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  1. np101137

    R.I.P Prawker

    Prawker, im gonna miss you buddy Rest In Peace my dear friend
  2. Zomg hi bofors! I havent seen you in a while, how are you doing?
  3. Im sorry to hear that you are leaving. I know some people didnt like your app, but keep on trying.

    Nice work on iMac VIP btw

  4. Hagar 0wning the n00bs yet AGAIN!
  5. np101137

    10.4.11 (Finally) Released!

    I would ask around for it on irc.osx86.hu #10.4.11 EDIT: 10.4.11 Hacked, required PC_EFI and 10.4.11 Hacked, No PC_EFI are both up in #10.4.11. Supports Intel/AMD/SSE2/SSE3 and has DSMOS built in, so dsmos.kext is not required.
  6. np101137

    L34p4rd x2

    By the way, ToH would like to credit lorem/oui/socket for the source files and for SSE2 things, NOT KIKO. No Kiko, those are not your files....
  7. There is nothing in that archive that is specifically for patching Apple's OS. It is all source files that could be used on anything, and also an xdelta patch that could have some flaws that allow it to patch a kernel, which it was not made to do.
  8. I just checked this archive. I can confirm it doesnt have any Apple copyrighted materials.
  9. np101137

    L34p4rd x2

    If it was in the public domain, obvidiously oui would have released it if he wanted it released.
  10. np101137

    L34p4rd x2

    Wow Synthetix, sharing someone elses source. You're cool... Synthetix, learn to share only things you create and only things you are allowed to. That was a really dumb move, thanks for letting Apple get a hold of our sources..
  11. np101137

    L34p4rd x2

    Credits to Kiko for giving ToH the files to help with sse2 patching...
  12. np101137

    L34p4rd x2

    From what ive heard, you need QE/CI for the transparency. Not positive though
  13. np101137

    Forum Downtime

    ZOMG NO!!!!! KIKO'S AVATAR CANT BE GONE!!!! but yes, it was down. I don't know why. Any know?
  14. np101137


    Oh, and btw everyone: The Kernel supports AMD and has sse3 emulation built in. Also has dsmos decryption built in. Already hacked. Don't believe me, just wait until the 25/26. And yes, this is real. So everyone, STFU
  15. np101137


    NO, its not on torrent. You will not find it, dont even bother looking. It was given to us by someone special.