say
  14. Partitioned PPC G4 with Leopard

    really? back when i did it i couldn't find it anywhere....oh well, that's me a bit cut isn't it?
  15. Partitioned PPC G4 with Leopard

    i did it with an earlier build of leopard on my main hard drive. i had to back everything up though, create 2 partitions, install leopard to one and tiger to the other. you can however use non-destructive partitioning using 'ipartition' but you have to purchase it and it's pretty difficult to find a cracked copy or a serial for it.