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  1. Leopard Installation Method

    Quick question: How do you put the DMG contents onto a DVD? I tried using Disk Util the same was as restoring to a HD, but it didn't work. Thanks in advance
  2. Leopard Installation Method

    mods-sorry for double post I definitely wouldn't do it, because it's a beta and won't be stable. But if for some weird reason you wanted to, just choose the Tiger HD in the installation for the target HD
  3. Leopard Installation Method

    I restored my partition of the HD I'm using (Mac OS X Extended format) and then rebooted holding option down, but it only came up with my Tiger HD. But in the Startup Disk pref pane, it comes up as "10.5 on Leopard Install HD". When I click that and hit restart, it restarts, then comes up with the OS-9-esque folder and question mark, then boots onto the Tiger HD. Anyone know why? I redecompressed the rar and am currently restoring the HD with the new one, to see if that changes it.
  4. Leopard Installation Method

    Meh! How do I do this? Okay here's what I've tried so far: 1. Mounting the .dmg file, but it just booted to Tiger on the restart. 2. Restoring a partition of a Firewire HD with the dmg so that it has the installation disk, but it doesn't let you open the install file. How did you guys who are on Leopard open the Install app?
  5. Leopard Installation Method

    Holding C down tries to boot off the CD drive, you need to restart holding the option key down.