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  1. OS X 10.6 "Snow Leopard"

    It still hasn't shown up on ADC yet. What about the developers(not just the ones who went to wwdc) Apple they want to see it to!! jrsdead
  2. Thats what i did as well (open a giganews trial account)
  3. Just noticed how out of date my sig is!!!!!!been replaced by a mac pro and a macbook pro
  4. upload a copy somewhere!!!!! please
  5. Bug number 5 affects OS X link This is definitely not good especially as this is supposed to be in the wild. So not really a new bug at all then so maybe they really are scraping the bottom of the barrel already. Summary of the bug below jrsdead
  6. 10.4.8 Released

    Sorry to break the news to you but its not going to happen as much as we all may want it to happen. jrsdead
  7. Try compilimg rotor microsofts shared source version of .net. Version 1 compiles under OS X but version 2 is xp only at the minute. Version 1 is available here (microsoft.com) jrsdead
  8. Where is Maxxuss?

    But in all seriousness what is different between releasing the kext and releasing the files apart from not having to wait for them ? jrsdead
  9. iTV works with iTunes on PC or Mac price will be $299 jrsdead
  10. Thats probably why its out Q1 2007 jrsdead
  11. Yeah but Steve is the largest shareholder of Disney dont forget jrsdead
  12. Which part of the US is the best

    The UK the way Blair is going. jrsdead
  13. Enter path manually?

    Thanks moksha i never knew that and it always was one of my major annoyances having to move away from the keyboard. jrsdead
  14. What have you been smoking? Outlook Express is responsible for spreading more malware than any other piece of windows software with the exception of Internet Explorer. jrsdead