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  1. Windows Vista RC2 Thoughts

    well, i've got the same problem. people reporting that RC1 works with bootcamp made me hope RC2 works with bootcamp, too. But the setup refuses since it says 'no permission to access the hd". is there any solution?
  2. Leopard Installation Method

    previous poster? did you mean "my" method? Well, I recommend burning the new DMG with DiskUtility (NOT TOAST!). Toast crashed my DVD-RW. I think it is important to reboot after CCC has cloned the image because the Mac really works slowly after that process. Thus: Reboot & burn with Apple's Disk Utility. This Method workes fine for me (native, new installation). I'm writing this using Leopard
  3. Adium and Leopard

    Hi, I've just installed Leopard on my MacBook (2 GHz, 1 GB RAM) and can't run Adium anymore. If I choose "run with Rosetta" it works. Anyone else having this problem?
  4. Leopard Installation Method

    that won't do because the size is still the same! How To: get CarbonCopyCloner (CCC) 1.) create a new dmg-Image with Disk Utility (DVD-size, writable) 2.) Open the Leopard-Dmg with CCC and choose the new empty image created with Disk Utility as Aim. 3.) remove XCode-Folder 4.) click clone. => you'll get a new DVD-sized image. don't forget to enable "bootable" in CCC-Prefs. enjoy
  5. Leopard Installation Method

    Well, i archieved to make the image read/write but now there is free space (1.6 gb) on the image - how do i get rid of that? i want to resize the DMG so that it is about 4 gb. thx
  6. Leopard Installation Method

    hm, no, it doesn't work fpr me. the dmg / mounted dmg is read-only file-system.
  7. Leopard Installation Method

    Hi How can I edit the dmg-File so that the xCode-Folder is left out but the dmg-File is still bootable? (I want to burn it on a normal DVD, just leaving the xCode-Folder out) Thank you
  8. maybe you are running the installation on gma900 graphics. plug an external monitor in.
  9. Hi at all. Since my toshiba mactop uses a integrated intel pro2200-wlan chip i cannot connect to the internet wirelessly under os x. my question: what is the best alternative for os x 10.4.5 (and perhaps future versions)? can you name some? i'd prefer a usb oder pcmcia-card that is recognized as a airport-card (maybe with the aid of some patching). thx
  10. well, i've absolutely no idea why, but now it works - without changing anything. must be typical of osx86 since my graphics-adaptor works only by chance.
  11. well i tried the powermanagement provided in this forum. my battery is recognized now! (toshiba lap) http://forum.osx86project.org/index.php?ac...pe=post&id=1092
  12. well, i'm usinf the lastes 10.4.3-version (8f111a). well before i could shutdown, restart and logoff via the apple-menu. now i can only shutdown via the login-window. could andybody help? even in seav-mode it doesn't work toshiba m40x-112)
  13. [HowTo] Intel GMA 900 (for 915GM and 910)

    hi. me, i've a toshiba satellite M40X-112 and JoeP's tutorial does not work . well, up to step 14 it works fine, but when i boot without the external monitor, i get the same situation as before: the bluescreen in widescreen resolution. any hints??? thx!!!
  14. well, my sound (0x266e8086) is working with the ac97.kext (but not with azilia.kext). however system preferences shows concerning audio-buitl-in: no information found. adiumX (intel release) for example does not play sound, whilst itunes works perfectly. any idea? thx!
  15. Intel (R) PRO/Wireless 2200B/2915

    sorry for confusing. i just wanted to say that it has been compiles and that os x has recognized a new pci-card as network-controller.